Equal Cupcake Mixture

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Emma92 Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 12:21am
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Does anyone know of any tool that measures your cupcake mixture out equally into each cupcake case?

Or does anyone have any tips on how they manage to get them all equal?

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SugarFrosted Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 12:27am
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I use an ice cream scoop. They come in a variety of sizes. Pick the one you like best.

Minstrelmiss Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 12:27am
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I use a scoop that releases the batter.

Cohaja12 Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 12:29am
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Ditto on the scoop. Easiest and most efficient way to get cupcakes the same size.

Emma92 Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 12:31am
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Will go get one next week icon_smile.gif

tryingcake Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 1:15am
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In my head - 50 ml is the perfect cc measurement.

LindaF144a Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 1:35am
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Ice cream scoop AND weight scale. Weigh each one is the only way to achieve exactly the same. With a scoop you can still be off a bit and that bit will make a difference.

SweetSuzieQ Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 2:50am
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Yeah, I find even with a scoop, I'm still off a bit on each one but, I don't level and or get out every last bit. I figure with cupcakes, as long as they are close, I can bridge the difference with frosting! LOL

tryingcake Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 4:10am
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I'm pretty anal about the exact amount in each liner because I do so many cc-cakes, or used to. I need them level and the same height. There is no easy way. Like the above poster said, she weighs hers. I don;t go that far... but I probably should. I have a 50 ml scoop, then I use a scraper and scrape it out.

This is why cupcakes cost so much more than cakes. I can dump batter in a cake tin in seconds and I'm done. It can take 15 minutes for one batch of batter to fill 20 liners. That's a lot of time spent.

I don't believe there is a quick way when they have to be reasonably perfectly uniform. It's just called patience.

LindaF144a Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 2:19pm
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My weight scale has a timer and goes off after 3 minutes. I usually can fill all of them or at least up to the last cup before the 3 minutes are over. So maybe using a weight scale and a scoop would be a quick way to achieve perfectly uniform cupcakes for you too.

And the scale remembers its last weight, so it's no big deal if it turns off. It just took me a while to figure it out because I didn't bother to read the directions before I started using it.

tryingcake Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 4:44pm
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Are you scraping them clean? First I level it off (which wouldn't have to happen if weighing) then scrape off the batter that stuck to the outside of the scoop, then pour into liner and scrape inside of scoop clean, that step cannot be avoided regardless of the measure. That's what takes so long. I scrape them clean to get the exact measure every time.

Unless you are measuring directly in to the liner. Are you using those stand alone liners? That would work with your method. I never liked them. Even though they are not supposed to, they always spread, again changing the height of my cupcakes which would not work for a ccc.

LindaF144a Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 8:27pm
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No I am not scraping my scoop clean, I don't need to.

You put the pan with the liners on a weight scale, tare it out to zero. Put the same weight batter into each cupcake liner, adding it cumulatively as you go - 1 oz, 1.5 oz, 2 oz - whichever weight works for you. So if you did 1 oz, it would 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on up until the scale reads 12 oz. Then you know you have exactly 1 oz of batter in each cup. Personally I use grams instead of ounces, you get an even better measurement.

No wonder it takes you so long, quite honestly that is a lot of wasted work to try and get it done without the use of a scale. A weight scale makes life easier, not only for having an accurate amount of batter but for weighing your ingredients also. With a weight scale, you know you have the same amount of batter without having to be careful about how much batter is in the scoop or on the outside of the scoop. I am all about saving time. 15 minutes to scoop out cupcakes is a long bench life also. If you sat them out for another 20 minutes after that waiting for an oven you would lose all leavening action.

VentureSister Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 8:47pm
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Recently saw (can't remember where) where someone froze their batter and then scooped it into the cupcake liners. Am thinking that would make getting them all the same much easier.

tryingcake Posted 23 Apr 2011 , 8:53pm
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I have a really nice digital weight scale and use it often - I love to weigh ingredients. just never thought of using it for pouring into cupcake liners.

I've had batter sit out much longer than that and never had a problem with leavening action. So I'm not worried about that. I mix up all my batter at once and it waits it turn to be poured into a pan and baked.

But I love the weighing tip for liners.

scp1127 Posted 24 Apr 2011 , 10:49am
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The scoop method works without scraping. Scoop the first one, dump it back in the bowl. Now the scoop is covered. All of the rest will be the same. All of my recipes bake differently, so I write down the disher number on the recipe. On thin batters, I use a dispenser and eyeball it.

Kakeesha Posted 19 Sep 2013 , 12:47am
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I was wondering is weighing the best way to split the mixture  evenly for two cakes ,same size

I could not find another post on this

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