Satin Ice Versus Fondarific

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LeeBD Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 4:31pm
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I was making my own MMF when I first started out, but the busier I got it was just easier to order fondant. I began using Satin Ice/Vanilla because I found it tasted most like homemade MMF. Now I am considering switching over to Buttercream flavored fondant. I have tasted Fondarific and like it very much. I would like to know from anyone who has used both Fondarific and Satin Ice BC how they compare, taste wise and workability wise.

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TrixieTreats Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 4:50pm
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I prefer Fondarific overall. Fondarific performs very well and stays pliable on the cake for a long period of time similar to MMF, which I think is a huge plus. I don't like Satin Ice because I feel like it is temperamental and dries out extensively while working with it and on the cake, and also seems to be more affected by humidity and heat than other fondants. The only thing negative (if you can call it negative) I have to say is that the unlimited work time with Fondarific is a double edged sword. Because you have the unlimited work time, it tends to stay very soft much longer than you would think, so when doing fondant cutouts, or strips, or applique, you have to be mindful not to stretch it or indent it when handling. Other than that, Fondarific is in my opinion the most similar to MMF and the best tasting and performing store bought fondant available.

weirkd Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 5:08pm
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I normally only use Satin Ice but lately have noticed it hasnt been up to par! Its been making what I call moon craters even after kneading it and then drying out in spots and getting elephant skin. Its just not the same recipe as they had before. So I have decided to stop using it because it was costing me too much money to have to keep redoing tiers because of all the problems. I was literally running to the store and buying Wilton because I was going threw what I had left to try to make them look presentable! And Ive worked with it now for about 5 years so I can definetly see the change in the product.
I like the taste of the Fondarific but its kind of expensive. A friend of mine turned me on to Fondx which works really well and is not too expensive. I have also seen a big change in the taste of the Wilton. It doesnt taste as bad as it used to and it still has great workabliity (if thats even a word!!).

cheriej Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 5:14pm
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I've used Satin Ice and Fondarrific. I can only say that I had a horrible time with Fondarrific - it was way too soft and I was trying to do an impression mat with it. I would only use it for accent pieces and people do like the way it tastes.

I've never had a problem with Satin Ice and I really like the new buttercream flavor.

jagvipers Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 5:18pm
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I usually just make my own MMF too, but just bought some Satin Ice chocolate AND Fondariffic chocolate - someone here told me she mixes the two together, so that is what I'm attempting on a cake for a party Friday!

Karen421 Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 5:32pm
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Fondarific was my favorite and it tastes really good! The problem is that it tends to melt in high temps, so I switched to Fondx. I don't think I will be going back to Fondarific, especially now that they are making Fondx in colors. I got to taste the Fondx orange and it was really good!!

weirkd Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 5:44pm
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And here is the friend that turned me onto it!! lol Hi Karen!!

Karen421 Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 5:55pm
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LOL Now that is funny I just emailed you!!!!!

susgene Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 6:10pm
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I like both satin ice and fondarific... I have been mixing the two together lately because the end product is better than either of them on their own. Doesn't crack and holds its shape well. I even like the taste better. The best of all worlds...

aligotmatt Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 6:10pm
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The location in which you use the fondant makes a huge difference. We live at the beach where humidity is an always, so Satin Ice doesn't get as much elephant skin or have much difficulty. Then we made a cake in Denver with Satin Ice and it was not a good experience. The altitude and humidity changed working with it dramatically.

I recently started using Massa Grischuna from Albert Uster and I will not go back. It's more expensive and worth every penny.

KTB4 Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 8:44pm
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Originally Posted by susgene

I like both and fondarific... I have been mixing the two together lately because the end product is better than either of them on their own. Doesn't crack and holds its shape well. I even like the taste better. The best of all worlds...

This is what I do too. I prefer FOndarific for flavour and workability but it's more expensive. Satin Ice is a lot cheaper so by mixing them it goes a lot farther. I do however use staright Satin Ice for decorations sicne the Fondarific is often too soft and stretches all to bits.

msulli10 Posted 6 Oct 2010 , 8:54pm
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Fondarific is way too soft for me. I like Satin ice and I often mix it with Wilton fondant.

melissad Posted 7 Oct 2010 , 12:04am
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Funny you ask this because I've worked with both in the past 2 weeks. I had used Satin Ice before with no problem, so I invested in a 20 lb bucket, but had a horrible time with it. Lots of cracking, andeven after multiple attempts to cover the cakes still ended up with elephant skin issues.

Then, I won some Fondarific as a contest prize, played with it a little and found it rather soft. So I searched the forums here for tips, and decided to try 50/50 Satin Ice/Fondarific, and it worked great! Flexible enough to work with easily, but it still set up some due to the Satin Ice.

I may still try Fondx next time I need more, but for now this is working and allows me to use the rest of the Satin Ice without complete frustration. Although I already wasted way too much that first night! icon_mad.gif

sweettreat101 Posted 7 Oct 2010 , 10:44am
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I prefer Fondarific. Satin Ice dried out to quickly and was a pain to work with. I ordered Fondarific for my cousins wedding cake and it worked wonderfully. I used the chocolate so I don't know if that makes a difference I didn't have a problem with it being to soft I actually had to microwave it several times. I also used it to make an oak bark mold and it turned out great. You can knead in a little Tylose if you are using it for molds. I contacted Fondarific because the wedding was outdoors and they told me that it would hold up to 125 degrees has a shelf life of six months and can be frozen up to one year. Try ordering the sample bucket for 6.00 includes shipping. This way you can get several flavors to taste and test them out. This is what I did before placing a large order. If you order the sample you have to get it from Fondarific if you decide to place an order for a large bucket do a search online. There is an online cake store in Florida that sells it for less than the actual company. I'd post the site but when I do CC blocks it.

CakeInfatuation Posted 7 Oct 2010 , 11:52am
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I used Satin Ice for a while. Then I was having problems with it so swapped over to Fondx. I LOVE it! I use Duff's Black that I pick up at Michael's. I think it is Fondarific. Stays really soft and is great to work with. I generally mix it with Fondx when I need it to go farther. Whenever I need black, that's what I use.

I've found that the Fondarific doesn't work too well for figures and things because the Tylose doesn't seem to affect it at all! Even adding gum paste to it doesn't seem help it dry out.

So... anyway.. Fondx is the most like the Satin Ice. It tastes really good and performs about the same but with a very smooth and clean finish.

I know of two other decorators in my area that also switched from Satin Ice to Fondx.

ALR1955 Posted 7 Oct 2010 , 12:16pm
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I have used both and definately prefer Fondarific. I love the taste and it is easy to use!

cakesbycathy Posted 7 Oct 2010 , 1:04pm
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I stopped using Satin Ice over all the problems I had with it. I use Fondx now and really like it.

neelycharmed Posted 7 Oct 2010 , 1:22pm
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fondx and fondx elite is what I use, and I love it!
It's much better then satin ice.
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