Ganash Did Not Set Up...

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The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 17 Nov 2010 , 12:03am
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Hi! I tried Chocolate Ganash for the first time last night. I made my husband and I a little cake. I used the recipe Sharon Zambito gives in her Topsy Turvy DVD. One part heavy whipping cream to two parts semi-sweet chocolate chips, then I let it sit for 12 hours, but it was still soft-ish. Isn't it supposed to be a bit hard? Okay maybe I ended up eating some of the chocolate chips, lol, probably no more than 1/4 cup though. That's probably it isn't it? icon_biggrin.gif

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The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 17 Nov 2010 , 12:23am
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Okay, I'm a dork, I spelled Ganache wrong too, lol.

glow0369 Posted 17 Nov 2010 , 12:28am
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What I have learned about ganach is that is all about the ratio of chocolate to cream.. Did you try beating it with a mixer. I have done that to thicken..

glow0369 Posted 17 Nov 2010 , 12:29am
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oooops forgot the e..........

mom2twogrlz Posted 17 Nov 2010 , 12:30am
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It's hard to stay out of those chocolate chips isn't it!!!! If you really at that much I would say that is the problem. I have read on several treads that the ratio is pretty particular for a good ganache. Most recommend weighing instead of measuring for a more accurate amount. When mine didn't set up as well as I wanted it, I just put it back over some heat and added more chocolate chips to fix the ratio. It fixed it right up. Rylan, who used ganache for his beautiful works of art suggested it. HTH

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 17 Nov 2010 , 1:06am
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Gosh, we're all having spelling issue tonight, lol! It's been a long day! Thanks so much for the help everyone! I'll definately try more chocolate chips next time (and try not to eat them, lol)! icon_smile.gif

sugarshack Posted 18 Nov 2010 , 3:12am
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what brand of chips did you use? i have found as of late that the nestle chips do not always harden as well as the block choc.

sugarshack Posted 18 Nov 2010 , 3:13am
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AND please do not be offended, but math errors in calculating the ratio is very frequent, including myself.

You would use 48 ounces of choc by weight and 24 ounces ( 3 cups) of cream by volume.

The_Sugar_Fairy Posted 18 Nov 2010 , 7:18pm
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I did use Nestle chips acutally! I'm pretty sure I did get the ratio right though (with the exception of the ones I ate, lol). So next time I try it, I'll try the block chocolate instead and tape my mouth shut. Thanks everyone! icon_biggrin.gif

sugarshack Posted 18 Nov 2010 , 7:24pm
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it also may take longer than 12 hours in some cases......

planetsomsom Posted 22 Nov 2010 , 7:44pm
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working temperature is also a big deal I've heard. We were told never to stir ganache while it's heating up on the stove but only after it's melted, and it should be body temperature when poured. It doesn't set up everytime for me icon_sad.gif but I figure glossiness is more important anyway.

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