Bubbles On My Isomalt Gems

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ehjcreations Posted 10 May 2011 , 12:43pm
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Hello!! This is the first time I have worked with isomalt. I used 2 cups of isomalt and 1/2 cup of distilled water. I let it boil until 320 degrees. I stirred the mixture a little bit using a wire wisk. When it reached 320 degrees I put the bottom of the pot in cold water to stop it from cooking. I let it sit for about 1 minute. Next I poured it into my silicone gem molds. That was really hard. There were sugar strings ( like spider webs) all over the place. I could not get the back of the small gems flat. The mold was really shallow. I put them in the fridge overnight while they were still in the mold. Last night I saw a bunch of little tiny bubbles, but I thought they would go away. This morning I realized that the little tiny bubbles were still on the surface of the gems. What did I do wrong? Was I supposed to do something different? I'm frustrated! Please Help!!!! icon_cry.gificon_mad.gif

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BosCakes Posted 10 May 2011 , 1:28pm
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Seems like you may have done a few things wrong. First, you should have used the whisk only in the very beginning to mix the isomalt and water. Then brush down the sides of the pot a few times to eliminate any crystals sticking. I would have cooked it to 340, then put the pot in cold water like you did. When I'm making gems, I actually do something a bit risky by pouring some of the mixture in a parchment bag (wearing ove-gloves, of course) and working quickly to fill the molds. I don't have much luck with silicone molds (b/c of bubbles), for gems I use the plastic ones made to withstand hot sugar (and I very lightly spray them with pam). It takes a little practice, but you'll soon be able to fill them without all the little strings. And they only take a few minutes to set, and i would never put sugarwork in the fridge. Moisture is the enemy of sugar!! If you have bubbles after filling the molds, hit them quick with a kitchen torch and that should take care of the bubbles. Hope this helps!!!

Kitagrl Posted 10 May 2011 , 1:29pm
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I think if you let the isomalt sit in a 250 degree oven for about 15 minutes it will settle the bubbles out and leave it in the perfect condition for molding.

It sounds like you whisked too many bubbles into it and then cooled it off too much.

dchockeyguy Posted 10 May 2011 , 1:41pm
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Yes, you don't want to whisk things at all. Especially later on. I'd suggest a 300 oven and set it for 15 minutes. By then all the bubbles should be out and you can pour without getting bubbles in the sugar.

ehjcreations Posted 10 May 2011 , 2:23pm
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Thank you all so much! the information is all very helpful!!! should I add the 1/2 cup of distilled water or should I just use the isomalt? should I add corn syrup?

Kitagrl Posted 10 May 2011 , 2:31pm
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Originally Posted by ehjcreations

Thank you all so much! the information is all very helpful!!! should I add the 1/2 cup of distilled water or should I just use the ? should I add corn syrup?

No no...you cook it just like you did....that's fine...but then when its done, put it in the oven (can use a pyrex glass pouring bowl or even just your pan) and let it rest at the 250 or 300 oven for 15 minutes and that settles all the bubbles out and gets it a perfect pouring consistency.

Kitagrl Posted 10 May 2011 , 2:32pm
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As a matter of fact, you could just take all the gems you made, remelt them (although be careful, the more you heat them, the more yellowed they will get) and let them sit in the oven for awhile as well.

Also, a bit of citric acid will help clarify the isomalt, too, mixed in while hot.

ehjcreations Posted 10 May 2011 , 2:59pm
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This is my first time posting anything. I am very appreciative of the help and suggestions you all are providing!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!! One last question... Where can I get plastic molds that can withstand the heat?

You all are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumbs_up.gificon_biggrin.gif

Bonne Bouche Posted 17 Jun 2014 , 11:37am
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Do you buy citric acid (where?) or just use lemon juice or vinegar-- how much?  I just unmoulded my first isomalt piece and it has billions of tiny bubbles broken all over the surface.  Definitely not acceptable.  I took a lighter to it and it seemed to clean it up a bit so I'm going to buy a kitchen torch and try to make it better.  And pour it again letting it rest for 15 min the oven first.



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