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Gingi Posted 13 Sep 2010 , 2:25am
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Help - How do you stop fondant color from fading. My purple fondant covered cake dummy is slowly fading; what went wrong. I do not want to airbrush color onto the cake. Is there another method to retain color.

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tesso Posted 13 Sep 2010 , 6:09am
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many posts on this, so you might want to search for them, to get lots of good help.

but mainly.. purple fades if left in the light. keep it out of the light as much as possible.

also you can buy no-fade purple coloring.. I think GSA sells it.

TexasSugar Posted 13 Sep 2010 , 5:08pm
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Invest in Crystal Color powders for purple that doesn't fade.

If you search for IndyDebi's past post on fading purples she explains why it happens.

But most purples do fade when left in sunlight or under florescent lights.

playingwithsugar Posted 14 Sep 2010 , 10:56pm
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Right on, TexasSugar!

I love Crystal Colors! Especially the shades of red. They're what I used on the wedding cake in my pics. I started with Poinsettia for the base color (wow, what a red!), then dusted with Red Velvet, which has to be my favorite of all their colors (and I'm really a blue person!).

I made that cake almost a year ago, and the colors of the flowers still haven't faded!

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Goonergirl Posted 14 Sep 2010 , 11:16pm
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When I make cakes that have pink or purple, I ALWAYS (and immediatly) cover them with a dark piece of material to keep the light out. I just use the same one that I use for my backdrops when I take a picture of the cake. I only uncover it when the client picks it up, or it's delivered to the venue.

catlharper Posted 15 Sep 2010 , 3:43am
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Sadly that is one of the colors that fades almost immediately. I've covered a cake at 4pm and by 7pm the color outside is completely faded compared to the color inside!

So, yup, if you want purple then paint it.


Gingi Posted 15 Sep 2010 , 2:19pm
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Thank you everyone. It sounds like I should just avoid purple or just airbrush the fondant covered cake which I am trying to avoid.

Because I am planning a Halloween cake, I think I will stay with yellow and orange colors, maybe even dark blue.

I appreciate all your comments and help.

DSmo Posted 16 Sep 2010 , 2:28am
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When I had a similar problem, it was suggested to add 1 tsp. baking soda to 1 pound of purple fondant. I know this won't help for the fondant that's already faded, but something to try for future use. Some people also mentioned that pinks and reds can fade, too.

Gingi Posted 16 Sep 2010 , 9:06pm
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Thank you DSmo. I am going to mix some right now because I am ready to start designing my practice Halloween "dummy". I have plenty of time to get it right. I thank you for your advice.

indydebi Posted 16 Sep 2010 , 11:27pm
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Please understand it's not the PURPLE that is fading. It's the red. (red + blue = purple). It's been happenign since they took Red Dye #2 off the market in the 70's.

pursuing_perfection Posted 16 Sep 2010 , 11:35pm
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Originally Posted by indydebi

Please understand it's not the PURPLE that is fading. It's the red. (red + blue = purple). It's been happenign since they took Red Dye #2 off the market in the 70's.

Indydebi, that makes perfect sense. In my experience I have found purple to be one of the worst colors for fading, followed closely by red and pink. I don't use red that often, so it probably does fade faster than purple.

To the OP - I have combatted this problem the same as already mentioned...keep it out of the light as much as possible!

Have fun with your cake...and don't be scared to use purple. Just plan to keep the purple covered until you need to "unveil" it.

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