Staples High Bans Cake Baking By Cheerleaders

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kansaslaura Posted 30 Jul 2010 , 9:03pm
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B-A-K-E! What does that spell?

In Westport, a forbidden practice.

Cheerleaders at Staples High School last week were found doing something that was banned approximately eight years ago, said school principal John Dodig.

Every week, each of the approximately 20 girls made a cake for a senior football player at the weekly Thursday pasta dinner, an optional practice, but it turns out their coach didn't know baking had been banned by Superintendent Elliott Landon.

....and this ban was done under the umbrella of "Women's Rights". From the girls I've worked with and around while my kids were in HS, they'd find it offensive to be told they couldn't do this! What about the big banner the boys run through held by the girls.. what about the little short skirts the girls wear while cheering? Our world has gone MAD!!

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indydebi Posted 30 Jul 2010 , 9:24pm
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i cannot find words enough to express how stupid this is. ok to be a cheerleader but not ok to bake a cake.

alert the churches! No more pitch-ins permitted since usually it's the women who do most of the cooking to "serve" the men!


kansaslaura Posted 31 Jul 2010 , 5:07pm
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I'd like to spin the clock back to before all this PC stuff started strangling the ever lovin' life and good sense out of everyone!

If memory serves me, most of the high profile cake decorators are men--if not most a good 1/2. I don't know about you but I like being a woman/girl/female and all the trappings that come with it. Step out of my business, thankyouverymuch, I'll bake a cake or change a tire if I please!!

q2wheels Posted 31 Jul 2010 , 5:40pm
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As my kids would say "wow.....really????"

Deb is right, there are no words!

And Laura, I'm right there with ya....this PC crap has gone WAY too far.

Toni Ann
telling it like it is....PC or not!

Joyfull4444 Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 2:36pm
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Interesting.. I followed this up to see if there might have been a compromise reached with the principal. There wasn't.

Seems it was a student, the managing editor of the school newspaper that broke the story about the cheerleaders baking for the players.

He won the 2010 student Journalist of the year for his story too. He does say here, to our surprise, the school principal asked the cheerleaders to stop doing it. icon_confused.gif

Heres some responses from students and administrators to the baking ban.

The whole thing is rediculous! Baking is baking. If you're enjoying the baking, who cares who its being baked for? Theres too many idiotic rules on this type of thing now.
I've baked umpteen cakes and cuppies for my kids class parties over the years. I've also been baking for my 8 grandkids class parties for quite a few years.
Thats a big no-no now. No more baking from Grandma,Mommy, Auntie etc is allowed at the schools. But, I can purchase a cake or cupcakes from the grocery store for the grandkids parties, no problem there. Grocery store crap is on the allowed list.

Yeah right.. I worked for a major grocery chain for 28 years. If people actually saw the back rooms of most grocery store bakeries, they'd turn around and run!

indydebi Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 2:43pm
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"They can be athletes or bakers but they cannot be both" said the superintendent.

WTF???? I thought we had "come a long way baby!"???? If anyone is looking for the sexism in this story, THIS line is it!!!

This is just the kind of thing that takes women back a few decades. It's just the kind of thing that makes being a stay at home mom something that is not considered important.

I cannot believe anyone would tell their daughter, "You can be a baker and a mom, or you can be something important. But you can't be both."

Is that REALLY the message we want to send to our daughters? *AND* to our sons????

The more I read on this, the more pissed off I get ! icon_mad.gif

Joyfull4444 Posted 1 Aug 2010 , 5:21pm
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Originally Posted by indydebi

"They can be athletes or bakers but they cannot be both" said the superintendent.

Thats the line that really got to me too. Who the heck is he to decide a young woman has only one choice? Makes me wonder how the man has been allowed to work in the school system with such outdated thinking.
That kind of crap went out with the dinosaurs! thumbsdown.gif

iamcakin Posted 3 Aug 2010 , 11:59am
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Originally Posted by kansaslaura

I'd like to spin the clock back to before all this PC stuff started strangling the ever lovin' life and good sense out of everyone!

Amen, amen AMEN!!

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