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rkei Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 3:01pm
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How to decorate a gingerbreadboy shaped cake?! It needs to look like a girl. I am using ALL Buttercream. I'm not to good at decorating, so shoulld be pretty simple. Is like a pink shirt and blue jeans going to be to hard for me?

My other post about this got moved to the cookies forum. THis 'cake' is sort of a cookie, but it's a cake. Not to good at explaining that.

How should I transport this, to? I am making my own cake boxes, didn't think of buying boxes when I was in the city. Oops. Found out how to make my own. I'm worried that these are going to get to dry if left in the box!! SHould I wrap them loosely, but well in plastic wrap and then put them in the box? \\

Decorating these this afternoon. I'm so worried that I'll mess up or they will get to dry in the box!! These are presents for two cousins who love homeade cakes/cookies for christmas.

Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!

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icer101 Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 3:30pm
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will this pic help with your cakes . I would put foil in bottom of box. after closing box. i would then use heavy foil to wrap entire box. i have done this plenty times because of being worried about a cake drying out. hth

rkei Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 3:41pm
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Yes! THANk you sooo much!!!

I would appreciate more answers though, please!! icon_smile.gif

leah_s Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 4:07pm
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You'll put buttercream over the entire cake prior to adding the decorative elements. The butttercream seals the cake. Should be no worries about it drying out.

denetteb Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 4:07pm
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Pants and shirt would be great practice for decorating and would be really cute. You can do it. Look for gingerbread cookie pictures to get some decorating ideas and you can just bring the icing down the side of the cake, instead of just on top like the cookie. Once the cakes are covered in buttercream they shouldn't dry out on you, the icing will seal the cake. Just put them in the box as you have planned or you could put them in a storage tub if you didn't want to make or get a box. I personally wouldn't put any extra plastic or foil wrapping on it. When you transport it put it on a flat surface, like the trunk of the car and put the container on a piece of non-skid mesh and put the cake plate on a piece of non-skid when you put in in the box or tub to keep things from sliding around.

rkei Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 5:04pm
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Do I cover the cake in brown BC????

-K8memphis Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 5:26pm
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Originally Posted by rkei

Do I cover the cake in brown BC????

For the gingerbread boy/girl look --yes

-K8memphis Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 5:31pm
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But since it sounds like a 2-d gingerbread girl cake--I'd skip the clothing and just outline the top edge in a single line of white piping and put gingerbread decor on it. Raisin eyes, pockets, bows on the top of the feet maybe a heart on the hand--stuff like that--bow in the hair, some hair --little 0 mouth--

Maybe that is what you mean?

If I am at all on the right track--y'know what would be cute? Put a real ribbon 'through' it to look like you were gonna hang it on the tree.

If I'm not on the right track--oh well--

-K8memphis Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 5:32pm
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But jeans on a g-bread girl would be cute too--think I'd do a jeans skirt.

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