"pure" Vanilla Extract

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bluejeannes Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 6:53pm
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I have never used the pure kind of vanilla extract, just imitation (the cheaper stuff). I didn't really realize how much more flavor the pure stuff has, so my question is, when a recipe calls for, say, 1 tbsp of vanilla, how much of the pure vanilla do I use? (is it the same amount?)

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Elcee Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 7:25pm
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Yes, same amount, unless it is double strength. Then use 1/2. If it is double strength, the bottle will be really clearly marked so there would be no doubt. icon_smile.gif

AnnieCahill Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 11:31am
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Yes it's definitely the same amount.

I use double strength vanilla but I still substitute the same amount in my IMBC. I love me some vanilla!

I like the Watkins brand the best-my local Wal Mart carries it.

PokiNielsen Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 1:06pm
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Definitely the same amount! Even double strength! I love vanilla, too! The real is more expensive, but worth it. It's the only thing I have used for years. I only use the imitation when I have to have something be snow white.

yums Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 1:59pm
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You could make your own and greatly reduce the cost. It costs me about 30 cents an ounce to make.

trishvanhoozer Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 2:06pm
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I also make my own. It is simple and I usually do it in a huge amount (like an entire large container of vodka) but I split it into small bottles so that they can continue to strengthen in flavor. When I have to buy it I go to Sam's. I also use ground vanilla bean powder or vanilla paste. I keep them on hand for emergencies. They never lose potency and I can travel with them well.

mayatlan Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 2:41pm
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Could you please tell me how you use the vanilla paste?
Is the same as liquid? 1tsp = 1tsp

Thank you so much for your help

trishvanhoozer Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 3:28pm
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You can use about half the amount of the paste than your usual extract.

korean Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 3:51pm
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How to you make your own vanilla extract?

bluejeannes Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 7:08pm
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I think I'd like to try making my own extract as well. Where can you buy the vanilla beans?

mcdonald Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 7:15pm
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I make my own vanilla and wouldn't have it any other way... Love it....

sweetheart6710 Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 7:31pm
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I would like to know how to make my own vanilla too. I found madagascar vanilla at a supply store once, and it was 3 beans for $15.99! I was so shocked, I figured it would be cheaper to use liquid gold.. Where do you find beans, and how much vanilla does each bean make?

fruitsnack Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 7:40pm
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I got my vanilla beans off ebay. Get the grade B ones - they are perfect!

mayatlan Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 2:30am
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Thank you so much for your answer. Now I will be able to use the paste as well. thumbs_up.gif

fruitsnack Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 1:19pm
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Here's a good page that describes in detail how to do it:


yums Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 1:41pm
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Thats not how I make it. I split the bean lengthwise and I don't age for 6 months- I start using after 2 if needed.

fruitsnack Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 2:11pm
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Yeah, I think it says in there somewhere that you can start using it after 4 weeks, but it continues to mature for 6 months. I started using mine after about 6 or 8 weeks, and it was very good.

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