Can Someone Please Help With My First Delivery Questions...

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grossoutqueen Posted 8 Oct 2010 , 3:13am
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I have my first wedding cake delivery in 3 weeks. Naturally I am getting nervous and have some questions...

First of all, the reception is being held at 6:15pm. I have in my contract that I will deliver the cake up to 2 hours in advance. I am guessing I call the reception place in advance? How far in advance should I call and what do I ask? I am guessing I need to find out how far in advance I am able to deliver the cake. An idea of your usual conversation when you call a place like this would be totally helpful.

Also, I am going to ask the bride if she has anything she is planning on decorating the table with. She has not mentioned anything to me so is this something I should just assume to do or is it up to the bride?

She also has a topper for me but lives an hour away so said she would leave it at the reception for me to put on when I deliver. Have any of you ever done this before?

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illustreeous Posted 8 Oct 2010 , 3:34am
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as far as calling the venue, I usually have their planners or brides call the venue & let them know what time I will be arriving. Also mention you'll need them to specify the entrance & parking to ensure you wont be walking with their wedding cake across that parking lot!

the table? they should decorate the table or have specific requests regarding that. If they have not mentioned it your more than welcome to offer if your up to it

the topper? thats tricky depending on the design. Have a take pictures of the topper from top to bottom if you cannot physically see it till the day of.

indydebi Posted 8 Oct 2010 , 3:50am
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If it's a venue I'd never been to before, I would call the venue 2-3 days before the event and introduce myself. I would tell them (not ask them) what time I planned to deliver AND THEN would ask them "does that work within your schedule ok?" and ALSO confirm the table would be set up and ready for the cake.

I would ask if there was a specific door they preferred I enter; do they need a copy of my health dept license; do they need my insurance agent to fax them a certificate of liability insurance.

If I had any equipment that needed returned, I would explain that I usually work out with the bride that I would pick up the equipment and then ask if they were willing to hold the equipment until Monday, when I would come and get it? (they were usually a-ok with this). If there was no equipment, I would assure them that nothing needed returned (which they LUV hearing!)

Definitely ask the bride to email you a photo and dimensions if it's a large topper. explain thta you need to know if the cake needs "engineered" to support any topper that is heavy or doesnt' balance well. (I learned the hard way on one like this one: )

grossoutqueen Posted 8 Oct 2010 , 1:46pm
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Perfect posts guys. Huge help!

I've already gotten photos and dimensions of the topper so that is taken care of.

Thanks again and any other posts of how you handle this aspect of the process would always be appreciatedicon_smile.gif

loriemoms Posted 9 Oct 2010 , 5:13pm
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I always call all my vendus the monday/tuesday before the wedding (even if I have worked with them before) It kind of helps build a relationship too with them. Many of them will have events before the wedding and they need to turn the room over, and some will tell me come anytime. But I always give them an hour range (2-3 4:30-5:30, etc) to allow for traffic or problems with a previous delivery, and give them my cell phone number.

As far as cake toppers, Unless there is just NO way you can get the cake topper ahead of time, i always ask for it ahead of time. Cake toppers to me arent just things you stick on a cake, they are part of the design of the cake. Sometimes I want to see if I need to add support. But the main reason is so many brides give it a person at the venue and that person doesnt show up for the wedding till an hour before, and guess what, the cake topper is locked in their office! So do double check it will be available, and get the name of the person the bride is giving it to.

Putting items on the table, unless they are sitting their boxed up (cutting sets and such) are usually done by the venues. But sometimes I will arrive, and they will have something in a box for me to take out and I will do that setup for theem...

Good luck!!!!! and have a great delivery!

loriemoms Posted 9 Oct 2010 , 5:18pm
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Originally Posted by indydebi

I would ask if there was a specific door they preferred I enter; do they need a copy of my health dept license; do they need my insurance agent to fax them a certificate of liability insurance.

Oh yes, I agree, ask if they have a special entrance...I use one venue that is a large office building with their restaurant on the top floor..the building has tight security on the weekends and you have to be on a list and all kinds of fun things to get into the building on a weekend!

The insurance thing is getting very big here....a lot of the hotel chains are now only allowing insured bakers in and they will keep your insurance info on file. I love it, it allows just the legit bakeries in...also, they are asking for this from DJs and Photographers too!! I have had some smaller venues now calling me asking me..your insurance agent just faxes over a form they have for this and you are done!

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