I Need A Good Coconut Cake Recipe Please :)

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jennifercullen Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 5:33pm
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I need to make a cake which is a coconut cake with coconut filling, it needs to preferably be something I dont need to keep refrigerated because I also need to cover it in fondant and decorate, also not to be too fussy but I'd really prefer a weight measurement rather than volume, I only have a quarter of a cup measurer and a teaspoon one lol plus I find it really fiddly to get a cup of butter.. or if anyone knows where I can sort of convert cups of things to ounces or whatever that would be really appreciated... TIA


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shanter Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 5:45pm
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For converting, try these:

Sorry, I don't have a coconut cake recipe. Here's one from allrecipes that got 5 stars:

Best wishes from Seattle

leah_s Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 5:48pm
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Do you have a good white cake recipe? If so, toss in some toasted coconut and some coconut extract/flavoring. Done.

jennifercullen Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 6:35pm
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Thank you shanter, I think if I could convert the cups to weight there are so many recipes I could try not just coconut lol.

Leah thank you, I will try just that! I was expecting to have to make a completely different cake but that's nice and simple.

shanter Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 7:06pm
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I found this, but I think you have to be mindful of the fact that a cup of flour does not (or may not) weigh the same as something else:

Flour volume vs. weight chart:
Cup Gram Ounce Pound Kilogram

1/4 31g 1.1 oz 0.06 lb 0.03Kg
1/3 42g 1.5 oz 0.09 lb 0.04Kg
1/2 62g 2.2 oz 0.13 lb 0.06Kg
5/8 78g 2.7 oz 0.7 lb 0.07Kg
2/3 83g 2.9 oz 0.18 lb 0.08Kg
3/4 93g 3.3 oz 0.2 lb 0.09Kg
1 125g 4.4 oz 0.27 lb 0.125Kg
1 tablespoon of flour = approx. 8g or 1/3 oz
3 tablespoons of flour = approx. 25g or 1 oz

bobwonderbuns Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 8:23pm
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Check the info in my signature -- there's a couple good coconut cakes in there.

teresamariegross Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 8:53pm
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I love this cake it is called...Put the Lime in the Coconut Cake. It is from Food Network.


robbemorka Posted 29 Jun 2011 , 10:31pm
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200 g butter unsalted
200 g sugar
1 pinch salt
5 egg (s)
350 g flour
150 g coconut, shredded
1 pack baking powder (9 gram)
250 ml coconut cream
1-2 teaspoons Vanilla Flavour

Beat Butter, sugar and salt . Beat in eggs one after another, until foamy. Add flour, shredded coconut and baking powder. Add 250 ml coconut milk and stir in the flour mixture alternately. Put the mixture in a greased pan bake at 175 degrees (celsius) about 60 minutes.

It is a german recipe therefore in gram. The cake is very moist and the vanilla goes very well with the coconut cream.

Jennifer353 Posted 30 Jun 2011 , 2:48pm
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On the converting - It is slow but if you have recipe books with volume and weight measurements in them you can go through the books recipes and find the measurements of the different ingredients you want to convert. I do it sometimes (Im in the UK too and Im not used to using volume so dont feel very confident doing it).

The only thing I can find at the moment I converted is 25g/1oz/1/4 cup cocoa... not very helpful for a coconut cake sorry!

If you can only find say 1 cup caster sugar in your book, but need ¼ cup caster sugar converted, you can divide by 4 but it may not be 100% accurate.

On the recipe, adding coconut cream really helps the coconut flavour too of both the cake and filling - you can make buttericing but use coconut cream instead of milk or another liquid

jennifercullen Posted 1 Jul 2011 , 12:29pm
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Well I did get a volume to weight convertor only to find now I have two cup sizes, US or metric lol. Yet more confusion. I know on here people will be using the US cups (probably) but I don't know what these metric ones are all about. Why have two different kinds! I don't know why we can't all have the same units from country to country it would make life so much easier!

galliesway Posted 1 Jul 2011 , 12:55pm
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Macsmom recipe Tropical Breeze. I sub coconut pudding, extract & use sour cream for the yogurt and sub water for the Malibu or pineapple juice. I use bettercreme mixed with some coconut syrup and top w/toasted coconut.

galliesway Posted 1 Jul 2011 , 12:57pm
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Macsmom recipe Tropical Breeze. I sub coconut pudding, extract & use sour cream for the yogurt and sub water for the Malibu or pineapple juice. I use Bettercreme mixed with some coconut pudding & coconut syrup such as Davinci or Torani and top with toasted coconut.

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