Kimmberly1 Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 2:16am

Help please!!!!! I'm trying to make playing cards with candy melts and a card mold. How have tried everything trying to get the diamond red and the spade black! The party is this coming Saturday and I'm making a poker cake for my sons 18th bday. Please somebody has to know


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Charmed Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 4:06am

you mean you can't get the right colors?

Kimmberly1 Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 4:41am

first I made all the cars with white candy melt. They turned out beautiful but could not get any color to stick to the raised Heart and A. I tried icing color with paint brush, marker pens, gel. So then I painted inside the mold where I wanted color to be with Wilton candy dye then poured white over whole thing. I works but it spreadsicon_sad.gif even after I let it set up.

Kimmberly1 Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 4:50am

Cards .. I typed cars

olleharr Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 4:59am

You did good by "painting" or filling the red and black spaces in first. Let it set real good before you add the white on top. Make sure when you pour the white on top that it is NOT hot. If it is too hot it will melt the black and red again and make it smear. It should be as close to room temperature as possible without thickening, if that makes sense. I learned by trial....and lots of error. ;^)

PandaMin77 Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 2:04pm

personally I would color the chocolate with the color first. If you take some of the white and mix th dye in it it will change colors. paint it into the letters let them dry then pour the white over the top of it.
good luck

SammieB Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 2:21pm

I would also use colored chocolate. Either go ahead and buy some black and red vandy melts or make sure you use candy colors. The paint the mold in the letter area with your colored chocolate. Let it set. Then add your white on to.

dchockeyguy Posted 8 Aug 2011 , 5:40pm

Yes, paint the inside of the mold with red or black, let it dry, then put the white chocolate in.

Kimmberly1 Posted 9 Aug 2011 , 2:06pm

Thank you for all your advice. I think I have spent enough money and time on these cards. I have not been able to get one that didn't bleedicon_sad.gif. So I guess I have to use real cards... I really didn't want toicon_sad.gif Now if I can get the Las Vegas sign right maybe this will work.

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