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2txmedics Posted 2 Oct 2010 , 6:41am
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Ok, so I made a major mistake...I have made my batter, and poured it into the bear pan, was only 1/2 way so I made another batch...and according to the directions, it says IT SHOULD COME TO THE BRIM OF THE PAN...ahhh, doesnt this thing rise at all??? Do I make a 3 box of DH, and finish it off??

I still need to fill the core also...HELP!!!!

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brincess_b Posted 2 Oct 2010 , 7:12am
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Is it the Wilton one? That's what I used, it says on their web site that it take 7?8? Cups of batter, not to fill it to the top.
I used that many cups and my bear didn't have proper feet... So I think it's trial and error anyway.
I'd not fill it to the top tho, maybe an inch-inch and a half below?

2txmedics Posted 2 Oct 2010 , 7:25am
post #3 of 5, I sat here and thought and thought icon_confused.gif ...and its 230am...Im beat and its been along day, not to mention IVE NEVER DONE A BEAR PAN at ALL!!! So Ive never had to make a Dense cake either.

So nobody replied fast enough, and I filled it to the TOP!!! icon_redface.gif so I still had batter left over since I did yet ANOTHER BOX... icon_redface.gif

and I decided to do a 1/2 ball also to go with this cake...I open the oven and lo and behold icon_surprised.gif Its running over!!! My Bear is just oozing out and over icon_eek.gif , Ok so tomm...part of the Duty is CLEAN THE OVEN... thumbsdown.gificon_redface.gif

And this is how we Learn.... icon_cry.gif
Thanks for replying though...

2txmedics Posted 2 Oct 2010 , 8:00am
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Ok, so as we all know I messed up big time, and filled the bear pan all the way up, and as you guess, ....I have batter seeping out and over my bear and onto my oven, which is major clean up tomm.

NOW...its says to bake for 55-66mins...BUT...Im still seeping!!! So since Ive done everything else wrong tonight, is it possible that my cake is too dense...thus not cooking? or too something...??? Im lost now.

I guess Im trying to figure out if, its cooked inside the pan if its still seeping on top?? I dont know anymore...its JUST A CAKE...I can do this... lol

3am, and I want to be up by no later than 8am to finish this cake.

brincess_b Posted 2 Oct 2010 , 11:09am
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might be time to ditch the bear pan and just use bowls to bake it, have it as a more cuddly bear.

im pretty sure the bear took way longer than that to bake when i did it. its an odd shape to bake evenly, chances are the head will turn out drier than the bum anyway. when its cooked it will meet all the standard tests - skewer comes out clean (or crumbs, no batter), sponge bounces back to the touch, smells done.

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