Newbie Help Requested-Pleeezzz! :-)

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1Cake-At-ATime Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 9:53pm
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I have been lurking the forum for a while and finally decided to open an account and ask a question. I'm hoping someone can give this new kid on the block a few tips...

Okay, I am in the process of making a cake for a promotion ceremony and I believe I have ran into a minor problem. First, the request was for a 1 layer vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, enough to feed 50 people. I used the WASC and Indydebi's buttercream recipe. Instead of using white cake mix, I used DH french vanilla. Both cake and icing came out fairly well.

I'm overseas and our wilton supply at our bx is VERY minimal and I don't have an 11x17 size cake pan, so I joined to 9x13 cakes to make one big cake. I had to trim all the edges because they were too hard and I couldn't imagine cutting into a cake with hard edging.

Now my problem is that I don't know how to get my cake off the cake board onto my "nice" foil wrapped board. I applied my first layer of icing to the cake on the cake board so it's of course has icing all over the edges of the board. So how do I or should I transfer the cake onto the nice board?

I didn't read until afterward that I should have put parchment paper underneath. icon_sad.gif

I am sweating bullets because our 3 star General will be in the same room as my cake so I want to give a good impression. Why I said yes to the guy who asked me to make him a cake is another question I'm still trying to figure out! LOL

Thanks in advance for helping a newbie out.

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SugarKissesCakery Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 10:05pm
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Hmmm . . . I can't really think of a way you can move the two cakes, iced together and not damage the icing. Why don't you put the board on to your nice board and add decoration to the edge so you don't see the ugly board? I usually ice my cakes right on the decorative board so I don't have to move them once they are iced.

MissBlu Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 10:08pm
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To play it safe i would just cut around the cake board it is presently on with an exacto knife. lay it on top of the foil board (secure with a bit of icing and add a border around the edge to cover the board. It's easier to re-do a border than risk cracking the cake.


amyoungbl00d5 Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 10:10pm
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I always use a board under my cake when I frost it..and put the whole thing on my pretty board, with's easy, just add a pretty border at the bottom it will hide your other board. Just make sure that you add frosting as glue to adhere your 2 boards..smear a glob of frosting in the center of your pretty board then transfer your cake and board to it. thumbs_up.gif

steffiessweet_sin_sations Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 10:15pm
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ditto and good luck!!

flowergirl1 Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 10:26pm
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can someone please advise me please i am trying to get my fondant to red mi am using a wiltons red colourant paste but can only get it down to pink any advice please thank you.

1Cake-At-ATime Posted 21 Dec 2010 , 10:42pm
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Yay!!! Thanks for the replies! I will do exactly what was suggested and cut around the board and make an extra boarder to cover up any visible boarding.

You ladies rock! icon_smile.gif

Once I'm finished I'll upload a picture of the finished product for feedback.

steffiessweet_sin_sations Posted 22 Dec 2010 , 4:02am
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1 cake = cant wait to see your cake!!! flowergirl, its very difficult to get to red, color your fondant, let it set overnight, it will develop more color then do it again, keep doing this until u get the color u want, or easier options, and what i do, go buy it red! LOL good luck!

lutie Posted 22 Dec 2010 , 4:43am
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There is one little trick you could use...I have on occasions, when I first started out, done things similar to what you have done. If you have access to a commercial kitchen, you could get one of their over-sized cookie sheets with no raised sides on 3 sides. Slip that under your cake and use it like the cake lifters I use...You can take the cake without any worries and put it on the good cake board...but if your icing is not flexible enough, then do what everyone is saying about cutting down the original board.

Your buttercream will not crack if you use a touch of vinegar in it...I started doing that and none of mine crack when they are transported now. Does not affect the taste at all...just a scant teaspoon.

soledad Posted 22 Dec 2010 , 6:37am
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good tips... good luck 1cake-at-atime thumbs_up.gif
Lutie... when do you add the vinegar to the buttercream? Before or after is on the cake?
Thank you.

flowergirl1 Posted 22 Dec 2010 , 8:59am
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thanks steph will have a go fingers crossed thank you again.

lutie Posted 22 Dec 2010 , 4:19pm
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Originally Posted by soledad

good tips... good luck 1cake-at-atime thumbs_up.gif
Lutie... when do you add the vinegar to the buttercream? Before or after is on the cake?
Thank you.

Always mix it in the buttercream before you use can taste the buttercream and see that it is not "sour or vinegary" tasting. I had my last cake delivered with about 50 Trillion stop lights (oops, maybe not that many, but close) and horrors of horrors, those speed guards in private streets and finally in the parking lot of the church.....I thought for sure the four tiers would be demolished, but not one little hairline crack anywhere! Love that tip that I got on CC years ago.

1Cake-At-ATime Posted 23 Dec 2010 , 10:38am
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For some reason I cannot upload my picture. If someone can chim in that would be great!

This is the first cake I've made since last year, so I'm rusty with my writing and you can see in the picture that I crossed the wrong letter for the "t". HAHA!

The person who requested the cake was very happy and said the cake tasted like the wedding cake him and his wife has on their special day. Thanks to whoever came up with the WASC recipe. And as far as the Indydebi's buttercream....people were all smiles as they were dragging their forks across there cakes. Thanks Indydebi for your skill and sharing! I'm a lurker on this forum, but I honestly couldn't have done this without you all and the photos you share! icon_smile.gif

This cake was 3 days of prepping and I didn't finish it until 5am yesterday morning. I was working on ZERO sleep. All and all, the eaters were happy!

lutie Posted 23 Dec 2010 , 2:10pm
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You did a great job on your the way you got the logo on not sell yourself short on any of your abilities...the only thing I would have done differently was cross all of the "L's" icon_lol.gif

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