How Do I Get A Metallic Silver Coating To Paint On Fondant?

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yummy Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 2:57am
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Tint your fondant grey using a little black gel color. Paint with Nu-silver luster dust and vodka

Texas_Rose Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 2:58am
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That looks like gray fondant painted with silver luster dust. You can do it that way, even with the Wilton dusts you can buy at the craft store. You can also use silver airbrush color for a more metallic look.

andyneal331 Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:01am
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Thank you! I have the Wilton Silver Pearl Dust but it doesn't look like it's "metallic" enough...does the color come out more when mixed with vodka?? The cake won't taste like vodka, will it?

I've been thinking about getting into the airbrush!!! But I don't have the kit or anything yet!

tlreetz Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:05am
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put the silver pearl dust in a very small bowl (I use a shot glass) and put a tiny bit (drop by drop) of vodka to form a nice "paint", then simply brush won't taste like vodka, the vodka evaporates rapidly leaving just the silver.

andyneal331 Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:07am
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Thank you!! Can someone also tell me how you think I could do the "craters" on the cake?? The one on this one looks so perfect!!!

And also, how do you achieve a nice dark brown fondant like the one on that cake too?!?!

Texas_Rose Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:12am
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I would do the craters by making donut-shaped fondant rings and sticking them on the cake before you cover it with fondant. Then just press the fondant into the hollow centers of the donut shapes to make the crater effect.

For the brown, you could replace part of the powdered sugar with cocoa powder as long as you don't mind it being chocolate flavor. Otherwise, lots of brown gel color icon_biggrin.gif

Here's an example of the wilton silver dust over gray fondant: If you paint it on with vodka, it's not as glittery as if you brush it on dry. For that cake I did both, painted it and then after it had dried, brushed more dust over it for sparkle.

Texas_Rose Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:13am
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Oh, and no, the vodka taste goes away long before the cake is served. You can use clear vanilla or lemon extracts if you prefer.

tlreetz Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:14am
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use a round cutter and carve out the craters, then when you buttercream over it all it will be nice and smooth inside, then simply fondant as usual. The best dark brown is Satin Ice chocolate fondant....if you don't have that on hand, then you can color your fondant, it will take a lot of brown. You will need to let the fondant set at least 24 hours after adding that much brown before you use it.

andyneal331 Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:34am
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BlakesCakes Posted 20 Jul 2010 , 3:52am
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If the silver are going to be eaten, it's a good idea to get FDA approved edible dusts.

You can find a wonderful Crystal Colors Bright Silver at A little goes a long way when mixed with a clear drinking alcohol (vodka, Everclear, gin) or lemon extract and painted on.

I love the products.


caza5 Posted 2 Dec 2012 , 8:52pm
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just found this on silver so if i want to put silver stripes on my cake i have to colour my fondant Grey then paint all my stripes with lustra dust and vodka and that would make it metalic like the rocket cake thanks icon_smile.gif

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