How Would You Make This Dress A Cake?

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sebrina Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 4:18am
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I have a young friend that wants a 3D wedding dress cake for her shower. I have made one before but she wants her's to look like her dress. icon_confused.gif I'm uploading the pic she gave me. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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JanH Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 4:26am
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sebrina, you can only post cake photos in your gallery...

Please upload that photo to flicker, or photobucket and then post a link...

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sweetooth0510 Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 4:31am
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Hiya, I think this would be realitively simple. Depending on how many you need to feed I would make/stack cakes in decending order i.e. 8"/7"/6"/5" and then a 6" for the top. Once stacked then sculpt the top 6" to resemble the bust and the rest to resemble a skirt.

I would ice in fondant, do the top first and then cover in sugar pearls with lustre dust to look shiny. For the skirt you can wrap fondant around the cakes and then bunch up at different places to look like your photo - add some sugar pearls lustred and it should look great.

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JanH Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 4:50am
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Here's a "puffy" fondant dress cake that might help:

Found another one:


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HamSquad Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 4:56am
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Hi Sebrina! Beautiful dress, exactly how is the top made? Is it strapless, does it have sleeves. The bottom part of the dress is rouched, I might have spelled that wrong(LOL). Just made a wedding dress 2 weeks ago, do you want the dress cake something like Toba Garrett's wedding dress or the dress laying on top of a another cake? Feel free to look at my pictures.

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sebrina Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 5:14am
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Jan, thank you. I think that second link is close to what I am needing.
HamSquad, it is strapless. This is the link to my cake that she picked out. BUT she wants HER dress on the form. Mine was no where near as detailed! icon_confused.gif

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HamSquad Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 5:56am
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To make the form, it is just a doll pick with the head and arms removed, covered and hand shaped black fondant steamed for a shiny look. As for the dress part, just bake in a Wilton Wonder mold cake pan or carve the shape of the skirt from four layers of cake 4", 6", 2- 8" and 10".

Once that is done and the cake is cooled. carve the cake. If you use the Wonder Mold pan, no carving necessary, unless you plan to tort and add filling. Crumb coat the cake with your frosting, but in the frig and chill. I leave my cakes in the frig for a couple of hours to have the frosting to set firm, I mainly use a crusting BC.

After that, you have the option of adding another layer of frosting, but not too thick. Again, chill to set the frosting. While you are waiting for the frosting set roll out your fondant to a 16" or 18" circle.

Take out your cake and lay the fondant on the skirt, do exactly like you would any fondant cake. I however, cut the back of the fondant to make it look like it has a train in the back.

To cover the body of the doll pick, pre draw out the pattern on card stock or card board or use a Dollar store thin plastic chopping board to cut the pattern out on and it can be reused.

For the bodice, you might want to cover the bodice of pick with a 2" x 4" rectangle with thin fondant, then cut out 2 - 1/2" x 3/4" square or rectangle and gather the short ends on each side and place ove the breast of the doll pick, then decorate. HTH For Glue piping gel

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HamSquad Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 6:10am
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Sorry, For the gold decorations on the triangle shape and the band, it is possible to use lace or with a tip #1 and RI pipe on cornelli like lace pattern and tiny 5-petal flowers with a center let dry and paint with a tiny detail paint brush with gold luster dust mixed with lemon extract or a clear alcohol like Vodka, is dries really fast.

As for the bottom of dress, the info JanH gave was great or do like I did with the Ariel Bridal Shower Cake I put flowers on the cake where it would be pleated, I also use a plastic mold that had the swags and cut to the size I needed. Ok, I hope what I said was clear and the info you can use. I've downloaded enough (LOL). icon_lol.gif

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soledad Posted 28 Jan 2011 , 6:31am
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There is someone that made a wedding dress cake in the following way ( she explain it) I just can not find it icon_sad.gif but I will try to explain it to you...

She took a Barbie doll (You could use a bigger doll , maybe??) and took the head and arms off and covered in black fondant down to the middle of doll's breast ( she did not coveres all of it because this would make the bust of the dress too thick.

You have to decide where the cleavage will start and you will covered it with fondant down to it. Since the arms are taken off, you would have to mold and fill the sockets so that you get it to look like a maniquin.

After that you dress the doll with a copy of the dress; I do not think the dress was a cake. What I do remember is that the doll was on top of a cake which looked like a pedestal. It was very pretty.

I am sending you some links. I hope that can help you some. scroll down to see dress

http:[email protected]/sets/72157604017701252/

good luck thumbs_up.gif

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