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xoxoemilyrae Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 3:55pm
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Hey everyone. I just finished my website! I'm still working on switching over my domain name, but the site is finished nonetheless. Please let me know what you think!

I think my prices are probably too low, but I haven't worked all that out yet!


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heysugar504 Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 3:56pm
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jason_kraft Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:07pm
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When I opened the site all I saw was the picture of dough being rolled out, I had to scroll to the right to see the menu options. You are probably better off putting the menu options front and center on your home page so people can access them more easily.

Also, the site was very slow for me...Wix is flash based and flash sites have been loading very slowly on my PC, plus the site will not be accessible at all on iPads and iPhones, and search engines will not be able to index your text so your search result placement may suffer.

thecupcakebandit Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:22pm
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I really like the site. I wish more people would utlize the pre-built site options that come along with some of those website builders! It looks very nice.

I agree, it does not show up on my smartphone either, I have a blackberry so it isnt just iphones.

I dont think the menu bar needs to be moved. It reminds me of flipping tabs in a recipe book. I like it. But if you could find a less flash driven website builder, perhaps something that just uses a standard css style build, you will have more of a range as far as who can view the site and the experience won't be as slow for users with older computers or slow running service providers.

Design wise though, it's great!

TinkerCakes Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:28pm
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I agree with Jason Kraft. It took me a minute before I realized I had to scroll over to see the tabs on the right.

Congrats on the new website!!

gatorcake Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:30pm
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I like the color palate, and is divided nicely. In terms of navigation the Wix pop up can be a bit annoying as it is sitting right next to the Home and About tab.

Two things that stuck out to me:

1) On my view there is a disconnect between the name of the business and the image on the main page. Having checked the menu page I know you do more than cupcakes/cakes.

The name of the business, however, emphasizes cupcakes. If I was passing by the store and stopped in, I would expect, based on the name of the shop, for cupcakes to be its specialty.

Given this, I would expect the image on the main page of the website to be something that reflects the name of the business and its primary focus. When I saw the image it made me think of cookies or pastries, not cupcakes or cake.

2) On the wedding page, Budget Brides seems a bit off putting. Folks may be on a budget, but the title implies this is their identity. Might want to change it to something that does not make it about them--such as On a budget?

Overall I like the look of the site.

smurffy Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:44pm
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I dont think the menu bar needs to be moved. It reminds me of flipping tabs in a recipe book. I like it.

I agree! The tabs are different and make your site unique.

I also use Wix for my site, you just need to change the page sizes. I there are template lines when you start a new page. If you stay in those lines people don't have to scroll over to read the menu tabs.

As far as the flash being an issue on phones and I-pads, Wix now allows you to design a Mobile site that is flash free. It is simple but it still get the information to your customers.

idontknow Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:50pm
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nice site, well done on creating this! i'm currently trying to do mine and i'm struggling!!

i think the only thing missing for me is a gallery of your work? i spotted a cupcake or two but that's about it. are you planning on adding some more pictures?

CWR41 Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 4:55pm
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You may consider these changes:

I don't care for the scroll dots... too inconvenient.


Home Run (doesn't need caps or underline).
home-based or home-operated sounds better.

are ready to order please call me
are ready to order, please call me


Emily's Cupcake Shoppe's offers the following
Emily's Cupcake Shoppe offers the following

(All flavors listed would read better with bullet points before each choice, otherwise they read like:
Peanut Butter Lemon
Mint Chocolate Pumpkin Spice
Lemon Chocolate
Coconut Ganache
Fondant Ganache
Snickerdoodle No Bake
Lemon Coconut Pumpkin Spice
Peppermint Bark Lemon Bars)


Emily's Cupcake Shoppe is also offers cookies.
Emily's Cupcake Shoppe also offers cookies.


ECS offers the following cookies options
ECS offers the following cookie options


Below, you will find out base prices.
Below, you will find our base prices.

First price is the
The first price is the


"Bride Friendly Package"
"Bride-Friendly Package"

kept of of sight
kept out of sight

"Bride Friendly Package" Price (the underline doesn't continue beneath the last letter).
"Bride-Friendly Package" Price

"Bride Friendly Package" Example
"Bride-Friendly Package" Example

four tiered cake
four-tiered cake

atleast $530.
at least $530.

