Urgent: How Do I Swirl Together Two Colors Of Buttercream?

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catlharper Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 6:43pm
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I keep trying to figure out in my head how to load both white and yellow buttercream into one piping bag for cupcakes but it's not coming together for me. I need it today for my son's school bake sale. Anyone help?
thanx SOOO much!


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diane223 Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 6:52pm
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I just take a spoon and put the white on one side of the bag, then flip the bag over (laying on the work surface) and take another spoon and put the yellow on the other side. Once you close the bag, give it a few test squirts to make everything move down and you'll get the desired effect.

susieqhomemaker Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 6:58pm
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I do what diane said, too. Actually did it with 3 colors, just last night. icon_smile.gif

Lyndseyb52 Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 7:00pm
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You can just use a bigger piping bag and try and load each colour onto each side of the bag. Or you can lay each of your buttercream colours onto clingfilm (saran wrap) and roll into loose saugage shapes. Then slide both into your piping bag but not right to the bottom, when you start to squeeze you should get both colours.

Hope that makes sense!!

Lyndsey xx

jewels710 Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 7:04pm
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Fill one piping bag with white frosting and another with yellow frosting.
Cut off the ends of each bag just a lil (no actual tip on those bags though).
Place both bags into another bag that does have the tip you need.
Works great!

catlharper Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 7:12pm
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thank you thank you thank you! I KNEW you guys would be able to help!


diane223 Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 7:12pm
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Great tip Jewels! I was just about to write that I have seen bags with a wall in the inside for doing this, but I like your idea much better!

ninatat Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 7:13pm
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hmm i don't have any luck with this either, i've tried a strip of color down one side of the bag, and two colors in one bag to messy, i'm going to try the double bag again

CWR41 Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 8:58pm
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There's a "sticky" on the top of this forum, and in the Cake Decorating forum for icing plugs:

(you can use the same concept for two colors with two plugs.)

catlharper Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 9:06pm
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I used two small bags, one white, one yellow, and squeezed both little bags into a large bag that had the tip on it. Then after those two bags were empty I removed them, squeezed the icing in the large bag into the tip and piped a little bit and it worked beautifully! I'll post photos in a bit!

Thank you all very much!


Annie8 Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 9:07pm
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I do what Jewels said and put a color in one bag, a colon in another bag, and put both bags into a bigger bag with the tip at the bottom. Works great!

catlharper Posted 14 Oct 2010 , 10:48pm
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Ok, I just uploaded the photo into my album..couldn't get it to attach here! It's the yellow and white cupcake! Thank you all again!


ninatat Posted 17 Oct 2010 , 12:07am
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Hi i can get what you did on your yellow cupcakes, but what i want is where you see just the tip of the swirl colored, i've seen it on u-tube but they had a stripe of color in the bag, didn't work for me any suggestions, thanks

ninatat Posted 29 Oct 2010 , 8:50pm
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hi again does anyone know how to just get color on the tip if the swirl thanks

dianne65 Posted 29 Oct 2010 , 9:11pm
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When you say tip of the swirl are you meaning on the ridges? For that you "paint" all around the bag either with frosting or food coloring leaving the center open then fill the center with the other color.

ninatat Posted 24 Dec 2010 , 5:20am
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oh ok thanks so much

ninatat Posted 16 Jan 2011 , 4:28am
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hi i've tried again, the two bags, stripe down the side that was a disaster, and putting colored frosting around the inside of the bag, nothing works, any more ideas thank you

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