Baking In Glass Drink Ware

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bakencake Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 5:04pm
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I have seen lots of margarita and martini cakes that look as if they have been baked in the margarita and or martini glass. my question is this, since i can bake in pirex glass i wonder if i can bake a cakes in margarita glasses and then ice the top to look like the drink.

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bakencake Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 5:16pm
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after doing research i found this
and they show that hey baked it in a sports ball and then put it in the glass but i was wondering if you can actually bake it inside

ibmoser Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 5:55pm
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I would NOT bake in regular glassware. Oven temps will shatter it. Ovenware is tempered glass made to withstand the heat - regular glassware is not.

bakencake Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 9:18pm
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thank you, that's what my DH said but just wanted to get the ok from you guys.

bakencake Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 9:20pm
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wondering if maybe I could lower temp?

chefjess819 Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 9:39pm
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i wouldn't try it. like above said, the glasses are not tempered the way pyrex is done. even with lowering the temperature, the heat in the oven could cause the glass to, at the very least, crack. leaving the possibility of having glass shards in the cake itself. i would bake the cake in a normal pan, cut pieces out with a cookie cutter, and layer it into the glass. hth!

anamado Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 9:52pm
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Well, never in a regular oven, but you can bake in glasses if you use a microwave recipe (and bake it in the microwave of course icon_smile.gif )

K1976 Posted 12 Mar 2011 , 10:36pm
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You may do it in a Pyrex like bowl.

Alclimer Posted 31 Dec 2012 , 5:39pm
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I know this is an old thread but when I was searching the internet for answers on if I could bake in a martini glass this thread came up, so I would like to comment.  Just yesterday I baked 8 cupcakes in 8 martini glasses and they came out perfectly.  No breaking, no shattering. I set my oven just below the require setting, but I do that with all my cakes cause my oven runs hot. I bought the glasses at Family Dollar and I did not use a water bath. The glasses were a little on the thick side not thin like a wine glass I'm not saying that it'll work for everyone but if you're like me and looking on the internet for proof that it works cause you're really nervous about it I'm here to say try it - it worked for me.

Kathy107 Posted 2 Jan 2013 , 3:19pm
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Hi, Do you have a picture of the cupcakes in the martini glasses.  What temp and how long did you bake them?  Did you put them on a cookie sheet while baking?  Thanks.

Alclimer Posted 23 Jan 2013 , 3:36pm
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Sorry I didn't get back to you soon. I never really use this e-mail and didn't realize you asked a question. Here's a pic.  I followed the directions from "Hoosier Homemade's" blog, she's got a lot of cute ideas. I cooked them at 325 and I watched them constantly, wanted to make sure they didn't shatter.  I think it took about 25 min I didn't really time them. When they started looking done I did the toothpick test until it came back clean. I put them in a 1 1/2" deep square cake pan and cooked 4 at a time.  The only reason I put them in the pan was cause in case they did break I didn't want glass all over the oven I figured it would stay in the cake pan. I then melted canned frosting (not the whipped kind) and poured it over the cupcakes when cooled. They were a HUGE hit!!!

Kathy107 Posted 25 Jan 2013 , 6:57pm
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AThanks for replying. They look beautiful. Did you tint your cupcake batter to get that pretty gold color? I am going to make these. Kathy

Alclimer Posted 1 Feb 2013 , 3:28am
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ANo, no tint just a regular vanilla cake mix.

Preci0sa Posted 13 Apr 2013 , 6:16am
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they look amazing!!

shanter Posted 13 Apr 2013 , 6:31am
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Love these. How did you do the bubbles? Dragees?

Maggie Ahl Posted 13 Apr 2013 , 6:49am
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those cupcakes are just too gorgeous

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