Wedding Cupcake Order - Help Please!!! Urgent!

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crazybus Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 4:46pm
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Hi all!

So, I need to make raspberry flavoured buttercream for a wedding this weekend.

The bride wants raspberry buttercream.

I use Lorann oils for this, but to me, the raspberry buttercream tastes like sweet, fruity medicine. It is NASTY!

I need the buttercream to remain white.

What can I do? How do I get a better taste that actually tastes like real raspberries?

Oh, and I have also tried adding pureed raspberries into the buttercream.

It does not help with the taste at all!

What am I doing wrong? I want a strong raspberry taste, but a real raspberry taste..not fake.

Thanks for your help!

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stormrider Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 4:52pm
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I added raspberry jam to buttercream for my son's cake and everyone loved it. I just kept adding a few spoonfuls at a time til it had the flavor I was looking for.

kakeladi Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 4:55pm
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......use Lorann oils ...raspberry buttercream tastes like sweet, fruity medicine. It is NASTY!......want a strong raspberry taste, but a real raspberry taste..not fake.........

As I read your 1st statement I thought "you made it too strong".....put in too much Lorann oil.
Maybe if you back off a bit you will come out w/what you want.

Sometimes we have to tell our customer "Can;t be done" or something like:"I'll try my best but that's something that might not be achievable"........

karateka Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 6:05pm
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Silver Cloud Estates has some really nice extracts that taste great and don't color your frosting. I use them all the time.

kendra_83 Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 7:38pm
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Could you convince the bride to have a raspberry filling inside the cupcake and then top with white buttercream or maybe white chocolate buttercream and a fresh raspberry garnish? To me, raspberry flavored things shouldn't be white in the first place. It screams "fake raspberry flavor" to have a white cupcake taste like raspberry.

Kread Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 7:57pm
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I use raspberry purée and raspberry extract

DianeLM Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 9:10pm
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I agree the Lorann raspberry tastes medicine-y.

BUT - the Lorann Cran Raspberry is wonderful! I mix some raspberry sleeve filling with my buttercream, then add a few drops of Cran Raspberry. Heavenly! And it DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CRANBERRY at all! Believe me, my cranberry haters love my rasp bc.

I've also added the Cran Raspberry to cream cheese icing. Smack-yo-mama good!

BlakesCakes Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 9:33pm
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I love to use Daily's Raspberry Cocktail mix for raspberry flavor, but it turns things a lovely raspberry red.


carmijok Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 9:49pm
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Henry and Henry's Raspberry filling is delicious, but it's red. You can mix it with your buttercream but the buttercream will be pink. Perhaps you do need a lighter hand with your extract. A little can go a long way.

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 9:52pm
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I really like the LorAnn Raspberry.. did you maybe use too much? I'll have to try this Cranberry Raspberry though, thanks!

DianeLM Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 10:03pm
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I forgot to mention that the cran raspberry doesn't change the color of the icing (much). It's a light yellow.

HappyCake10609 Posted 21 Jun 2011 , 12:34am
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I add raspberry fruit preserves to make raspberry buttercream (same with strawberry or any other fruit). Of course it does tint the buttercream, but probably not as much as you expect. I agree with the person who said that a white raspberry flavored buttercream seems strange... it screams made with artificial flavoring...

Maybe you can frost with the raspberry buttercream and then cover with a white fondant disc, or something like that with some sort of decoration?

If she is set on the raspberry flavored buttercream that is white, then try using a lot less Lorann oil... it's really potent, just add a few drops at a time until you have a flavor you are happy with.

LaurenLuLu Posted 21 Jun 2011 , 12:35am
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Torani syrups are good but it will turn the frosting light pink

tokazodo Posted 21 Jun 2011 , 12:57am
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Have you tried just plain old raspberry extract? It doesn't change the color of the buttercream.

Personally, I like adding Palmer's All Fruit, Seedless Raspberry preserves to buttercream or using a thin layer as a filling. Of course adding this to buttercream does tint the buttercream.

Good luck!

cakesmart Posted 21 Jun 2011 , 4:36pm
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I've used McCormick's raspberry extract. It doesn't change the color, and gives a nice raspberry flavor.

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