With the "Bride Friendly Package", Jane
With the "Bride-Friendly Package", Jane


personalizing the cookies with your guests name
personalizing the cookies with your guest's name


chocolate covered strawberries
chocolate-covered strawberries


Now at your wedding or other function, you can
Now, at your wedding or other function, you can

to chocolate covered strawberries and
to chocolate-covered strawberries and


staff run your dessert bar there will be
staff run your dessert bar, there will be

(That's all... good luck!)

kristanashley Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 5:00pm
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I didn't have to scroll to find the menu and it wasn't slow at all for me. I think the menu placement is fine. You definitely need a picture gallery of your work, and I would list the price of regular cupcakes on the menu page, since you list the prices of the cookies and stuff, and non-brides looking for cupcakes would be unlikely to click on the wedding tab to find out prices. But I think it looks great! If I were you, I would totally go ahead and buy the domain name for it. icon_smile.gif

xoxoemilyrae Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 6:37pm
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Thanks everyone! I'll be fixing all those typos asap! I can't believe I had so many!! I checked and checked! And yes, I will be adding a gallery. I had all my pictures professionally printed so they would look better on the site when I scanned them in, but I got in an accident Sunday, and I accidentally left them all in the car sooo they are at the repair shop! icon_smile.gif So as soon as I get the car back, I'll have pictures lol

And I do already have my domain name bought. I'm just working with Go Daddy and Wix to switch everything over. My mobile site is not live yet. Wix does offer a flash free mobile site as well. I'm working on that part now. Thanks so much for all the feedback. You guys are great!

Jess155 Posted 12 Aug 2011 , 7:03pm
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I don't care for the wording "bride-friendly". If I don't want a fake cake are you NOT friendly? Doesn't make sense. What about "Cost-Saver Cakes" or something?

imagenthatnj Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 12:37pm
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Everything has been said above.

Just wanted you to know that it works perfectly for me on my laptop (mac), Safari and FireFox.

I'll check out at work on the big mac and on PC on Monday.

I love the tabs on the side. Very cool.

ahuvas Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 1:19pm
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It looks really nice. Do you have a photo portfolio? or did I just miss it?

imagenthatnj Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 1:27pm
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She said she had the photos printed and had an accident and left them in her car that's at the shop.

By the way, what's that about the photos? I thought in this digital age you go from camera to website? Not sure why you would have them printed. Are you still using a film camera?

xoxoemilyrae Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 2:12pm
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I took the SD card directly to the print shop. So it in the package with my pictures. So yes, I could very well just download them directly from my camera's SD card, but I chose to get them printed. This way I can have professionally printed photos for my website, and then for my physical portfolio as well.

But again. Thanks so much everyone! You all are amazing!

Annabakescakes Posted 13 Aug 2011 , 11:26pm
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I couldn't see past the $.25 a mile for delivery! If you get 20 miles to the gallon, it costs $.18 to drive every mile, so think you are getting ( icon_eek.gif ) $.07 a mile to deliver, but there is also insurance, maintenance, wear and tear and your time to consider. You are paying them to deliver! $1 a mile, is closer to what you should be charging.

VickiC Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 11:58am
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I love your website! I love the photo on your home page and your contact me page. I do agree that the home page photo gives the impression of a pastry shop. Maybe the same picture rolling out fondant with a fondant decorated cupcake or small cake in the background. Your entire site is a little bit different and for me that makes it stand out.

cakification Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 7:00pm
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I'm not sure why this hasn't been mentioned yet, but is your site Flash? I cant see it at all using my iPad.

imagenthatnj Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 7:07pm
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Originally Posted by cakification

I'm not sure why this hasn't been mentioned yet, but is your site Flash? I cant see it at all using my iPad.

It's been mentioned, yes. Read the first page of this thread.

It is a huge problem now. There are just lots of users of iPads out there that don't even have a laptop. I have a lot of friends who have decided that all they need is an iPad, and decided to buy that instead of a laptop.

Owners of these flash sites should really have an alternate site, even if simpler, that could be viewed on the iPad.

jules5000 Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 7:16pm
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I went all the way back to the very first discussion and I see no where, the website name or link . I don't know how to go check it out . maybe I missed something? Thanks

imagenthatnj Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 7:24pm
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Click on the OP's www button on her first post. She didn't put in a link.

jules5000 Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 7:33pm
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I went way back to the first post and I still do not see what you are talkikng about so maybe I am blind, but I don't think so. I am not sure what you mean by OP button? Now my curiostiy is up and I want to see it. Is there any way that you can copy and paste the part that you are talking about? I am totally lost. Thank you.

imagenthatnj Posted 14 Aug 2011 , 8:33pm
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OK, Jules, go back to the very first post. She says this:

Hey everyone. I just finished my website! I'm still working on switching over my domain name, but the site is finished nonetheless. Please let me know what you think!

I think my prices are probably too low, but I haven't worked all that out yet!


Right after that, there's the buttons: Profile, PM, Photos, Email, www

Click on that www button. That's her website. Lots of people have these linked to that button.

jules5000 Posted 16 Aug 2011 , 5:21pm
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oh, wow! Thanks, I will do that. I will go check it out and check out her website too. thank you again.

jules5000 Posted 16 Aug 2011 , 5:35pm
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xoxoemilyrae, I went and looked at your website. I think it is very nice. I saw the other day that some of the others had made some suggestions for changes that you ought to consider making. I also saw that you recognized the typos and that things needed to be changed. I think that after you get your pictures on there that you are going to have a very nice site. God bless.

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