How Much Are Cake Pops/balls?

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Writecakes Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 3:00am
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I'm not selling, but have had several people ask what it would cost for cake pops (wrapped in cellophane tied with ribbon) Just curious what those of you who sell charge and if it's by the dozen and how you package them, etc? Thanks icon_smile.gif

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adventuregal Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 3:28am
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I started selling them for 1.25, but now sell them for 1.50 icon_smile.gif I don't know if I'll be going up in price again because 1.50 seems to be where people are comfortable (price wise). For holiday festivals I usually make a few hundred of different flavors and package them all in bouquets. thumbs_up.gif

blissfulbaker Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 3:52am
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Cake balls on a stick with a cello bag and curling ribbons are $2 each. I just did turkeys and they are $4 each, a lot more work. Must order at least a dozen. I do give discounts if over 50 or more are ordered.

HeyWife Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 4:00am
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I start at $1.50 for basic pops and go up according to how much work/detail.

motherofgrace Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 4:24am
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at the market I sell them for $1 each plain.

Custom orders start at $1.50 each with a dzn minimum

snowshoe1 Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 2:11pm
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Ours start at $20 per dozen; special decorations and packaging is extra (example: if they want two to a package with a bow, we add on 50 cents). Takes me forever to ty a bow icon_biggrin.gif and we learned our lesson when we had to package a few hundred of them and didn't charge extra.

Writecakes Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 2:31pm
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Wow, I'm glad to hear that. I think people don't realize how much work they are. I have had people offer a lot less for them. I did see them individually wrapped at Meijer (of all places) yesterday and they will selling for $1.99 each. Of course, they probably aren't as good as the homemade variety. icon_smile.gif
Thanks so much for all of your input. icon_smile.gif

SPCC Posted 21 Nov 2010 , 2:54pm
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Originally Posted by snowshoe1

Ours start at $20 per dozen; special decorations and packaging is extra (example: if they want two to a package with a bow, we add on 50 cents). Takes me forever to ty a bow icon_biggrin.gif and we learned our lesson when we had to package a few hundred of them and didn't charge extra.

Bows do take forever. I just did 140 for a wedding and bought black twist ties and folded the ends like a bow. The picture is in my photos.

SweetTreatstoEat Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 5:19pm
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Wow!! I am glad that I am checking all this out, I have orders for Cake Pops and had no idea what to price for them either, Thanks alot for all the imput!!

kellyhoffer Posted 20 May 2011 , 3:22pm
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I just had someone ask me this morning to make them for them. One cake batch can get about 35-40 good size pops. Well when I told her $65 she said that was too much money. Starbucks sells on for $1.50 and they mass produce with a machine i am sure. I told her that I have to buy the bags, ties, pop sticks, cake, icing, and then the chocolate. The chocolate I use is $5.00 a bag and is great tasting and requires no tempering which I love. I am all about taste. Sometimes I wonder what people think about how we make stuff. I just don't take 45 min and whip it up, it is a process! Especially doing it alone it takes me a while to dip them and the get them sprinkled and packaged. It is a lot of work. It can take 2-3 hours a batch. It is about 30-35$ in supplies depending on the sprinkles and decorations you use. Then there is the 2-3 hours of time. I charge for the supplies and then $10.00 an hour and that is how I came up with $65.00. For 35 pops that would be $1.85 for 40 of them if you get that many is $1.65. I have gotten 45 one time. These are my pops intermingled with chocolate covered peeps for my kids easter basket because I had left over chocolate icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

scp1127 Posted 20 May 2011 , 4:47pm
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kellyhoffer, either the person did not want to part with that much money (could afford them, just wasn't interested at that price), or she could not afford them. Neither is your fault. Starbucks does charge that price, but not every community can afford a Starbucks. If you have taken that into consideration, then your price sounds right... maybe even a little too low for any area if you are using real chocolate.

kellyhoffer Posted 20 May 2011 , 11:45pm
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scp1127. Thanks, I appreciate that. The person could afford it, they have bought cakes from me before. I think that they believe that little cake pops don't require that much effort to make. There are more supplies needed other than cake and icing to make them and wrap them all. I was even thinking that my price was a little low but okay. If you want something of quality you have to pay. Happy baking in MD and WVA. I am from MD and parents moved to WVA not to long ago. Are you on the border?

scp1127 Posted 21 May 2011 , 7:09am
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Yes. Hagerstown and Martinsburg. Our other home is on Kent Island in MD (across the Bay Bridge on the Eastern Shore). Where are you?

