Can We Talk Store Bought Cakes?

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sweetmonkeycheese Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 12:15pm
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I was reading some posts and found that most ppl will put down a store bought cake and I was just wondering if y'all had a store bought cake y'all liked? (chain grocery store type)

I am in the south east (I know grocery stores are often regional) and growing up prized cakes were from Publix and still to this day just about anyone I know LOVES a publix's cake. They make my favorite butter cream frosting (and you can buy just the frosting from them, that can get me into some serious trouble, I can eat it as if it was a bowl of icecream!)

They make simple cakes all the way to wedding cakes and the do custom cakes (not sure how custome you'll get on flavors)

I do not like any other grocery store cake, but I have had some very yummy private bakery cakes! Publix cakes are not cheap, but they are not as pricey as a private bakery.

I wonder if real bakers in my region hate Publix cakes, in y'all's region is there any store type cakes you do like?

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sweetmonkeycheese Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 4:05pm
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I hope I did not offend anyone, I thought I would at least get some .. ohh all store cakes suck, or I use to work at store xyz and our cakes were pretty good ... ect.

Maria925 Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 4:20pm
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I LOVE Publix cakes! I'm in Florida too. I make Indydebi's BC recipe because it reminds me of their frosting. Some of their dessert cakes, like the chocolate one with the strawberries are wonderful! I'm a scratch baker and there are a number of bakeries around here I've tried & I don't care for their "mix-based" cakes (just my personal taste buds...not a criticism) but there is something about the cakes from Publix icon_smile.gif

silverdragon997 Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:06pm
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I was just recently reading some of the posts about crazy customers who complain about prices and then say they can get a grocery store cake for cheaper. I was at my local grocery store here in LA and decided to buy a piece of cake to try it, since it's been forever since I've had a cake from a grocery store type place. I got a piece of red velvet cake, for $1.99. The cake itself was alright, but the cream cheese frosting was nasty. Had that from a can chemical aftertaste to it. Yuck!

Chasey Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:18pm
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I honestly haven't had a grocery store cake that I really liked. I mean they are edible, but definitely fall into the premade/chemical/preservative taste spectrum.

The best (relatively speaking icon_biggrin.gif ) chain type of cake I had I think it was from Costco's bakery. The cake and the icing were not overly sweet which was a big change from the thick and sugary crisco icing I usually taste.

I don't visit any bakeries. I'm not sure if I'm missing out or not! icon_lol.gif

caferock05 Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:24pm
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I would have to agree with Chasey on her comment regarding Costco Cakes. I think those are the best chain cakes I have had.

The only other cakes I will also buy when I am feeling too lazy to bake are the checkerboard cakes or Strawberry Shortcakes from Jewel. (I think because they use whipped cream instead of buttercream. I too don't like that sugary crisco icing.)

daltonam Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:30pm
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I WAS TOLD PUBLIX CHARGES $4.00 a serving for (I'm guessing) wedding cakes........I don't get that here in North FL. Also a friend orders from me & couldn't b/c of where the venue was, so she got Publix....$70.00 for custom style cake of theirs. She in turn told her hubby I wasn't expensive, LOL!!!

To answer your question..I just had cake from Sam's club at a party, it was very very moist (not super great in flavor, but hey moist is a step up from some places). If I have someone wanting a cake from me & my price is not in their budget (ie graduation cake for 100 & budget is $100.) I tell them Sam's is the best choice for the $$$. I believe that Publix is a little more creative, but I'm not much higher than Publix's really, so why send them there. If I was out of my kitchen & HAD to have a cake, Publix would be the first chain store choice.

kger Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:41pm
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Wegman's cakes are very popular in Northern VA.

klangl Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:46pm
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I live in Arkansas, If I had to eat grocery store cake I would say "Price Cutter" or "HARPS" would be the best one. I actually tell people if I cannot do their cakes, to use "HARPS".

3GCakes Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:48pm
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I can't say I've had any actual cake that I like from the grocery stores around. I mean, they aren't deadly or anything, just all the same bland blah nothing special cake.

And I don't like the buttercreams--especially when they dye them within an Nth of their everlasting shelf lives....

But.... I LOVE grocery store whipped icing! Be it bettercream, trans-fat- terrific-whippy-whatever they use, it makes any grocery cake not only better, but downright tolerable. icon_biggrin.gif

adamsgama Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:49pm
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My favorite chain store cake is from Costco, the carrot cake. Cake super moist, flavorful and wish I could make thier icing.
This is here in Canada. Not sure if you have the same supplyer in the States..
Also many good private bakeries, but high end prices.


Eva2 Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 6:54pm
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Big Y with whipped cream for the icing (in ct). I make all the cakes for my family so when it's time for my cake, no one knows how to bake. My Daughter gets my cake at Big Y and its really good.

sweetmonkeycheese Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 9:00pm
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ohh I never had a Costco cake, they have them around here, but I don't have a membership, good to know s if I am at a part and someone as a costco cake I dont have to snub my nose at it.

tigachu Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 9:12pm
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Originally Posted by kger

Wegman's cakes are very popular in Northern VA.

I second kger!! I am a die-hard scratch baker but I have a weakness for Wegmans cakes. They are moist, fluffy, and the icing doesn't have a chemical taste. The icing reminds me of buttercream and whipped cream, if that makes sense.

cakeythings1961 Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 9:18pm
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I don't know what it tasted like, but the last time I was at Meijer (a super store chain in the Midwest) there was a beautifully decorated cake right in the midst of the all the Disney kit birthday cakes. It had lovely little marigolds, mums, a lovely sunflower, and a perfectly executed snail trail border. I was amazed!!!!

I asked the bakery clerk where that particular cake came from.....she said it was done by one of the cake decorators who was allowed by "the boss" to decorate one, just one, cake of her choice each morning, as long as it didn't interfere with her quota of standard grocery store cakes. The clerk said if I liked it, I'd better buy it right away, because it wouldn't last long!!!

Mary050175 Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 10:51pm
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I'm in FL as well and Publix has always been the place to go for cakes. Publix takes a lot of pride in all the products that they sell and that makes a huge difference. I remember when I worked for them in the mid 90's they still made their cakes in the store. I don't think they do that anymore but Lakeland is only about 3 or 4 hours from where I live in DeLand. If they are producing the cakes there now it would still make for a fresh cake.
I worked for Walmart for a while in the Deli where it is butted up against the bakery and their cakes are all frozen and taste nasty.
Publix is the only chain that I know of that has kept with the vision of the founder and not changed everything over the years.
My favorite cake of theirs is the refrigerator cheesecake. It's a layer cheesecake sandwiched between chocolate cake with a thick layer of chocolate fudge icing on it.

sweetmonkeycheese Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 12:05pm
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Originally Posted by Mary050175

My favorite cake of theirs is the refrigerator cheesecake. It's a layer cheesecake sandwiched between chocolate cake with a thick layer of chocolate fudge icing on it.

ohh I am gonna have to be on the look out for that bad boy!!!!

adventuregal Posted 22 Oct 2010 , 3:13pm
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I don't know if Top Foods is just a Washington State grocery, but their cakes are the best in my area. We have a few bakeries and a number of grocers, but Top Foods is the only place I'll go if I want dessert and don't want to do it myself icon_biggrin.gif This is also the place my mom got all of my bday cakes as I was growing up. I've noticed at alot of other grocery stores their cakes are shipped in from other places even if they have a bakery. Peculiar. My favorite cheese cake is from a place called Chuckanut Farms I believe, but they are sold at Top Foods

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