Plastic Cake Domes For Freezing Cakes

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jason_kraft Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 4:41pm
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We've decided to keep a few 8" cakes in our freezer to accommodate short notice orders. Any suggestions on where to buy these cake domes?

So far I've found three options online (our local restaurant supply store doesn't carry them):

1. Plastic Container City (seems a little expensive at $2 each):

2. See-a-cake Super G packaging

3. See-a-cake All Fresh packaging

I'm leaning toward option 2 since they are available in a 50-pack instead of a 100-pack, but I'm not sure the Super G packaging will hold up in the freezer. Any feedback on these products or others would be helpful.

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jason_kraft Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 5:09pm
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Unlimited Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 5:24pm
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A majority of domes are made by Ekco. If you can't purchase directly from the manufacturer, they should be able to hook you up with one of their distributors.

Sangriacupcake Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 5:49pm
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Are you near a Gordon Food Service? I buy them for .79 each, but they'll order a case for you. I get my Sweetex from them, also by special request.

warchild Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 6:51pm
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Myself, I'd be a bit leery about the second option as it says the base is waxed cardboard. Even store bakery waxed boards will break down after sitting in the coolers for a few days. I don't think they'd do so great being stored in the freezer.

I've was lucky enough some years back to have some cases of assorted clear plastic cake containers like your first link, given to me when a friends Father closed his neighborhood bakery. They were just the best for keeping cakes fresh and dust free. I was pretty sad to see the last of the sheet cake size go, as they're pretty darn expensive if you only need a few.

As for how well they do in the freezer? I've only had to freeze one cake so truly not an expert on that for sure. It was a fully decorated buttercream cake & it had to be frozen as the BD person became ill. The cake was in the freezer in one of my plastic cake containers for 9 days before being served. Feedback I received from the BD persons family was the cake looked and tasted great & that no one could tell it had been frozen.

Did you check the shipping costs on your links? Plastic container city looks to have a flat shipping rate whether you order $25 or $2500. Thats not bad if you're ordering quite a bit.
Your second & 3rd link don't seem to have much info on shipping, except the 3rd link stating they calculated at purchase & that could mean anything.
Your second link has a phone contact if I'm remembering what I read correctly. I'd call and inquire about shipping costs if its the one you decide to go for.

jason_kraft Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 7:05pm
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I left a message with see-a-cake and they don't recommend using either of their storage products in the freezer. I ended up ordering two 10 packs from webstaurant store (we needed more cake boards anyway) so we'll see how those hold up.

We have occasionally frozen cakes before by double-wrapping the cake box with plastic wrap, both vegan and gluten-free cakes were just fine after a month in the freezer.

warchild Posted 7 Apr 2011 , 9:36pm
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Good you settled on one you liked. Price was reasonable on them too. It'll be interesting to hear how they hold up to freezing if you still plan on trying that. thumbs_up.gif

scp1127 Posted 8 Apr 2011 , 4:44am
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Jason, how did the box hold up on the ones you froze? Just wondering if you would end up needing two boxes... one to freeze and one to deliver to the customer.

jason_kraft Posted 8 Apr 2011 , 6:30pm
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No problems with the box (we use pink cake boxes from our local restaurant supply store)...we just unwrapped the plastic wrap, thawed the cake, and delivered it to the customer.

scp1127 Posted 8 Apr 2011 , 8:15pm
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Thanks, Jason. It is good to know that I would not have to use two boxes.

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