Meringue Powder Ri Vs. Pasteurized Egg White Ri

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LindaF144a Posted 6 Dec 2010 , 4:57pm
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Up until yesterday I have been using RI made with meringue powder. Then I read somewhere (here I believe) that RI made with egg whites taste better than meringue powder RI. So I thought I would try it with egg whites and see.

Being nervous about bacteria, I used pasteurized egg whites. And boy what a difference! Here is what I noticed. Hopefully everything was correct. But if I did something wrong, please let me know.

1. It mixed differently. With meringue powder you let it mix for 7-10 minutes till it loses its shine. With the egg whites I mixed it for about 2 minutes, or until combined and dissolved. I got those directions off of the Joy of Baking website. I was skeptical, but the next day the RI seems to be okay.

2. It looked different than the meringue powder RI. It was smoother, piped beautifully! I wish I had used this on the wedding cake I made. My meringue powder RI was stiffer.

3. It tastes so much better than meringue powder RI.

4. It also dries to a nicer sheen and it isn't rock hard either. I also iced some cookies in a glaze recipe (from Cookie Crazie recommendation) and I do not taste a difference at all between the RI and the glazed cookies. In fact on some of the cookies I used a combination of the both and I can't even taste or see a difference. My glazed cookies did not dry as shiny as what I see on CC's website. It is probably because it is the first time I used it. But I am not seeing a wet shine like I do on the cookies on her site.

All in all, I believe I'll be using this kind of RI. I love the glaze too. It piped and flooded beautifully. I can see using both depending on what ingredients I have on hand. With enough practice I'll be able to get cookies as gorgeous as what I see here!

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imagenthatnj Posted 6 Dec 2010 , 5:53pm
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Thank you! I have both powders, the meringue and the pasteurized egg whites (in powder), and was wondering how different it would be to make RI with one or the other. Of course I have no time to try. I would also not ever use egg whites that are not pasteurized.

Did you use the powdered pasteurized egg whites or the liquid pasteurized egg whites? (I use the liquid ones for IMBC, but haven't tried RI with them).

LindaF144a Posted 6 Dec 2010 , 6:13pm
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I used liquid egg whites.

LindaF144a Posted 7 Dec 2010 , 8:14pm
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I wanted to clarify what I posted earlier.

I only looked at one website for directions for mixing egg white RI, and that was the Joy of Baking website. I may have read it wrong, but I thought all I had to do was mix the ingredients together until combined and not to a peak consistency. After further research, I got that wrong.

You do mix till peak consistency. I didn't do that with the first batch I made. Luckily for me it worked, although I did have some bleeding of colors. I am going to make another batch and mix it properly.

But I think in the end I am going to use the glaze recipe instead of RI. I like the taste and consistency. I may even use it in place of RI when doing some piping cakes too.

ALVARGA Posted 11 Dec 2010 , 12:47am
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I use powdered egg whites all the time. I like it much better than meringue powder and it is cheaper. The only difference is that I put the powdered egg whites through a small strainer before I mix it with the powdered sugar. It sometimes has a tendency to be a little lumpy. I use the recipe from the "Cookie Craft" book. Hope this helps. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

imagenthatnj Posted 11 Dec 2010 , 1:16am
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Thank you! I have to try that one of these days.

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