Are These Roses?

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dchinda Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 3:22am
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Can anyone confirm that the flowers in the pic attached are just roses with the outside petals more open? I have been asked to make these flowers for a wedding. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Maria46 Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 3:31am
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you forgot to attach the picture.

mareg Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 3:31am
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I don't seeca pic. icon_sad.gif

dchinda Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 3:48am
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Oops, I thought I added it as an attachment. I will try again.

dchinda Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 4:02am
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For some reason it is not letting me upload a pic so I will just include the link. It is the top picture.

gscout73 Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 4:15am
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They look more like gardenias. And they are beautiful.

milkmaid42 Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 4:42am
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Actually, if you are looking at the large "flat" flower at the left, it is an orchid--a phalaenopsis, or moth orchid. They are exquisite and a popular wedding flower. They come in a number of colors and if you Google moth orchid you can see the variety.
There are cutters and veiners available in many of the cake supply sites.

Good luck.


dchinda Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 4:45am
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Originally Posted by gscout73

They look more like gardenias. And they are beautiful.

Thank you. Now I have to try & learn how to make gardenias before July 21st. icon_eek.gif

cabecakes Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 5:30am
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I picture caption says white wedding cake with roses.

Marianna46 Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 8:14am
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It does say roses, but maybe the person who wrote the caption got it wrong. I agree that they look more like gardenias.

thebrat68 Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 9:11am
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If you are refering to the first cake with only 4 flowers on it those look like all white poeny...if this link works (never att. one here befor) here is a pic of a pink one.

ink_Peony.JPG" target="_blank" class="postlink">

warchild Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 10:34am
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They look like double wild roses to me. Check the link.

Caths_Cakes Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 11:19am
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I too think they look like double wild roses icon_smile.gif we have some growing in our garden and are quite beautiful icon_smile.gif

Narie Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 2:57pm
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They are some kind of large flower. The Large formal roses, gardenias, and peonies at Wholesale Sugar flowers all look rather like them.

warchild Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 6:21pm
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Tree peonies & double & single petal shrub peonies, usually have visible stamens, and there isn't any stamens on the cake flowers that I could see. Most peonies tend to have ruffled petals also whereas the flower petals on the cake are more rounded.
They might be double gardenia's but I still think they look more like wild white roses. I'd just call or email the customer to confirm she meant roses. It would save you a lot of wondering!

Foxicakes Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 7:12pm
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I agree with warchild!! Email her and attach photos of her choices and then have HER decide. It will save you the heartache if she is expecting gardenias and you give her large roses. Especially since obviously everyone that sees them thinks they are a different variety, as even on here we have 3 or 4 different opinions. But if you ask her what SHE sees, then you can give her what she actually wants.

dchinda Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 8:32pm
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Thank you everyone for the responses. My client wants the flowers to match the flower on her dress which looks exactly like the flowers on the cake. I will make wild roses since that is what we both thought they were.

DeniseNH Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 8:39pm
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I vote for open blown roses. And............sorry,..............but the outer petals need to be added to.

dchinda Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 10:04pm
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yes, I will make sure to add the outer petals. icon_smile.gif

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