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Mb20fan Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 4:52pm
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Who watches? What's your take on it?
I look forward to Sunday evenings to catch this ~ I LOVE it. I know we are only 3 episodes in but already I know which bakeries I want to see more of and which ONE I don't! First off, I miss seeing Reva and Marc (the buttercream queen) from Merci Beaucoup, Lauri from The Cake Alchemy (she was so out of the box Image) and of course...I miss seeing The Cake Girls.

As far as this new season, I really like Gateaux Inc and I really like watching Vinny from The Cake Artist NY. In fact, I think what I like most about Vinny is that he is so young (21 years old) and talented (AND still a little wet behind the ears at times) and he owns his own successful business while still living at home with his mom! I saw that there will be a spin-off show featuring just Vinny and his family and I will probably watch that too. As for Christopher Garrens bakery, I get a little bored and the bantering between he and Marjie seems a little mean at times. JMO. least favorite and according to the message boards on the WE.TV website, I'm not alone, is this White Flower Cake Shoppe. In this last episode, seeing them compete against each other and the friendly bickering and tossing the "Biotch" word around repeatedly just totally turned me OFF in fact, I ended up turning THEM off. I DVRd the episode and quickly found myself fast forwarding through their scenes.

At any rate, I love the show. I love to watch and see what I can learn and what tips I can pick up. I LOVE to see these gorgeous creations being made! I just LOVE wedding cakes!

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cakesdivine Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 6:03pm
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Odd I think Vinny is the most annoying one. What idiot builds a topsy turvey the way he did it. Topsy Turveys like that are optical illusions. He actually doweled and stacked it on the slant! Of course the thing cracked when he stuck the center dowel in. I was screaming at my TV everytime he came on. I too did the DVR thing and found myself fast forwarding past him. Actually I don't like any of the bakeries. Gateaux is way too boring no personality in that staff or owner at all. Christofer Garren's owner Chris is a major jerk. Not sure how Margie puts up with him, not sure why she hasn't gone off on her own and done her own shop. My fave due to choosing the lesser of several evils is White Flower Bakery. I actually thought it was pretty funny this week. The poor hubby caught in the middle was hilarious. And they do great cakes IMO.

Of course I wish Cake Girls were back, but we all know why it isn't. I wish they would highlight a bakery in Houston called "Who Made The Cake?". Nadine Moon is an amazing cake artist.

kookycutter Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 6:15pm
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Haven't seen the new season, but it doesn't include Laura from Cake Alchemy, that's fine with me. God, she was annoying! And she did produce hideous cakes. Definitely not my cup of tea. I can see why Ruth Drennan parted ways with her. Christopher Garren's team kind of annoys me too. ANd yes, totally miss the Cake Girls! Loved loved loved them! Sad about their business. Has anyone heard if they are picking up the pieces?

Mb20fan Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 6:49pm
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Originally Posted by cakesdivine

What idiot builds a topsy turvey the way he did it. Topsy Turveys like that are optical illusions. He actually doweled and stacked it on the slant! Of course the thing cracked when he stuck the center dowel in.

Ya know...maybe part of my intrigue for him and his crew is figuring out how he is so successful doing some of the things he does. He mentioned that HE didn't like black and white cakes (which I think can be stunning when done right) so he convinced the couple to incorporate color. They wanted quilting and instead he just put triangles on it and called it 'argyle'. Then when the cake cracked, suddenly there was even more color and STRIPES. You are right about Topsy Turvey's being an illusion...I couldn't believe my ears when he said he needed 48 dowels.

Originally Posted by cakesdivine

Christofer Garren's owner Chris is a major jerk. Not sure how Margie puts up with him, not sure why she hasn't gone off on her own and done her own shop.

Totally agree here...are these two married? That would explain a lot but even then, he seems very disrespectful at times and she seems to be lazy sometimes - taking too many shortcuts here and there.

cakesdivine Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 8:42pm
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She is the delegation queen LOL, but I have seen her on Challenge in the past on her own with an assistant and she did great work, very detail oriented.

