First Wedding Cake Ahhh!

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cowie Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 3:45pm
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Ok so I just got my first wedding cake order, so excited!

It's going to be a 3 tiered cake, 12" 9" 6" covered in fondant. I have a fondant that tastes great but is very soft to work with. Is there a way to make it a little firmer? I have made a 2 tiered cake in the past and when the restaurant brought it out of the fridge and left it on the table it looked 'wet', very shiny. I did not want the shiny look on it at all, I wanted the dull fondant look. I have been told that they didnt' allow enough time for drying. Is this true? I normally work with buttercream and not fondant so any help would be GREATLY appreciated. So should I make the cake/decorate it on Friday, put it in the fridge over night and then take it out Sat, deliver it Sat at like noonish? I really don't want the cake to look wet and am worried about that.
Also, I have been asked to put calla lillies on top of the layers but don't know how to attach them without using the wire, but I want them to lay on the cake not stand out.. any ideas?


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metria Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 3:53pm
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when you take a fondant covered cake from the fridge, it may "sweat". the shiny that you're talking about is just condensation. it will evaporate after a while, just don't touch it!! i don't like serving my cakes right out of the fridge because of this. let it sit and come to room temperature and it will dry by itself.

CWR41 Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 4:01pm
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Originally Posted by cowie

So should I make the cake/decorate it on Friday, put it in the fridge over night and then take it out Sat, deliver it Sat at like noonish?

You don't need to refrigerate the cake unless you're using something that's perishable.

leily Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 4:07pm
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what kind of filling are you planning on using? If you dont' have a perishable filling there is no need to refridgerate the cake.

what_a_cake Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 4:31pm
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Metria explained perfectly... to avoid just don't put your cakes on the fridge unless the filling is perishable. In case you need to refrigerate, take the cake out of the fridge with enough time to dry. How much is enough? it will depend on different factors, but if the at least 1.5 hours before and let dry without touching and, if possible, under or in front of a fan, it will dry. You must be aware, however, that it won't have the immaculate matte finish you may have seen before.

Now, regarding adding extra ingredients to make your fondant firmer, take in consideration that a "softer" fondant covered cake is easier to cut than one with a thick or tougher layer.

You don't specify if Calla Lilies will be fresh or gumpaste modeled. If fresh take a look to If concerned of wires "leaking" onto your cake, there are several techniques you may want to consider: cover the wire in white chocolate before and let dry before inserting, insert posey picks, coffee straws, or drinking straws into the cake and then stick the wires into each, trim hidden pillar to 5 in. and insert into cake creating a receptacle to insert a bouquet formed with several wires. Check

Hope it helps icon_smile.gif

cowie Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 5:55pm
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Wow thank you for your help.

The filling is just going to be a plain vanilla buttercream icing. So I shouldn't have to refrigerate it then? I guess I am always a refrigerator person because I am afraid of it going bad, but I guess over night it should be okay.

The calla lillies will be made out of gum paste, not real.

what_a_cake Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 6:19pm
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cowie... go ahead, let your cake stand over the counter, nothing would "go bad" if you use plain vanilla buttercream icon_smile.gif

Gum paste or fondant flowers are much easier to insert, options mentioned will all work fine is a matter of holding the size of your flower better. I've even switched to bamboo skewers to replace the wires when I don't need the flexibility.

Good luck with your first... ENJOY!

Niki11784 Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 6:43pm
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Do you home-make your fondant? I found that marshmallow fondant does not get shiny- but I one time made a recipe from shortening/powder sugar/corn syrup and that was a very shiny fondant. Just wanted to make sure you are using a good recipe fondant icon_smile.gif

cowie Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 10:42pm
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No, I have never home made the fondant. I have always purchased it. I was told by my instructors that it was way too much work for the cost and was easier to buy. Was she right?

metria Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 10:58pm
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Originally Posted by cowie

No, I have never home made the fondant. I have always purchased it. I was told by my instructors that it was way too much work for the cost and was easier to buy. Was she right?

whaaa? I'll have to disagree with your instructor. If I need light-colored fondant, I always make it. If I need deep-colored fondant, I'll buy it. I've tried several homemade recipes and they are all easy to do (using standing mixer + dough hook).

Of course, do whatever works best for you. But I do suggest trying to make your own every once in a while.

DH2008 Posted 1 Feb 2011 , 11:08pm
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Also, ssooooo much cheaper & taste better homemade icon_lol.gif

cowie Posted 2 Feb 2011 , 1:43pm
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Really?What receipes do you use? Maybe that will be my next project. How much does it cast per lb or have you figured it out yet?

Diesel Posted 2 Feb 2011 , 2:14pm
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I have always used Marshmallow fondant (recipe from here) and have had great success with it and is very inexpensive to make. Also, people really seem to like the taste.

I did purchase Satin Ice for my golf cake as I needed a lot of dark green and just didn't want to deal with trying to get the color all the same with making it. But this purchase cost me over $25.

kearniesue Posted 2 Feb 2011 , 2:26pm
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Check Youtube for a video on making marshmallow fondant with a mixer. I always use this one. It's really easy to make, tastes good, and if you run hot water in your bowls afterwards, clean up is simple. Also, you can color it in the marshmallow stage so no need for a ton of neading!. I stick it in the fridge after I make it, and it's usable after about an hour. If it gets too hard, you can put it in the microwave for a few seconds.



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