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fneiling Posted 3 Oct 2010 , 2:33pm
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I am working with modeling chocolate for the first time. I made the recipe I found here on CC. I have successfully started a shoe from one of the templates I found here. Now I'm wondering how long it will take for the chocolate to harden? Can I put it in the refridgerator to speed up the process? Or will it become semi-soft again once it's back to room temperature. Thanks for any information you can give me on modeling chocolate.

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ibmoser Posted 3 Oct 2010 , 3:37pm
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Chocolate clay firmness is temperature-driven if the clay is properly made. It does not "dry out" like sugar pastes when it hardens - it just cools. Putting it in the fridge for a bit will firm it up - just don't leave it long enough for condensation to be a problem. It is not the best medium to use in very hot environments but is usually quite stable in "normal" room temperatures once cool. The heat of your hands will soften it as you work, so those with hot hands will need to allow it to rest and cool more frequently.

fneiling Posted 3 Oct 2010 , 3:58pm
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So are you saying that the chocolate never hardens? Can I mix something with it like gumpaste or mix in some gumtex so that it will harden more? I can't really add any embelishments in the state it is now becuase althought it's holding the shape of a shoe it's still too soft to put anything on it (like a bow or a ribbon on the toe). I thought I had see people paint on modeling chocolate and therefore I thought it must harden as it dries...

ibmoser Posted 3 Oct 2010 , 6:59pm
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Didn't mean to confuse you. Chocolate clay does harden very nicely in normal room temperatures - it is just not a good choice for an outdoor wedding in 98° heat LOL. I have read of people using tylose in chocolate clay to stiffen it, but I have never tried it and really don't see any need. I'd just switch to gum paste in a situation where the clay wouldn't work. I have made high heel shoes from chocolate clay that I kept for over two years - nice and firm, with a small bow from the same material. It just needs to be kept at a reasonable temperature. Yours should cool and be solid. If not, it may have too much corn syrup, it may have gotten too hot during the melting process, or you may have stirred it too much when you combined the chocolate and the corn syrup. I have had chocolate clay take several hours to solidify on warmer days, so don't despair yet.

fneiling Posted 3 Oct 2010 , 11:02pm
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Thanks so much for the tips. I think I must have done something wrong because it's been 24 hours (in a 72 degree house) and it's still pretty soft. It is holding it's shape it's just not as solid as I was expecting it to be. Luckily I have another week before I need it so I have plenty of time to keep practicing and if it gets down to the wire I'll just make it out of gumpaste.

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