6 Tier On Pedestal Stand...?

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Sabz Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 5:10pm
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I've got to work on a wedding cake pretty soon and was hoping to get some advice and pointers.
It's a 6 tier but only the top 6" and second last 14" tier will be real cake. The 8",10",12" and 16" will be dummies.
They want to make it look as high as possible. Could I have the cake to sit on a 12" pedestal or is that a risk? I was thinking of constructing a simple stand out of dummies, is this possible? Or any other ideas..?
I'd appreciate all the replies.

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Sabz Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 8:23pm
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CWR41 Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 9:08pm
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Although the cake portions probably won't weight too much for the pedestal stand to support, I think a 6-tier cake on only one leg is too risky and may topple over.

Tell us more about constructing a simple stand... is that an alternative to the pedestal? If so, I'd say go with the dummy stand.

Sabz Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 10:22pm
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Originally Posted by CWR41

Although the cake portions probably won't weight too much for the pedestal stand to support, I think a 6-tier cake on only one leg is too risky and may topple over.

Yes, that's what I thought too.
So instead of a pedestal stand, I can use a 10" dummy, attach a 16" dummy on top and cover it with ribbon or something. And have the cake sitting on this. Would that work..?

DSmo Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 10:38pm
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I would think a stand made from dummies would be too light weight and rope easily. Whatever you do, for a cake that tall, the part of th stand that rests on the table needs to be a larger diameter than the bottom tier. Think about Christmas trees and how easy they fall over if the base isn't big or heavy enough.

Sabz Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 10:54pm
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You're right. How about if it's sitting on an 18" dummy. Could I attach a slightly smaller dummy to give it a pedestal-like look. Or should I leave that out..and how can I finish it off so it doesn't look like another cake addition.

DSmo Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 11:32pm
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Maybe a 16" plywood circle on the bottom and another 16" plywood right under the bottom tier. Then attach a pipe (maybe 2" diameter) in center to connect the two. Then use some decorative brackets to finish it off. It'll give you that pedestal look your looking for, but be very sturdy. I know I'm not describing it vey well, but I'm typing on my phone now and can't do a sketch.

DSmo Posted 19 Jun 2011 , 11:37pm
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Oh, and of course cover it with something and/or paint it.

leah_s Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 12:12am
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if your goal is primarily to add height, here's an option that I've used many times.

When you get to the venue ask for a glass rack and an extra table linen. They'll know what you're talking about assuming there's a kitchen up and running. The glass rack is the thing that holds glasses as they run through the dish machine. Place it upside down on the table, cover it with the linen and use the handle of a spatula to poke the linen into the holes of the glass rack. Now it will look puffy, sort of cloud like. The glass rack is at least 9 inches tall and make a great "free" cake base.


borrow some #10 cans of vegetables (whatever the kitchen isn't using that night) and build a base, cover it in a piece of table linen and set the cake on that.

Sabz Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 10:13pm
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Thanks DSmo, I'll get my husband or builder to make me something. And if that doesn't work, Leah_s, I'll go with your idea! Amazing how something simple such as cans/glass rack can be used! But I'm curious to know, what happens when the cake is ready to be taken into kitchen. I mean, what if the guests notice what's used as a stand...?

Dayti Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 11:00pm
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With Leahs' suggestions, the guests will not see the "stand" since it would be constructed underneath the tablecloth. Your particular venue may wheel the whole table out into the kitchen (saves them having to pick the cake up). And in any case, I don't think most guests even realise half the time what's going on, they are too busy having a good time to inspect the cake table sans cake...!

fedra Posted 20 Jun 2011 , 11:29pm
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Great idea leah! Ill have to try that sometime!

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