How To--Beer Mug Cake / Sugar Beer Stream Questions!

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carmenid Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 3:18pm
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Hi everyone,

I have to do a 25th b-day cake for one of my friends. I like the idea of the beer mug cake, kind of like this one that I found in the gallery:

I have a few questions:

What size round pan should I use for the beer mug?

what are the logistics for the beer stream? how it is done and is it sturdy enough to stand up on it's own or does it need any sort of support?

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carmenid Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 3:42pm
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I am going to change my question to what is the easiest way to replicate the beer stream, anyone?

jenscreativity Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 3:50pm
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It looks like it can be HARD(dried), THICK Gumpaste/fondant that was drying with the can on top of it, so it's glued together, then stuck into the cake. Hope this makes sense. You can use like brown/yellow gumpaste/fondant and add the shimmering to it to give it that look.

Then as far as size of rounds, it I would use like 6/8" round pans, about 3/4 of them and stack them with dowel rod going through.

best of luck,

jenscreativity Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 3:56pm
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BTW! If you read down below on the comments, there are hints of ideas and also she stated a lot of her instructions if you read below her pic. AND, you can google up hard candy recipe and make it like how she explained down below in comments. There is a lot of info in commenting and under her pic. Read them to help you also.

azeboi2005 Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 4:10pm
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For the beer stream all you have to do is use sugar and corn syrup, equal parts of each, and heat them to a hard crack stage. Get a dowel and a silpat, pour the sugar syrup onto the silpat and place dowell onto the center; roll the dowel around the sugar until it starts to harden a bit. Let it dry. When you stick it into the cake balance a dry clean can on the end.

There's a youtube video that shows how to prepare the sugar syrup.
Hope this helps!

carmenid Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 4:15pm
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thanks Chris!!

foxymomma521 Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 4:39pm
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I made mine from 4 6" cakes. The stream I used fondant over a dowel rod and then stuck the can on top. It's a super easy cake to make.

foxymomma521 Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 4:42pm
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Oh- but make sure you leave a lot of time for the handle to dry! icon_redface.gificon_biggrin.gif

SISA Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 4:54pm
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When I made a similar cake I just used a dowel rod with tinted piping gel. Super easy!!

carmenid Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 5:35pm
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Sisa, how did you do that? I can imagine it sliding off the dowel rod, how did you get to stay on?

thecakeprincess Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 6:00pm
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thanks for the info.

tonyas_jewels Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 6:03pm
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when i did mine i used 3- 6 x 3" pans, and i used buttercream on the dowel rod, worked out perfectly

SISA Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 9:52pm
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The piping gel does not slide. It is thick enough to stick to the dowel. It was super easy...Carmen

carmenid Posted 19 Jan 2011 , 9:56pm
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thanks for the help everyone!

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