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bonniebakes Posted 31 Jul 2010 , 5:38pm
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Hello cookie makers!

As the first poster of the July theme Letsgetcaking got to choose for the month of August. The August 2010 Cookie Club theme is"inspirational women." That means that ANY cookies you make related to that theme fits have fun creating!!!

Just to refresh your memory (and for any new members), here are the "guidelines" for the cookie club posts (based on Cake_Princess' original post from a few years ago):

*Anyone can join us any month they choose! We love to have new members! This isnt a contest, just a way to share ideas, be creative, and learn new things related to cookies!!

* The group consensus was that all pictures must be new pictures (and new cookies). Meaning if you have a previous pictures of cookies already in your album (or in the forum) even if it depicts the theme, please do not use them for your entry in the cookie club. The idea of the monthly theme is to get our creative juices/new ideas flowing.

* Please post pictures in this thread (Do not create a separate thread for your pictures).

* Please wait to post monthly theme cookies to your personal album/ cookie Gallery until after the monthly theme has expired (the end of the month). I know you are anxious for everyone to see your cookies in your album, but keeping the monthly theme creations in only the thread for the entire month helps to increase traffic to the cookie club thread, which will help to keep it going and hopefully get more people interested in taking part. When the month is over, please feel free to post as many pictures as you wish to the galleries. We do love to see pictures!!

* Feel free to use any edible medium to decorate your cookies - fondant, royal icing, butter cream etc. The only stipulation is it has to be a medium used in cookie or cake decorating (so no play-doh!). In your post, please let us know about your creation the type of cookie, the medium you used to decorate your cookies, any techniques that you used, etc.

* The purpose of choosing a monthly theme is to have a central theme for everyone participating to follow in order to allow us an opportunity to be creative, try new things, and learn from each other. Please try to follow the monthly theme. If the design choice is not obvious, please let us know why you chose the design you did (for example, if the theme was Music and you made ghost cookies then let us know the connection. Ghost = Phantom and Phantom of the opera > music).

* The theme is chosen at the beginning of each month by the first person to post a picture the previous month. That person should PM Bonniebakes with your theme choice before the month is over so that the new thread can be started on the 1st of the month (or within a day or two from the 1st).

Happy Baking, everyone! I cant wait to see the results!!

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bobwonderbuns Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 12:38am
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Inspirational Women? Do we have to do cookies that look like these women or can we do some variation of it?

letsgetcaking Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 12:50am
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I don't think you have to make them look like the women, unless you want to. A couple ideas I've had were western cookies representing Annie Oakley or a red cross for Clara Barton. I think I want to do a ball of yarn for my grandma, who taught me how to crochet and knit.

bobwonderbuns Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 12:54am
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Those are good ideas! I have a couple regarding Audrey Hepburn I've been wanting to do, this gives me the perfect opportunity! icon_lol.gif

GeminiRJ Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 3:43pm
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I, too was a bit stumped at first. Then I thought you'd just need to do a cookie design that reflected what makes a particular woman inspirational, as described by letsgetcaking. An interesting should produce some interesting cookies!

all4cake Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 3:52pm
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It may take a bit longer than other topics to produce a design...for me anyway. This will take some thought as there are so many inspirational women!

JGMB Posted 2 Aug 2010 , 5:08pm
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Okay, well I think the only good thing about this cookie is that it makes me first to post. Woo hoo! I was making Tea Cakes for a funeral luncheon tomorrow, so I just used that dough instead of my regular sugar cookie dough. Bad idea. Then, the frame of the blackboard didn't turn out the color I was trying for.

But, I chose to do a blackboard because I had many, many female teachers who inspired me. Now, I'm daily inspired by my own daughter, a Special Ed teacher who is so dedicated to her students that it makes me beyond proud!!!

all4cake Posted 2 Aug 2010 , 5:12pm
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JGMB, excellent job on it! What does it say? j/k I love the apple!

KatsSuiteCakes Posted 2 Aug 2010 , 5:27pm
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lol at all4cake!.........I'd love to be part of this. Sounds like a challenge, but with so many inspirational women on the planet, I won't be short of subjects!

luv2bake6 Posted 2 Aug 2010 , 10:26pm
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JGMB, really nice cookie

bobwonderbuns Posted 2 Aug 2010 , 11:10pm
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JGMB that's an EXCELLENT idea!! Great work! icon_biggrin.gif

GeminiRJ Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 11:47am
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JGMB, the cookie is fabulous! Perfect for this theme! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get my submission decorated and posted next week.

JGMB Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 11:59am
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Thanks for the kind words, everyone, and for the laugh, all4cake!

Can someone please tell me why my frame was a pinkish color? I was going for a light wood tone, so I used Americolor Warm Brown. Nothing about that looks brown to me! What colors should I use to get a khaki/light tan? TIA

all4cake Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 1:34pm
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I'm not sure why...but the brown I use (I'm thinking it's chefmaster...too lazy to walk over there) produces a pinky fleshtone. like silly putty color. I wind up adding a bit of yellow/gold/orange and/or green (sorry to be so vague but it just depends on what color tan(you know there's 10 billion variances) I want.

orange and green make brown but brown makes silly putty...aaaaaaaaargh

letsgetcaking Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 7:19pm
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Great cookie, JGMB! I love the message, too. Would you mind sharing what you used to write on the cookie?

