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Mandyjb74 Posted 21 Jul 2011 , 1:17pm
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I have been asked my a guy that works with my boyfriend to make a cake for his wifes 40th birthday, i was already less than infused about doing the cake as it is a freebie and he wants it covered in handmade chocolate roses which will take ages to make. but now he is asking to add things to the design then i just don't think work. i don't really want to make a cake that i think will look rubbish but i can't really let him down and he won't listen to advice i have given about the design
what should i do ??????????

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Mandyjb74 Posted 21 Jul 2011 , 4:14pm
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Just to clarify I was less than infused coz it's needed the same week as my sons birthday and I wanted to spend more time on his cake

Texas_Rose Posted 21 Jul 2011 , 5:31pm
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You need to find a way to tactfully say, "It's a free cake and I'm not spending an entire week working on it." This is one of those things where your boyfriend needs to get on the same page as you...if he's going to volunteer you for something, he should explain that as you're doing it for free, you'll be picking the design elements, and the friend who's getting the freebie may suggest colors and pick a flavor. He should also check with you before he volunteers you, and make sure you have time to do the cake for the date chosen.

As far as the friend, he doesn't have any idea how much work he's asking you to do for free...people who don't do cakes and don't live with someone who does cakes never know how much trouble it is. I think you should email him and just explain that the design he's talking about will probably take you x hours or x days, and that while you'd love to do something that complicated, you're not able to do it because your son's birthday is the same week and you've got to work on his cake as well. Offer a different design, one that will not take you days to do.

Mandyjb74 Posted 21 Jul 2011 , 5:40pm
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Thanks for the advice I think my bf now understands just how long what is asking will take (after a very long conversation lol) and I have him no more freebies unless it's family

ShandraB Posted 21 Jul 2011 , 5:42pm
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I'm with TexasRose. Explain what you are able to do in the time you have, etc... And make sure your boyfriend knows the right things to say to people when this comes up in the future.

nanefy Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 2:52am
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lol I'm sorry, the 'less than infused' made me giggle!! infused should be enthused (sorry but the pedant in me couldn't leave it alone lol)

AuntieE Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 3:33am
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I think your boyfriend should make the cake since he is the one who offered it up.

ReneeFLL Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 4:14am
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Originally Posted by AuntieE

I think your boyfriend should make the cake since he is the one who offered it up.

I agree with AuntieE. If bf wants to volunteer you to make free cakes then he needs to help. He can do dishes, make, knead and roll out fondant, make the roses and buy the supplies. I'll bet he never volunteers your cakes for free again. icon_biggrin.gif

sweettreat101 Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 4:46am
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For the chocolate roses use chocolate candy clay and a five petal cutter it will save you some time. Since the cake is a freebie tell your boyfriend what you can do and let him be the barer of bad news since he volunteered you to make the cake.

Mandyjb74 Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 5:37am
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Thanks to everyone for your advice and apologies for my spelling didn't think to spell check

EvArt Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 6:17pm
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Mandyjb74, I was in a similar position when it was time to do m g-baby's 2nd b-day cake. I had this great castle and princess cake planned and I wanted to take my time with it. The other cake cut into that time and I actually regretted taking the 2nd cake on. I won't do it again. But do honor yourself and what you had planned for your sons b-day. Let the other guy know that you just don't have the time to put that much work into his cake as you already had another planned for the same time. You'll feel much better in the end.

Mandyjb74 Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 7:27pm
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Thanks, I agreed to do this cake before I was told the date if I had known I would never had agreed. Lucky a lot can be done it advance but I will make sure my sons cake is the best I'm sure I will post a pic on here lol

peetz Posted 22 Jul 2011 , 11:07pm
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This is how we learn the hard lessons. Things to ask before we agree to make a cake.. the list is long I am sure.
If it's free, I had better really, I mean really like you.
Start making demands and the "free" part is off the table.
If my [ husband, brother, mother, friend] volunteered me to make a cake, my [husband, brother, mother...] will pay for it, somehow.

Are you going to make chocolate roses? I would love to see them when your done.

Mandyjb74 Posted 23 Jul 2011 , 11:10am
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I was told the cake was for october which is why i agreed then i found out there are 2 cake one for august one for october icon_sad.gif
i am making the roses out of belgian chocolate paste if you want to see still let me know and i will send you pictures

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