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MrsAC Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 12:21am
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I have a 3 teir wedding cake for sat...i bought the wilton plastic plate and dowl system but i have some questions...
-do i use cake circles along with the plates?
- if i do use cake circles with it when i am transporting how do i keep them from sliding off the plates? the plastic plates are raised in the air by the nubs that go in the dowls and would seem to be unstable to transport on...

also is there anything else besides coconut that i can use to keep the icing from sticking to the plate above it?

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kneenah Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 12:48am
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Well if i understand correctly.. u cakes are 3 tiers but are not on top of each other but each will have a plastic cake plate.. I would put a cake board then use double sided tape to bond the cake board to the plastic plate..

SweetOnYouCakesnCupcakes Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 12:53am
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I would definitely use a cake circle under each cake. 'glue' it to the plastic plate with icing. I wouldn't risk transporting it stacked but that's just me. I am using the separator plates/hidden pillars for an upcoming wedding. It's a stacked cake but i'm using the pillars so I don't have any issue with boards sticking to the frosting. I'm only cutting the pillars 1/4" taller. This is just what I do, hope it helps icon_smile.gif

kakeladi Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 1:09am
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Each cake tier should be on a cake cardboard circle the same size as the cake ie: 8" cake on 8" circle.
Place the cake on it's circle on the plastic plate w/a generous dab of b'cream icing. Place each cake in a cake box for transport and set up once at venue site. SweetOnYouCakesnCupcakes has the right idea. Unless yiou have already bought other pillars it is best to use the hidden pillars that you can cut to any height you need. Insert one pillar into a cake mark it at the top of the icing; remove and cut it 1/4" higher than that mark. Now cut the other 3 pillars exactly the same size. Do this for each tier (repeat for next tier.) Don't cut all 8 pillars the same size - the next tier might not be exactly the same heigth.

kneenah Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 1:11am
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sweetonyoucakesncupcakes, do u think the icing would hold on a plastic plate? ur are most def correct about the transport.. esp a wedding

MrsAC Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 1:59am
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thanks all!! no i never planned to transport it all together lol..i know that much icon_wink.gif and i had thought of cutting the hidden pillars a little higher..since its been suggested by others too i think thats what i will go with! and would more people say double sided tape or icing to secure the circle to the plate?

KeLs3784 Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 3:23pm
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i hope you don't mind if i kind of hone in on your thread instead of creating a new one...

i'm new to cake decorating/baking- i am going to be attempting a stacked book graduation cake- prob about 3 books/tiers- as far as support, i know i can use the wood dowel rods- but do i need a cake board as well? Also- what if i wanted the books to not be lined up perfectly, like have one on a slight angle- i wouldn't want the cakeboard to show, but would the fondant covered book (1-2 corners) be okay to kind of hang off the bottom tier alone?

thanks for any help!

CWR41 Posted 3 Jun 2011 , 3:40pm
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Originally Posted by KeLs3784

as far as support, i know i can use the wood dowel rods- but do i need a cake board as well?

Yes, you MUST use a cake board... dowels don't support anything without it as the cake above will just settle into those dowels that would pierce the cake.

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