Mb20fan Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 9:02pm
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Really? I would have loved to have seen that challenge. icon_biggrin.gif

Elcee Posted 12 Apr 2011 , 11:25pm
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I voted for Gateaux, Inc. It's hands down my favorite! Their cakes are stunning and I really like how interested she is in the clients' stories. I don't think Vinny has anywhere near the skill level to be featured on a show like this. Plus, he's irritating and foul-mouthed. White Flower would be my second pick, they're a little silly but make nice cakes. I fast forward through Chris' segments. His rudeness and verbal abuse to his staff are so awful that it makes me uncomfortable to watch.

I was never as enamored of the Cake Girls or Merci Beaucoup as everyone else is. I was a fan of Cake Alchemy, though.

FromScratchSF Posted 13 Apr 2011 , 10:17pm
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This season has been really dissapointing. My new fave is Gateux, they do EXCELENT work. The beach cake they just did was extraordinary. Jaw dropping. I've never seen, heard of or though of screen printing on fondant. It was brilliant.

My next favorite is Christopher Garren's, love him or hate him, they also do extraordinary work, although most of the cakes they do are not my personal style. But Chris' insistence on scratch, fresh, high-quality, and most of all, perfection in his cakes is inspiring to me.

I miss Cake Alchemy for the same reason, Laurie may not make your style of cake but her skills are unquestionable. Her OCD for perfection I also completely relate with.

I miss Cake Girls. Mary and Brenda make the type of modern cakes I want to make.

The Cake Artist is a disgrace. Not one of his cakes deserve national TV and he is obnoxious. Forget what you know about making a topsy turvey - can you imagine the poor person that had to cut that thing??? With all that wood in it? I'd be really mad if I ordered that thing and didn't have enough servings because of all the unnecessary wood. He's Gen Y, a quick Google search on his iphone would have given him directions on how to make one. Anyway, he was my least favorite until this last last episode - I'm sorry but White Flower's "suck it" banter while sporting Chinese accents was down-right insulting. I can't believe they actually showed that on TV, and I'm not even Chinese. Their cakes aren't that great and the husband needs to grow a pair.

I'm tuned in every week though.


afisher Posted 14 Apr 2011 , 6:38am
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I Miss Cake Girls...but Gateau Inc. getting that cake to the wedding in a blizzard I admire greatly! Chris Garren's staff does the bulk of the work, and well, but he is demeaning and rude. You can ask for perfection without being a jerk. The NY guy heading to the wrong wedding was interesting, but I was trying to tell my daughter, the baker, how many dowels he was trying to get into his cake...and she couldn't believe it! Thanks for the number! I wonder how many servings were wasted and whether the clients complained at all... White Flower is "local" so I've seen their cakes at our local food show. I haven't tasted their cakes, but some are very stunning. Having said that, the behavior behind the scenes may backfire on them...and others as well...acting professional doesn't mean you can't have fun and enjoy your work, but grow up people are paying big bucks for your least they were, well, maybe they don't watch the show.

scp1127 Posted 14 Apr 2011 , 9:05am
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I have a series recording on my DVR. I was very disappointed to see that the old decorators were missing. I could not stand those two girls with the rivalry and I lost interest. My old favorite was Cake Alchemy.

Mb20fan Posted 14 Apr 2011 , 5:58pm
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Originally Posted by FromScratchSF

Their cakes aren't that great and the husband needs to grow a pair....Jen


And I was totally thinking the same thing about whomever had to cut that topsy turvy cake...that must have been a nightmare to disassemble! Image

sassycakes5479 Posted 18 Apr 2011 , 4:28am
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This new season is totally different from the last few seasons of this show. I do like Gateaux(awesome cakes) and White Flower Cake Shoppe(their silly antics make the show funny!) but CANT STAND Vinny! His cake suck so bad! You can even see it on the bride's face the topsy turvy epsiode-she looks pissed at that hideous cake! Chris Garren needs to stop talking down to his staff, but his cakes are pretty cool. overall, i like the show, but do miss the Cake girls. Glad Merci beaucoup is off the show-HATED them!!!

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