I Need A Magenta Fondant - How Would You Go About It?

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tryingcake Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 6:03am
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I have a customer who wants this cake as a 6" tier and 60 cupcakes to match.

How would you go about mixing the fondant?

Do I have to start with white fondant? Can I use the Satin Ice Pink (which is a hot hot pick) and modify that?

Your thoughts, please.

The cake is by Dorien (5th cake from the top)



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cakesrock Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 1:22pm
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I would experiment and add a touch of burgundy to rose (pink). Start out with as dark a rose as possible, though. Gorgeous cake (and color!)

cakesrock Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 1:24pm
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PS: Forgot to say that I don't know how well the Satin ice colored fondant mixes, but I would think it's safer to start out with white fondant.

Karen421 Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 1:30pm
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I was gong to say Wilton Burgundy also! thumbs_up.gif

leah_s Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 1:41pm
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SatinIce pre-colored fondant is the best to start with. Then add a pinch of Purple Satin Ice and then a pinch of chocolate Satin Ice.

If you start with the basic colors of the pre-colored fondant you can mix up any color. And you never have to worry about the fondant breaking down from too much color being added.

LaWmn223 Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 1:41pm
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CakeCraft Super Burgandy makes a warm magenta

cabecakes Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 1:42pm
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I don't know, but that cake looks like it has a marbled fondant in the picture. You may want to do varied colors and marble them together.

Kiddiekakes Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 2:51pm
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I would say try a bit od Americolor Fuscia..That gives a great magenta...

tryingcake Posted 17 Jan 2011 , 5:09am
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Thank everyone.

cabecake - I noticed that also and gave a sigh of relief! It doesn't have to be mixed perfectly - that's a plus!!

Satin Ice mixes very well with coloring.

leah_s - thank you!! I was kind of leaning that way but afraid to try it as costly as SI is. It's not like we mix magenta everyday. LOL -

LaWmn223 - I've never heard of CakeCraft - I'll check it out.

Thank you for all the great answers. I fell better about venturing out.

I'm not getting email notifications on replies on threads I start. Only on ones I post replies to. I though no one had answered this yet and happen to stumble on it. So I'm just now responding.

Kavrena Posted 17 Jan 2011 , 5:29am
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When I look at the pic it looks like the fondant was painted with the "Hot Pink". If you look at the sides of the cupcakes you can still see bits of white and where it looks like brush strokes on the sides. Just my opinion. If that is the case it can definitely be a job for the airbrush.

tryingcake Posted 17 Jan 2011 , 5:15pm
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Kavrena - thank you. I have an airbrush. It spits, though, leaving my work spotty and I avoid using it. I need to make a post and see if anyone has any ideas on what to do about it.... besides buying a new one.

I think I'm going to shoot for the marbling since I don't want to deal with my airbrush.

tryingcake Posted 18 Jan 2011 , 5:33am
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Ok - after all that ... The bride has changed her mind. Whoda thunk it?

She's going with a white cake with butterflies (shades of magenta) all over it......
She just made the "changed my mind" deadline.

Karen421 Posted 18 Jan 2011 , 1:18pm
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Wow - I was looking forward to seeing that one! icon_smile.gif

Kavrena Posted 18 Jan 2011 , 3:25pm
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I was looking forward to it too. That happens to me all of the time though. You go through all of this research just for them to change their mind, LOL!!

Cakeonista Posted 18 Jan 2011 , 4:00pm
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That cake is very pretty it almost looks like it was airbrushed the darker pink tones. MAybe you can cover the cake in the hot pink fondant and airbrush some burgundy color on, if you have one. It might be easier.

tryingcake Posted 18 Jan 2011 , 8:30pm
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I know - I was disappointed too. I even tried to talk her out of changing it so she wouldn't have the same old-same old cake as everyone else.

I think her mother got to her about such a bold color... GRRRRRRR

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