Square Pans: Now I Get It!

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cakecraft Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 4:52pm
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Just an observation: square cakes have been my nemesis. UNTIL I bought some straight sided pans. Holy smokes, what a difference! I know, I know, common sense, right? I was using wilton pans thumbsdown.gif then found a restaurant supply cash and carry and bought 3" square pans in a bunch of sizes. They come out of the oven with razor sharp corners! I cannot believe it! AWESOME!!!

Just posting for any skeptics who think they can "get by" with the crappy "square" pans they have. You can't! Buy new ones! Worth every penny! (And mine are not even brand names like Magic Line etc...)

Here's to eventually getting it!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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pattigunter Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:06pm
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I bought some Fat Daddio pans. Better than the Wilton but I'm still not 100% pleased with them. I'm thinking of investing in Magic line for my square pans.

Maria925 Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:11pm
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I just received a 9x2 square Magic Line pan yesterday. I'm getting ready to bake a cake in it in a few moments. I'm so excited! I had been using the Wilton pans and man do they suck!! Just looking at the construction differences between the 2 pans tells all. No wonder I couldn't get straight edges with the rounded corners on the Wilton pan!

I can't wait to see what this cake looks like!!!

Herekittykitty Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:13pm
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After being severely displeased with my last round cake (wilton pans) I broke down and bought a set of Magic Line rounds. I can't wait to bake with them this weekend; am looking so forward to not having to "fix" the slope - which never turns out well. icon_mad.gif

The store had some square pans too but I held back since squares don't come up in my world very often but they are definately on my must have list. The Corners! The Straight Sides! *Swoon* icon_lol.gif

chattycakes Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:20pm
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So what brand and what restaurant supply company did you get your pans from?

artscallion Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:38pm
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I had been using Fat Daddio but have gradually been switching to Magic Line. I've just begun switching the squares as I use them less often. But this week I needed 6 pairs of cakes in my 9"x2" square...six different recipes..each and every one so perfect I almost wanted to name and keep them. At worst, I think I could shave on the edges of these cakes, they're that sharp!

ClancyJane Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:55pm
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I LOVE my Magic Line square pans! Such an improvement over the Wilton ones. I'll never go back. thumbs_up.gif

cakesbyamber Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:04pm
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I'm SO glad you posted this! I was just wondering today why me cakes never have sharp edges like others do. I figured I just wasn't doing something right. I will definately invest in some better pans! I feel so dumb for think all pans are created equal!

cakesbyamber Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:14pm
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I just looked for these pans online. Are you all talking about Parrish Magic Line pans. On Amazon they don't seem any more expensive than wilton.This is what I found: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001E1V19I/?tag=cakecentral-20

artscallion Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:16pm
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Yes, that's them.

bmarlow001 Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:19pm
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I started with the crappy wilton one's a couple of years ago until my local cake supply store turned me on to the magic lines.. no that is all I buy! love them especially when it comes to square cakes!

malene541 Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:20pm
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I have some really old Wilton square and rectangle pans that have perfect square egdes. They were passed down from my mother. I don't see why they went to the rounded and tilted in side pans???

Maria925 Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:30pm
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Question for those that have already used the Magic Line...I just put my cake in the oven. I normally make this recipe in 2 round 9x2 pans. I filled the 9x9x2 square a little more than halfway up. How long do you recommend baking time at 350?

I keep looking online and cannot find a straight answer! Thanks!

Herekittykitty Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:30pm
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Originally Posted by malene541

I have some really old Wilton square and rectangle pans that have perfect square egdes. They were passed down from my mother. I don't see why they went to the rounded and tilted in side pans???

Stackability. With the slightly flared sides you can nestle the pans, with the straight sides, no such luck.

Sassy74 Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:46pm
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Magic Line=YAY!

Totally worth the moolah. And if you buy them in a big enough set, they're very affordable compared to Wilton.

Magic Line, Magic Line rah rah rah!

handymama Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 6:48pm
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Maria--I bake at 325, and never time anything. When it starts to smell like cake it's getting close to being done. You may find that the Magic Line take a bit longer overall to bake because the heavier metal is slower to heat up than the Wilton. They also cool down more slowly, so if you let your cakes cool in the pan make sure that they're just done when you take them out, if not a hair before. They will continue to "bake off" from the heat in the pan. Love, love, love the Magic Line pans. Only downside is cleaning those corners in the square pans. Poor Wilton. They used to be the "it" company in cake decorating, but they sure haven't kept up with the industry. My personal opinion is that they should stick to making character pans. The only thing I buy from Wilton is their moss and juniper food color.

cakecraft Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 8:48pm
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Mine are Crown (I'm in Canada) Just looked at the pans and the website was on the bottom crowncookware.ca. Wonder how they compare to Magic Line and Fat daddios? Anyway, so far they are awesome! I honestly can't believe the difference icon_smile.gif

Loucinda Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 9:03pm
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I prefer magic line, but wilton does have square pans with the 90 degree angle on them. You just have to order them online - most stores don't carry them.


saapena Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 10:14pm
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I love my Magic Line pans--just bought two sets of the rounds to replace my round Wilton pans. I have one square (10 x 2) Magic Line and two sets of the Wilton square; the difference is unbelievable--the Magic Line square pans have perfectly sharp corners. I will eventually buy all the square pans--I just don't use them as often as my round pans. The Magic Line are so much heavier and just seem better constructed. Magic Line all the way!!

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