Here's mine. It's for my grandma. She has taught me so many things from knitting and crocheting to drawing and cooking. She has over 40 grandchildren (and some great grandchildren) and remembers every birthday and makes intricate ornaments for each one every year. I hope to be like her one day.

So, my cookie is a strawberry cake mix cookie (Grandma has a garden and always let us pick the berries and taught us to make strawberry jam). It is decorated with fondant. I used a sharp knife to make the lines in a flat circle of fondant and then rolled a small piece to curl on top for the yarn.

all4cake Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 8:11pm
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letsgetcaking, that really looks like individually placed 'yarn'. Great job! strawberry cake mix cookie....I am intrigued!

JGMB Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 9:17pm
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I love the yarn cookie, and your gma sounds like a wonderful woman!

You asked what I used to write on the chalkboard. It was just glace and a tip 1. I piped it after the black had only set for about 1/2 hour. So, it kind of sunk in instead of sitting on top of the black, but it didn't spread out as it would have if the black had been freshly piped. Hope that makes sense!

GeminiRJ Posted 4 Aug 2010 , 2:27am
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LOVE the yarn cookie, letsgetcaking! What a great tribute to your grandma.

letsgetcaking Posted 4 Aug 2010 , 12:13pm
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Thanks, guys! Thanks for sharing, JGMB. I want to try that sometime. I was wondering why the letters hadn't spread.

All4cake, I made cake mix cookies because I didn't have a lot of time. They're just a cake mix with 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of oil. Then I roll them into small balls and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. They're really easy, but they taste really good!

all4cake Posted 4 Aug 2010 , 1:29pm
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Oh, my! Thanks for sharing! I would love to try 'em! I think I will. I'll head to the store after I've had my coffee!

all4cake Posted 4 Aug 2010 , 1:31pm
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POOP! No, I won't. I'm still waiting on the part for my oven (control panel fried).

letsgetcaking Posted 4 Aug 2010 , 7:58pm
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Hopefully you'll get your part soon and you'll be back in business.

Cake mix cookies are a lot of fun to play around with the different flavors. We like German chocolate cake cookies and then using coconut pecan frosting to sandwich the cookies. Add peanut butter chips to chocolate cake mix cookies or frost spice cake cookies with cream cheese frosting. They're all SO good!

P.S. The cookies are soft, so I don't think fondant is the best way to decorate them. I just did that this time because it's what I had on hand.

JGMB Posted 4 Aug 2010 , 8:13pm
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Originally Posted by letsgetcaking

We like German chocolate cake cookies and then using coconut pecan frosting to sandwich the cookies.

These sound soooooooooooo good! I wish I had one right now. icon_rolleyes.gif

cookiemama2 Posted 5 Aug 2010 , 12:04am
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I was at Costco yesterday and they had this edible dough for kids. 3 boxes for about $15. Not a bad price but I had already spent a fortune!
Mix it, color it, shape and bake. It was like playdough only cookie dough!
Is your cake mix cookies like that, using white mix of course!

cookiemama2 Posted 5 Aug 2010 , 12:17am
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I was at Costco yesterday and they had this edible dough for kids. 3 boxes for about $15. Not a bad price but I had already spent a fortune!
Mix it, color it, shape and bake. It was like playdough only cookie dough!
Is your cake mix cookies like that, using white mix of course!

Marianna46 Posted 5 Aug 2010 , 1:15am
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I bought some of that CostCo dough a couple of months ago and had a great time making shapes with my granddaughter! It spreads a whole lot, though, so not everything really looked like we thought it would! But it was great fun. I found out I have a budding cookie artist on my hands, too! I think it would be fun to try the same thing with a recipe of NFSC dough in different colors. In fact, now that I remember, that's where I got the idea for my hamburger and hot dog cookies from the June cookie club: I colored some NFSC dough and started making bun and patty shapes. I made some cookie franks, too, but they didn't look very good, so I ended up making them out of fondant for the hot dog cookies. Experimenting can be such fun!!!

bonniebakes Posted 7 Aug 2010 , 5:47pm
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letsgetcaking - LOVE the yarn cookie! My grandma taught me to crochet.

JGMB - LOVE the chalk board cookie - I'm a former teacher, so that is quite close to my heart.

endymion Posted 8 Aug 2010 , 5:36pm
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Oh, wow! Love the teacher cookie and the yarn one, too. What great ideas! Would never have thought of them, but very clever and great cookies!

I have some ideas, but fear I may not have time to do anything this month -- been working a lot of night shifts and overtime (ugh!)

bonniebakes Posted 16 Aug 2010 , 4:32pm
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Just wanted to see how we were doing with this month's theme - I've not been on much because we've had 3 straight weeks of a variety of family members in town!

I'm hoping to get some cookies done for this theme this week. Can't wait to see what others are creating!!

GeminiRJ Posted 16 Aug 2010 , 5:39pm
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I was hoping to get my cookies done this weekend, but two last minute cakes and overtime at work de-railed my plans! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend. Can't wait to see what you create, bonniebakes!

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