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Barb1959 Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 3:39pm
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I am very frustrated because I am trying to find if there is such a thing as a cupcake pan that is somewhere between the standard regular cupcake size and the jumbo muffin size. I found one company that advertises a pan that is 3.5 oz. (mine regular pan is 2oz.) however the measurements are almost identical to mine. My current pan measures 2.5 in. on top; 2 in. on bottom and 1 in. deep. the one that is 1.5 oz. more measures 2 3/4 in. on top; 1 5/16 in. on bottom and 1 in. deep. I cannot figure how this can be an extra 1.5 oz.

If anyone knows of any pan that is slightly bigger than the standard but not as big as the jumbo (which is 6 oz.) I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

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crunchyoatmeal Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 5:28pm
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I am unable to answer because I too am looking for the same kind of pan. If I do find something I will post here!

Bridgette1129 Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 4:29am
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Does anyone know is 3.5 or 3.8 is the standard oz?

scp1127 Posted 2 Mar 2012 , 5:54am
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You don't need to change the pan size. You change the liner.

I use the tulip liners and to me, it is the perfect size between the two. A little bigger, but still one serving.

usshanebond12 Posted 9 Mar 2012 , 1:49pm
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Yes Barb. You can find cupcake pans with size you asked for., they are selling Nordicware cup cake pans along with many other popular brands. Just visit that site and choose your pan.

AAtKT Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 5:19pm
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Just a small hijack here...

I just used my mini-cupcake pans for the first time in a long time and had bought new liners... I didn't know that there were different mini pans out there.. the liners were too big... either that or I have been using the wrong pans for years and somehow the liners that I used to buy worked...

Who knows...

MadMillie Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 5:40pm
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AAtKT, you must have the USA mini pans, also sold by William Sonoma and Sur la Table. I finally had to special order the liners in large quantity, which turned out to be money saving.

AAtKT Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 6:49pm
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I honestly don't remember where I got them or who made them I have had them so long... Though, I think I am going to look for some "regular" sized mini cupcake/muffin pans that fit the liners I now seem to find...

Who knows what I will discover next... icon_rolleyes.gif

dawnybird Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 6:57pm
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I know this topic has been discussed before, but I still can't seem to get it right! I'm so frustrated! I have cupcake pans, bought I don't know when or where, and the liners you find at Wal-Mart or any grocery store are too flared at the top so they won't go down into the pan. So, when I put the batter in, the liner invariably creases. Aaargh! So I bought some liners at Michael's, paying more for them, thinking they might be better quality, but no, they still creased. One blog said to make sure your liners are the right size for your pan, but when they just call them liners, how are you to know what size to get? And I've never seen different sizes for "average" cupcakes, there's just Jumbo, average, and mini! Am I stupid? Why can't I figure this out? Can someone please mercifully enlighten me? Please?

sillywabbitz Posted 12 Mar 2012 , 8:58pm
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dawnybird, I have the same problem. A lot of my liners crease because they are too wide at the top for my pans. I have one pan where the edges of the cupcake are more steep and one that is more flared out. The one that is more flared out works better with today's liners. My one that is more straight up and down tends to crease. On a random shopping outing in California, I went to Smart and Final and bought a box of 500 Reynolds white liners and they are straight up and down on the sides. I was shocked. So now I use different liners with different pansicon_smile.gif It stinks because I never really know what I'm going to get and I would love to find another pan with the steeper sides because I think the cupcakes are prettier taller vs fat and wide but I haven't had a ton of luck finding another pan like the one I have.

dawnybird Posted 13 Mar 2012 , 8:54pm
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At least it's good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. (Misery loves company!) icon_smile.gif

Cupcations Posted 14 Mar 2012 , 12:13am
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Originally Posted by scp1127

You don't need to change the pan size. You change the liner.

I use the tulip liners and to me, it is the perfect size between the two. A little bigger, but still one serving.

HAA! Exactly!'
These are the pans I use

And these are the liners I use


Yes the liner is almost an inch above the pan but still they turn out great.

I also use the liners from Micheal's and Walmart with the same pan



IMO if the liner is a couple of grams less or more than the pan's cup size,there is no need to change the pan, even better you can use the same pan for more than 3 different sizes of cupcake liners!


redcherry Posted 15 Mar 2012 , 5:22am
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Different size pans hold different capacities (volumes) of batters and this must be taken into account when substituting one pan size for another in a recipe. If you use a larger pan than asked for in a recipe this will change the depth of the batter (shallower) and therefore the batter will bake much more quickly. Likewise, if you use a smaller pan than asked for in a recipe this will also change the depth of the batter (deeper) and therefore the batter will take longer to bake.

Read more:

scp1127 Posted 15 Mar 2012 , 5:47am
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It should be common sense. We all fill differently and our ovens are different. Some people don't bring their ingredients to room temp. The slight difference in pan size is no big deal. You just need to check cupcakes after 15 to 18 minutes and gauge the rest. Once you know the number, write it down for future reference.

Cupcations, your liners look like mine. I get them in 200 packs. I only use brown and I use the tulip, mini, and regular for pictures and giveaways (charity and my daughters' endless cupcake needs).

DianeLM Posted 15 Mar 2012 , 11:48am
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Your liners don't flare then crease because of the pan size. You need to "train" your liners before using them. Stuff your new liners into narrow containers, such as the plastic Ziploc-type snack bowls. (Some people use Pringles cans, but I never buy Pringles and I'm not going to buy them just for the can. icon_smile.gif )

After a day or more, your liners will sit straight in the bottom of each cup of the pan instead of flaring.

usshanebond12 Posted 16 Mar 2012 , 5:10pm
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Mini cupcake liners are sold separately and you can buy them. Nordiware cupcake pan set comes with a case of 1000. Use mini cup cake pans other than using microwave oven.

megpie82 Posted 9 Apr 2013 , 10:29pm
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i am having the same problem finding the correct cupcake pan size and wondering if and where you found the perfect size.  Any help would be appreciated!

                                 thanks  megpie

viki2 Posted 5 Jul 2014 , 10:50pm
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 I can tell, you know of the chemistry of the cooking process.  I learned as a new bride that the pan available was not the best for the outcome.  The difference lies in the surface of the pan; the larger the circumference thus size.  I learned a lot about pan sizes and necessity of such in Joy of Cooking by Erma Brubecker [sic].  There are detailed information about baking with different pans.  For instance, if there is enough cake batter for four cupcakes but the pan bakes six cupcakes, fill the empty two with water to have right outcome.    If Wilton doesn't have this size, I doubt anyone will unless thrift store or garage sale. Maybe fill (pans) with water and compare ounce results.    Happy Good luck baking.!



carolvc Posted 16 Aug 2015 , 5:20pm
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Hello I was looking for cupcakes pans but what is the size between medium and large samtin no to small and no to big ,same for the liners I don't now how to buy is to many  I need samting about 2.5 bottom and 1.5 in toll same one can help.thank you

craftybanana2 Posted 16 Aug 2015 , 6:44pm
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2.5-inch size is what we call a Standard cupcake/muffin pan. If you go bigger, you end up with Jumbo 3.5" (large), and for small the Mini-muffins are about 1.5". Depending on where you are, your labels may be different. Where I live we only have 3 sizes of liners and pans: Mini, Standard, and Jumbo.

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