Sugarbloom Tall Cupcake Tutorial - Does Anyone Have It....

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sillymoo84 Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 4:30pm
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the website is shut down, and I wanted to download her tutorial..
would someone be able to pm this to me???????


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Bluehue Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 4:48pm
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pm'ing you now.

Bluehue. icon_smile.gif

sillymoo84 Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 4:55pm
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OMG! thank you so much!! My hero for the day!!!

online_annie Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:18pm
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I wasn't understanding why I could no longer access it either. I've followed her blog for a over a year and can't seem to access her page anymore. I would love to be PM'd the tutorial as well. Many thanks!

7yyrt Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:24pm
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She's changed her settings to
'This blog is open to invited readers only.'
That means you can ask to look and she can either let you in or say no.

Perhaps she's had problems with spammers, there has been a lot of that lately.

Bluehue Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:25pm
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Sadly i remember reading something about her being spoken to rather harshly some time ago - and one or two people were trolling her - as dreadful as that word is - but its the only word i can think of to use - sorry - i think she finally had enough and i think that made her close ranks to many... icon_sad.gif

will pm you in a minnie.


bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:28pm
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Who is she? I mean I'm not familiar with this blog.

Bluehue Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:38pm
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BWB's - get out !!! - you have never heard of Sugarbloom? - icon_surprised.gif

Here you go - a link showing some of her beautiful work.

Magical is how i describe her work.


bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:48pm
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Dang, that's some great work!!! I don't know how I missed it!!! icon_rolleyes.gif

Babs1964 Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:53pm
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What do you mean by tall cupcake?

Bluehue Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:55pm
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Somethings are just worth waiting to see - icon_wink.gificon_lol.gif
Today will be all the more better for you now that you can flick through her photo stream. thumbs_up.gificon_smile.gif

Its sad tht she has *closed ranks* to the world - as she had so much help and new ideas to share - but then someone did the dirty on her and spoilt it for all - typical isn't it - one tries to do the right thing and gets trod on tapedshut.gif


bakencake Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 5:59pm
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wow!!!!!!!!!! she is amazing!!! I too have never heard of her. it's too bad that people do stuff like they did to her icon_sad.gif . so, she has a blog? can you discuss this more? is it under her name? Info please Im so impressed by her work

imagenthatnj Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 6:00pm
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Babs1964, this kind of tall cupcake:

It can be done easily with rings of cake with the middle cutout and a filling inserted.

You can even use these to cut tall rings of cakes:

Bluehue Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 6:05pm
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Originally Posted by Babs1964

What do you mean by tall cupcake?

i posted a link showing them back up this page . ^^^^
Click in the arrow on the right of photo stream and you will see different tall cakes.


7yyrt Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 6:15pm
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They are like three stacked cupcakes.
A good size to share with one's significant other.

vkat Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 6:20pm
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Bluehue, if you still have this tutorial could I please get it from you. These are really cool and I am always open to learning something new! Thank youicon_smile.gif

Bluehue Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 6:51pm
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I have pm'd you vkat.


dsilvest Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 7:23pm
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I just looked for my saved copy of the stacked cupcakes and can't find it. Bluehue, when you have time I would love another copy. Thanks

nesweetcake Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 7:50pm
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Bluehue, I too would love you to pm me with the tutorial as well. Thanks in advance!

Babs1964 Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 8:10pm
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I had never heard of these before, very clever! thumbs_up.gif

7yyrt Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 8:37pm
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I haven't done it, but I've seen the tutorial.

She just used three cupcakes; cut straight sides, filled some, stacked like layers of cake.
Frost the outside, then fondant and/or put vellum on the outside.

Very romantic.

imagenthatnj Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 8:45pm
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Yes, saw the tutorial too, and cutting the cupcakes to have straight sides... I thought it would be better to get a cake sheet and cut the circles of cake with a circle cutter. Faster.

Frost the outside, then fondant, and vellum paper (plus other details).

I once saw another tutorial (in another language) of someone who made a roll (with cake baked in a jelly pan), put in the filling, rolled, put the whole thing in fondant, and cut to size. A different technique, but I thought it was a very smart one.

pood Posted 26 Sep 2010 , 9:15pm
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I saw her tall cupcakes and loved them also! I made them by baking a regular round layer and used a round cookie cutter to cut the size I wanted. I used four rounds to make the final cake. I will try to post a picture of mine but if I am unsuccessful, they are in my gallery.

7yyrt Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 4:04pm
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We checked, and the tutorial is too large for the pm system to handle.

In the first post on the tutorial, Sugarbloom states it's cheaper for her to bake cupcakes instead of using sheet cakes; less waste.

ALR1955 Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 4:41pm
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I would love to know how to do this.
Can anyone share with me?

dsilvest Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 4:52pm
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Instead of pming a copy you can send it to my email

thanks Diane

Bluehue Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 4:58pm
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ALR1955 and dsilvest

will email it to you both...
Bluehue. icon_smile.gif

Bluehue Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 5:09pm
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Thankyou 7yrrt for saying about the size of the tutorial


turnerdmann Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 5:15pm
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these are awesome. Can somone offer suggestions on how they package these to sell? I just draw a blank on how to package them. Thanks for any ideas.

Bluehue Posted 27 Sep 2010 , 5:22pm
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Wrapped in Rice paper is a good wway - tied with a ribbon or twine.
Placed in a large cello bag also tied with ribbon or twince.

They look much better standing (wrapped) than what they do lying down.


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