Need Hot Pink Buttercream

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tcwheeler Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 9:56pm
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Trying to save myself from a disaster. Texas, humid, heat. Used Wilton buttercream because it's been pretty successful before; added m. powder for stability; used Wilton Rose and Americolor Electric Pink for color. So far, it's not as dark/deep as I want. Afraid to add much more right now because I've had white/shortening show through before in my deep colors. Any tips and tricks that you can share? Thanks!

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madgeowens Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:10pm
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It usually gets a bit deeper in color after a little while....maybe wait before adding more....if you can....

Marianna46 Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:14pm
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I just made a cake with hot pink buttercream last week. I never got it to the shade I wanted, but in fact it did get to a nice deep color by the time the party rolled around. I was afraid to put too much in because, like you, I didn't want to affect the taste.

TexasSugar Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:16pm
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Add in a little cornstarch. That will help balance out adding all the extra color and help it from seperating on you.

tcwheeler Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:19pm
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Hmm....cornstarch? I wonder if my m. powder will help for that too. Wait and see...that's where I am right now. I'm going to give it a couple of hours and access it again.

TexasSugar Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:43pm
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MP does something different.

The cornstarch will help absorb some of the extra liquid/moisture you have added from the colors. Your powder sugar already has cornstarch in it, so adding it isn't adding anything new to your buttercream.

tcwheeler Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:46pm
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Thanks for the clarification. Was thinking absorption just with the wrong item. icon_wink.gif

TexasSugar Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:50pm
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Sometimes when doing darker colors, especially red and black, I just toss in a spoon or so of cornstarch, because the darker colors, especially when starting with a softer icing do seem to cause my icing to seperate. And, yes, I even have the same problem using Americolor colors.

tcwheeler Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:52pm
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Awesome! Will try when I tackle trying to darken it in a bit. Might have to try it on some of my previous icing that I have refrigerated that separated.

madgeowens Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 10:59pm
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Personally I would use the sugar. I suppose it can't hurt though lol....just dont want bc to taste like cornstarch

TexasSugar Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 11:04pm
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You are only adding in a small amount to it, so there isn't a heavy cornstarch taste to it. No one has ever complained or commented on a cornstarch taste to the buttercream.

TC, let me know how it worked for you, if you try it.

motherofgrace Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 11:27pm
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I use cornstarch in my cookie glaze all the time when Im thickening it.... It helps not make it too sweet!

madgeowens Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 11:41pm
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Hey I am all for less sweet myself. Was talking to someone the other day who had tried some girls fondant and he said he could not get past the corn starch taste, thats why I said that.

Also I would like to say Texas knows her stuff....just check out her gorgeous can't go wrong with her advice!

madgeowens Posted 3 Sep 2010 , 11:41pm
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sweetheart that pic is too cute lol

Marianna46 Posted 4 Sep 2010 , 5:12pm
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Thanks for the idea, TexasSugar. I'm going to try it the next time I have to use a lot of color.

tcwheeler Posted 5 Sep 2010 , 4:35am
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The cornstarch worked like a charm!!!!! Thanks so much. Now, if I can just manage to ever be able to get the right shade of hot pink. My color is beautiful but I would not call it hot pink....more of a fushia/magenta shade. Of course, since the cake was frosted in it, it's going to stand out. Oh well, another day, another cake. icon_smile.gif

madgeowens Posted 6 Sep 2010 , 6:11pm
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Glad it all worked out for you. Be sure and post the pic I can't wait to see it.

TexasSugar Posted 7 Sep 2010 , 2:27pm
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Glad the cornstarch worked for you! icon_smile.gif

Another thing that helps is if you know you are going for darker colors and will need alot of color gel use less liquid when making your buttercream, since the color gel will thin it down some for you.

Madge, Thank you! icon_smile.gif

tcwheeler Posted 8 Sep 2010 , 2:04am
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Thanks TexasSugar (again *smile*), I did think of that so I used a little less liquid. I just need to remember that the colors darken. ha Oh, Madge...mine I don't think is CC worthy...well maybe Constructive Critique..haha

tcwheeler Posted 8 Sep 2010 , 2:50am
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Ok..I posted the pic. Thanks for the encouragement! icon_smile.gif

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