I haven't started selling them yet, but I think it is going to be interesting trying to market real chocolate because that is a significant ingredient cost. I've seen them on the internet with Belgian chocolate for $5.00 each. That's not going to happen.

SHYLERScakes Posted 21 May 2011 , 8:12am
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I charge $15 for one dozen (minimum order) plain with sprinkles... they want the "fancy stuff," $20-$25 a dozen. They want them sticking out of a cute little bucket with ribbons, blah blah blah...$30-$35 a dozen...they either pay or they don't (where I'm located, I have two completely different sets of customers...the "box store" type, and the million dollar vacation home owner...nice balance...

kellyhoffer Posted 21 May 2011 , 11:17am
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scp1127, I am originally from Poolesville MD. My mom and dad moved to Kearneysville WVA right out of shepardstown.

I think if people want them they will pay for them but 1.50$-2.00 is a good price. My Chocolate I get from the store is $5 a bag. It takes about 1 bag to do 35 pops.

scp1127 Posted 21 May 2011 , 10:52pm
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Can't get much closer than that. Shepherdstown is so pretty.

BiancaA Posted 20 Oct 2013 , 9:07pm
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I Charge $24 a Dozen ($2 Ea) For Simple Round Cake Pops (Sprinkle or Drizzle/Swirl Design) and $30 a Dozen ($2.50 Ea) For More Complicated/Character Cake Pops. Making Cake Pops Are Veryyy Time Consuming and Costly. You Have to Consider The Chocolate, Cake Mix/Ingredients, Sprinkles, Sticks, Bags, Ribbon and Display (I Usually Do a 3 Tier Styrofoam Display.) If You Want You Can Also Charge a $15 Material Fee. If Someone Orders a Dozen Simple Cake Pops ($24) and I Spend $15 on Material I Would Technically Only Make $9. Don't Cheat Yourself. Happy Baking :)

Kbadtz2 Posted 2 Nov 2013 , 12:35am
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Hi! I just started to sell cupcakes and am now starting with cake pops... I found this conversation and adored your comment... I would like to ask, though... How big should they be if for sale? Is quarter sized ok, or should I go bigger? Right now, I only used enough batter that would´ve made 6 cupcakes, and had 18 quarter sized balls come out.. Are those too many? Just right? Thanks in advance! ;)

bsusan Posted 8 Feb 2014 , 4:21pm
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I would like to know what type of chocolate you use, I also pay about five dollars a bag but it does not dip as many as you stated or I may be dipping them to thick? I made them last night for the first time.

komalali Posted 4 Apr 2014 , 8:36pm
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ASomeone asking for wraped and ribbon cakepops 450 ..light purple and silver theme , how much should I charge? $2 ?

AZCouture Posted 4 Apr 2014 , 8:51pm
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Originally Posted by komalali 

Someone asking for wraped and ribbon cakepops 450 ..light purple and silver theme , how much should I charge? $2 ?

What do you normally charge?

komalali Posted 4 Apr 2014 , 8:53pm
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AI have done cake pops once $2 ..But never done this much ..

MimiFix Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 12:55am
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After this order you may never want to do them again.

komalali Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 1:31am
post #24 of 26 true, it's so big order thats y in thinking $2 seems less, it will be time consuming and lot of work

AZCouture Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 2:27am
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Original message sent by MimiFix

After this order you may never want to do them again.

I know enough about them to NEVER do it that first time! My son and I have made the little box mix kit a couple if times, and it was not super fun...nevermind the horrible smell from whatever those ingredients are. :D

komalali Posted 5 Apr 2014 , 2:32am
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AMy kids make mess out of everything, so I try doing when they are asleep ... else it takes me double time with them around

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