So I Have A Convection Oven And I Am Not Sure How To Use It!

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Jacscakes213 Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 4:19am
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So my wonderful husband bought me a new oven because my other one thought it got to pick my baking temperatures. I read the owners manual from front to back and it said DO NOT USE CONVECTION SETTING FR BAKED GOODS!!! For some reason I thought that is what was best for baking...I am so confused.....any expertise on this would be greatly appreciated...thanks cakers!

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scp1127 Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 8:04am
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You have to buy a convection oven suitable for baking. In general, these are the high end models. They have true convection, not a blower on a regular oven, which is how some operate. If you want to bake, you may need to return the one you have. My oven is a true convection Kitchenaid. They will also proof bread and some have steam for bread baking. If your oven is not meant for baking, the fan is probably too strong. Check with your salesperson.

Jacscakes213 Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 5:20pm
post #3 of 12 hubby is the salesperson..... I will have to ask him though b/c when he bought it the rep from the manufact. Said that it was true convection and the manual says do not use conv. For baking.... I tried it once but it just seemed to over bake the tops and left the middle underdone.... Hmmmmm.. Can't return it b/c hubby's work policy for employees... Ah well ... It works great without the convection on so I guess I will just keep doing it that way...

bakencake Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 5:29pm
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I too just got a convection oven and not sure how to work it as well icon_wink.gif. I was going to suggest to do what i do and if possible turn your fan off, mine kicks in after a while not sure if it's after a certain time or temp, and lower the temp on the oven.

cocobaby Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 5:48pm
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When I got my convection oven, I was told you can use for cookies but not for cakes.

scp1127 Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 6:31pm
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My Kitchenaid oven bakes so well that I put two in my bakery. I can't use the conventional beside it because the convection bakes the same batter in the same pan at such a superior level. There has been information on here before about which ovens are designed for baking. They are the higher models in the better brands. The same goes for commercial ovens. Some are meant to bake a chicken at warp speed and others are designed for bakeries. Deluxe makes a perfect bakery model.

jensthemom Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 2:28am
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So you use a Kitchenaid convection oven in your bakery rather than a commercial convection oven??? Trying to decide if this is what I should do for mine?????

jensthemom Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 2:35am
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scp1127 - what model of Kitchenaid do you have???

scp1127 Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 2:48am
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Yes, I have a kitchenaid double oven and a conventional oven in my commercial bakery. I will get the Deluxe commercial oven in a few months... already wired and HD approved. I could not afford both to start and I now know that I didn't make the wrong decision for my business. It bakes just as well as its two year old twin in my personal kitchen. The only time I bake without convection is when I bake cheesecakes. I got the reviews and model numbers for the Deluxe from CC members. My rep then checked the specs and it is designed for bakeries. I will use my conventional (which is perfectly calibrated and no hot spots) to start a baked item, and finish it in the KA. Example... cupcakes go in KA. About five minutes later, more go in the conventional. I take out cupcakes in the KA and transfer conventional contents to the KA for finishing. The difference is that noticeable. So with three ovens going, I can bake 144 cupcakes in one batch time plus five minutes. I actually space all pans about a minute apart so that I can get them out and on the cooling racks.

jensthemom Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 3:01am
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You transfer from conventional to convection? Which model of the kitchenaid do you currently have? Wondering if I should forgo the blodgett I inherited for the kitchenaid?? Thoughts?

scp1127 Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 3:30am
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I got a pm earlier, so my manual is still here on the table.

KEBS208 BL04

Mine does not have the steamer for bread, but I don't bake bread in my bakery. Plus I learned bread the old fashioned way. I can mist the crust myself.

I found that trick because I have a perfect conventional oven that I never turn on. I still us the KA's exclusively, but I found I can start the next batch in the conventional at about 325 degrees. I can pack in 48. As one comes out of the KA, the others go in. Because they are being baked a little too low temp for a regular oven, they don't have a hard top yet. When they finish baking in the KA, I can't tell the difference. I am so anal about my baking and I was taking longer than necessary to bake while I was using my other cold oven as a cooling rack.

bakingkat Posted 15 Apr 2011 , 4:04am
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I use a convection oven for my bakery and have no problems with it. Mine does have a high or low fan setting though so I use it on low for cakes and cupcakes and high on croissants and such. It sounds like many have found the solution with just turning the fan off, but using it on low works well for me, I love it!

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