Groom Tripped Over Dog And Dropped The Cake...ugggggggggggg

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angelleyes Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 2:41am
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So I did my first wedding cake over the weekend.. It was a challange but I wasn't going to let the cake win.. icon_razz.gif
I was given a weeks notice.. I told her to have a back up plan just in case since i'm new to all this.. It was a rush wedding due to a serious illness,
originally is was going to be in dec.
The groom picked up the cake the day of the wedding with special instrutions to be very careful and take it slow.
An hour later I got a text from the bride saying the groom tripped over their dog and the cake went flying.. I was almost in tears icon_cry.gif
Anyway my question is should I refund her money.. I only asked for a $100 because i'm new????
And I'm also a hairstylist, as a wedding present since it was a rush wedding and she was low on money I highlighted her whole head as a wedding present

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cakestyles Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 2:45am
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Are they asking you for a refund?

I don't know of any business that would refund money because someone tripped over their dog and dropped the cake, so I hope they're not expecting you to.

klutzy_baker Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 2:51am
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I know it's terrible that the bride's cake was ruined, but I don't think that you are responsible for providing a refund.

You didn't cause the cake to fall....and I know you feel bad for the bride....but you already provided her with a lovely cake for a very low price and gave her a new "do". I think that was very generous.

LoveMeSomeCake615 Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 2:51am
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Originally Posted by angelleyes

Anyway my question is should I refund her money..

Why should you do that? Is it your fault he tripped??

nikki4199 Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 2:54am
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No refund. Once the cake leaves you hands it's not your responsibility what happens to it.

angelleyes Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 3:00am
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No their not asking for a refund but She hasn't been acting the same since.. I was guessing it was because of the cake

sabre Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 3:01am
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Explain to me why or how you are now responsible for their mishap with the cake, and their financial status. I just don't get it.

cakestyles Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 3:12am
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Originally Posted by angelleyes

No their not asking for a refund but She hasn't been acting the same since.. I was guessing it was because of the cake

I'm sure it's been a stressful time for them with an ill family member and moving the wedding date up.

I wouldn't take it personally, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the cake. It wasn't your fault he tripped and dropped it.

creativethoughts Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 3:26am
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umm... NO you dont need to refund the money. It wasn't your fault that he dropped the cake, some one should have locked up that dog. Also even if she was on a budget, $100 for a wedding cake is a gift in its self. You spent a lot of time on that cake and the fact that you only charged $100 was your gift, doesn't matter if it was dropped and ruined! I'm also going to be doing my first wedding in a few weeks, and the only reason why I'm not charging full price is because it's my one and only favor for my best-friend's, best guy friend and he is planning his brothers wedding to keep him from just going to the court house.
But really dont ever charge less because your just starting out like you said you have another job and your time is valuable. If you really think that you need to then find out the average price in your area and take maybe %5-%10 present off for the next say 5 wedding you do? by then you should have enough experience to fell confident charging full price. You may have friends who expect a discount for them or there other friends just because they know you. My advice dont do it! either charge full price or give the cake as a gift, if you dont do this then they will expect you to always give them discounts. And I think I got off subject but the point is that you shouldn't refund the money!

angelleyes Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 3:34am
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Your absoutly right, I have a full time job doing hair and the other time is about cakes. For 2 nights I was up till 3 or 4 in the morning working on the cake then getting up and going to work the next day. And the discount thing u mentioned is soooo true once they get one they'll always expect one because I have some regular hair clients who always get a discount. I fear if I charge them full price then they won't come back..And the way jobs are now a days I can't take that chance.. But my cake career will be done different.. I hope lol

Coral3 Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 5:57am
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No! No refund!

If you bought an expensive crystal vase (or whatever) and tripped over as you were walking up the street with it and it smashed into a million pieces would you go back to the store for a refund? NO! - Because the store keeper is not responsible for your clumsiness after purchase!! Why would a cake be any different?

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