Uugh! Holes In My Toba Glace! Help?

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OneCreativeCookie Posted 19 Feb 2011 , 7:15pm
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Hi Ladies,

I use the glace and consistantly have trouble with holes forming in small areas of the glace. I'm not talking about the small air bubbles that sometimes form when I smooth a whole cookie with glace (those I can pop with a toothpick or they just rise to the top but don't pop), I'm talking about the big craters that form in small areas of cookies. I'm sorry to say that I don't have any photos to show - I was too depressed with all the holes and didn't think to photograph.

The latest disaster was with "poker chip" cookies. I piped/spread the entire cookie with white and let it set. Then I came back to detail on top with red and black...little squares (1/4"x1/4"?) around the edge of the cookie so that it had a checker-board pattern around the edge of the "poker chip". I use a single consistancy of glace and pipe/flood in one step as I prefer not to see the piped edge - I don't use the pipe/flood method with two different thicknesses of glace. I piped the outline of the square and filled in with a zig-zag or spiral pattern. Then, for good measure, I ran a toothpick through the icing to try to get out any bubbles. Perhaps this was my downfall? All was fine when I went to bed (1AM) but by the time I woke up (7AM) there were holes in 90% of the squares. Please, please help!!! I am beyond frustrated. Fortunately, these were a donation so I just let them go out, but if they had been for a paying client I couldn't have sold them. Boo.

Any thoughts on how to prevent this?

Thank you!!

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karabeal Posted 21 Feb 2011 , 4:59am
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I've had this happen occasionally, but not to the extent you describe. I actually saw it in action once. And it was a pesky little bubble rising up from my detail work.

Do you let your glace sit for a while (several hours or overnight) before you fill your bags/bottles for decorating? That gives the bubbles some time to rise and pop before you get to the decorating step. Also, as I think what could have caused so many bubbles, I'm wondering if perhaps the powdered sugar wasn't completely dissolved and mixed in. If there were still tiny clumps of powdered sugar in the icing, air trapped in those clumps might have caused the extensive bubbling. So try sifting the powdered sugar (if you didn't) or mixing for a few more minutes.

Such a frustrating problem if it ruins a whole batch of decorated cookies. Good luck finding a solution!

OneCreativeCookie Posted 21 Feb 2011 , 3:40pm
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Originally Posted by karabeal

I've had this happen occasionally, but not to the extent you describe. I actually saw it in action once. And it was a pesky little bubble rising up from my detail work.

Yes, I think you are right - an air bubble indeed! In this particular case, the icing had been made/bagged for several days (and refrigerated then brought to room temp) before use. I think the major problem is that when I outline and then fill, some air gets trapped between the surface of the cookie and the new glaze I am putting on top. The air doesn't have anywhere to escape to and the icing is too thick to allow the bubble to rise up in time to fill in instead of leaving a crater. Now that I am describing it to you I'm wondering if filling from the middle and not all the way to the egde would help - maybe then coaxing the glace into the edges w/ a toothpick?

Yes, a big disappointment when it happened on so many cookies. Fortunately, the woman who ended up buying the cookies at the auction was a past client (and a very good one at that!) so I know that all is not lost! icon_smile.gif

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