Using Mmf For A Summer Cake

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sweetdreams1989 Posted 17 May 2011 , 6:31am
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I found a recipe for mmf its sounds so easy its cheaper than buying fondant . but the cake that i am doing is in june i live in ca. and its get soooo hott on top of that the cake will be outside . my question is can i use mmf to cover a 2 tier cake and not have to worry about it melting?

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Marianna46 Posted 19 May 2011 , 10:15am
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MMF is like any other fondant - it doesn't melt unless there's too much humidity, either in/on the cake or in the air. I make fondant-covered cakes for outdoor use in Cancún in August, which should tell you something about how well it resists the heat. What you put under it, of course, is another thing all together. Buttercream and ganache both melt in that kind of heat! I sometimes just spritz the cake directly with a fine mist of water - just enough so the fondant will stick - when it's going to be that hot, but to do this you have to make sure that the sides and top of your cake are VERY straight. It's not the best-tasting thing, but it's better than having your fondant squish around on your cake. Why do people insist on having outdoor events when it's sweltering?

sweetdreams1989 Posted 24 May 2011 , 10:24pm
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that answers my question thanks....I live in fresno ca and when its hot here in the summer the cake that i am doing is in june and the event will be outside the cake will be in the shade but it also get so humid here im just nervous that once they cut in to it the whole cake will collapse lol

Marianna46 Posted 25 May 2011 , 2:59am
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Actually there are a couple of things you can do to "weatherproof" your fondant, so that it resists the humidity of an outdoor party. One is to add a little CMC to your fondant before you roll it out (a teaspoon or so per pound). Another it to work some shortening into it - again a teaspoon or two (or even a little more) to a pound of fondant. If this softens the fondant too much, you can add a little powdered sugar to give it back its consistency. These are the things I do as a matter of course since I've been living here and they've worked very well.

cakeninja82 Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:13am
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MMF is all I use and we basically have 100% humidity year round and other then a little bit of condensation when I take the cake out of the cooler I've never had a problem.

Marianna46 Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:20am
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I, on the other hand, NEVER put a cake with fondant in the fridge, because so much condensation forms on it when I take it out that the whole thing starts melting! I know there are ways to do it, but I don't have enough space in my fridge to put a boxed cake in there, so I just make sure not to make any fondant cakes with any perishable fillings, etc. But I know that not everybody has this problem, and maybe you won't, either, sweetdreams.

cakeninja82 Posted 25 May 2011 , 4:51am
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I don't box my cakes ,just stick em' in the fridge.
They do have some condensation but never melting fondant, the moisture evaporates and they are fine.

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