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KayMc Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 7:27pm
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I decided I wanted to bake strictly from scratch, even though I'd had good success with the WASC. I did some research, and today baked the white on white cake, which is to be for a family party. I followed the recipe to a T. The recipe said to use three 9" pans. What a joke! I only had enough batter to barely get half of two 9" pans. So, now I have two flat cakes cooling on my stove. They really didn't dome so I will have a tiny bit to level. How will I know if this is good enough to take to a party? I have two cakes - probably 1.25 - 1.5" deep each. What do you think?

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CakeItGood Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 7:42pm
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Sorry that happened to you! I had that happen once and was quite frustrated. If it were for a client, I would bake another tier. But for a family party you are probably good!

tiptop57 Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 7:46pm
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IMHO - I never experiment with new recipes for events and would not take it to the party to chance your reputation. Even though you will level it and can taste the flavor, but you may not know the true density or other varibles.

GarciaGM Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 7:52pm
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Is that the white on white buttermilk cake? This one?

I tried it a few weeks ago and I was really pleased with the flavor. So was everyone else who ate it. My only observation was that it was a little more crumbly than I might need for a larger stacked cake, but that's it.[/url]

vicki3336 Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 8:08pm
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Rebecca Rather's white on white buttermilk cake is, IMHO, by far the best tasting vanilla cake. I have struggled with shrinkage and ugly cupcakes and made it more times than I can remember to try and work out the kinks so that it bakes consistently for me. To me, the taste is worth the work. I'm still not quite there yet, but close. I really think it's my oven. But, back to the the subject. The cake, if made according to the recipe, will taste divine.

GarciaGM Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 8:16pm
post #6 of 14 more thing. I had complained about not being able to find a white cake recipe that didn't taste like sweet cornbread. The white on white buttermilk recipe SOLVED that problem. I made it again and used AP flour instead of cake flour (thinking the gluten in the AP would help make the cake less crumbly), and I got the cornbread taste again. Hope that helps.

KayMc Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 8:18pm
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I actually made homemade butter over the weekend, JUST so I'd have REAL buttermilk for this cake. And it was the best tasting batter I'd ever had in my life. No, I didn't eat all the batter up.............

For those of who who've made this cake, (yes it's that white on white), did you get three layers of cake from the recipe????

I'm thinking I might make another batch, and just stack them all. Is that a bad idea?

GarciaGM Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 8:27pm
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This is going to sound really flaky, but here goes...

If you look at the taekwondo cake in my pictures, the top tier is three layers of that white on white recipe. HERE'S the flaky part...I can't remember if I used 8" or 9" pans. icon_confused.gif My notes say I used 8" pans, but I only have two of those, so, knowing me, and knowing that the recipe says 9" pans, I probably just messed up my notes. I KNOW the middle tier was a two-layer 12" cake, so just look at the proportion and see what you think. I did not torte my layers, they are simply filled with buttercream.

vicki3336 Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 8:35pm
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Since I only have good cake pans in 6, 8 and 10 inches, I've never baked this cake in 9" pans. Perhaps that's part of my problem icon_redface.gif I usually bake it in two 8" pans and torte the layers. Once they have rested a bit and cooled (and sometimes frozen overnight), I don't find they are difficult to handle. I once tried adding an egg yolk along with the whites and it helped with the cupcakes but not so much on the layer. Snarkybaker gave me the advice to make the batter ahead of time, like the night before, refrigerate and bake the next day. That does seem to help with the shrinkage.

KayMc Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 9:07pm
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Garcia GM, I doubt your notes are wrong. I think two 8" pans would be perfect for this recipe. I'm just going to make another whole recipe of this cake, and go from there. Sigh...

GarciaGM Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 9:52pm
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Well, good luck with it! Maybe it was 8" instead of 9", but I'm certain it was still three layers. I'm sure it will by yummy!

Gerle Posted 25 Jul 2011 , 10:15pm
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I love the white on white, but I bake it in 8" pans, not 9" and it comes out beautifully (2 layers which I torte and fill). I tried cupcakes once and they turned out good; tried them again and they shrunk away from the liners, sunk, and just plain looked awful. They ended up in the garbage! I LOVE the taste of this cake, though and will use it again, but not sure if I'll use it for cupcakes. Maybe I'll try what was suggested about using the whole egg and/or refrigerating over night for the cuppies before I give up completely on them.

GarciaGM Posted 30 Jul 2011 , 4:10pm
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Just wanted to follow up on this post...I made the recipe again today using my 9" pans and I got three 1.25" layers. Hope that helps someone.

KayMc Posted 30 Jul 2011 , 9:00pm
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Thanks for your followup. I made this recipe a second time two days ago, and got two 9" pans, about the same height as yours. Go figure. And it is fabulous tasting! In addition to good vanilla, I cut open two vanilla beans, and scraped out the insides and added it to the batter. This cake rocks! So, so great tasting!

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