Bakery Naming Blues

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daelansfancy Posted 27 Jul 2011 , 12:32am
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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum but I really need some advice from cake lovers!

I am opening a bakery with a friend. We are having a really hard time figuring out a name for our business. During our recent meeting my friend came up with a sarcastic name, meant as a joke, but we both really like it. My fear is that it will scare away potential clients. Or confuse them.

The name:


Simple one word. We will probably have to add a :bakery or something to make things more clear, but we both like how it covers the cakes and bread and pastries we will be selling. We also like that it is kind of making fun of the gluten heavy foods we sell.

However, we are planning to offer a few gluten free items, with a disclaimer saying they are made on the same equipment as products containing wheat.

We like that the word "gluten" is so well known right now, the reasons why are very sad (we both have friends that are sensitive to gluten), but it is on peoples minds so they know what items contain gluten.

We also worried about people miss reading the name and thinking it says Glutton, but we realized this isn't necessarily bad as the foods we sell are typically peoples vices. icon_smile.gif

What do you guys think?

Would Gluten make a smart funny, cool, name for a bakery/coffee/tea hang out place? Or would it be miss directing?


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jason_kraft Posted 27 Jul 2011 , 1:18am
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An interesting idea for a name. I wouldn't worry too much about confusion with "glutton", but to me the term "gluten" is more clinical/scientific and doesn't necessarily associate with fun or great-tasting baked goods. You also rarely hear it in popular culture without the suffix "-free", so it already has a negative connotation. Personally I would prefer calling the bakery "Glutton" if I had to pick between the two.

You will also have a tough time advertising online, try doing a search for "gluten bakery" to see what I mean.

kalykreations Posted 27 Jul 2011 , 9:39am
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I don't think the name Gluten is 'timely' - why don't you go for a name that display the whole concept of your products? (Goodies, Temptations)

Norasmom Posted 27 Jul 2011 , 10:46am
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I think it's an interesting play on words but it sounds too scientific. When I think of gluten, I don't think of sweets and such.

kalykreations Posted 27 Jul 2011 , 12:53pm
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I got your point. Good Luck icon_smile.gif

daelansfancy Posted 27 Jul 2011 , 7:35pm
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Thanks everyone. It is definitely a sciencey word. And it does have negative meaning for many people. But there is something about it I still like...

I will show all of your responses to my business partner. Thank you so much for the input!


daelansfancy Posted 30 Aug 2011 , 9:32pm
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Hi everyone,

My business partner and I have been brain storming a lot lately. One of the things we have looked into is using an anagram. I found a website that generates anagrams from any word or words you type into its generator. I typed my name and my business partners name in and her first and last name, the very first anagram created is "Bakery Goon".

So we have been toying with the idea of naming the bakery "The Bakery Goons".

As in You Will Eat Our Bread/Cake And Like It! icon_biggrin.gif

What do you guys thing?

We like it because we are two short, curly haired girls that don't look like a goon at all. icon_smile.gif

What do you guys think?

The planned environment will be hangout, tea and coffee (with french presses), comfy chairs and tables, love-seats and couches. The food will be sweets for eating in (cupcakes, pastries, tarts, and slices of pie), there will also be artisan breads, and we plan to eventually have sandwiches. Our target customer base is college students (college town 4 colleges in the area).

GlueStick Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 6:33pm
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Personally, I like Bakery Goons for several reasons:

  • It's very easy to remember
    It's very easy to spell
    It's someplace between cute and edgy that will appeal to college students
    It's not too trendy so that it will be out of style in a few years

Your choice of names kind of reminds me of one of the most reputable financial advice sites online. At first, they called themselves "Motley Fool", but now they are What a memorable name for a site that offers insights on money management.

jason_kraft Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 6:39pm
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I like the name too, it's very distinctive and memorable. Reminds me of "Psycho Donuts" here in the SF bay area.

cakeandpartygirl Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 6:41pm
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I like it a lot!

cakeandpartygirl Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 6:42pm
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I like it a lot!

Panel7124 Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 9:11pm
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Great name!
icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif sorry, I have never tried anagram generator, it's great!! Thanks for the idea - my fiancee's name is now A CEREAL MEN MILL icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif Maybe I should change name of my business - goes well with the bakery

reds97 Posted 31 Aug 2011 , 10:12pm
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I was trying to think of what i would name my bakery if i were to every open one and the only thing i could come up with was the names of my kids... Sam & Ella's.
But if you say it too fast you get the secondary meaning. icon_biggrin.gif
Didnt know if it would fly as a bakery name but i thought it was awesome!

daelansfancy Posted 1 Sep 2011 , 3:11am
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Thank you for all the replies! I am glad its getting such a good reaction. I think this will be our working title for the foreseeable future. icon_smile.gif

I'm going to let my business partner read all of your reactions so if there are any new ones out there please don't hesitate to reply! icon_biggrin.gif

Thanks again!

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