Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

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Bettye Posted 23 Feb 2005 , 7:51pm
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Does anyone have a good Chocolate Buttercream Recipe, one that can be used for frosting (to get the cake really really smooth) and one to create your decorations and designs with? This might be 2 different recipes and that's OK. icon_smile.gif

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Carriemyvoice Posted 23 Feb 2005 , 8:04pm
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I just found this site today. This recipe sounds delicious to me. Maybe this will help. There are a lot of great recipes out there. icon_biggrin.gif

MrsMissey Posted 23 Feb 2005 , 8:07pm
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Are you familiar with the Wilton Chocolate buttercream? I basically use that but I use all Butter Crisco, it gives it a real creamy texture and use milk, which can be adjusted for spreading purposes, instead of water. The amount of chocolate or cocoa added can also be adjusted to your taste buds!! I find it to be very easy to work with! I know other people swear by using half butter and half crisco or high ratio but it's really whatever works for you!! icon_biggrin.gif

Bettye Posted 23 Feb 2005 , 8:07pm
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Thanks, so much I am headed there now to check it out.

Bettye Posted 23 Feb 2005 , 8:58pm
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I found the Wilton's Chocolate Buttercream it calls for 3 - 4 TBSP of milk, so do I use milk or water or is it a preference of what I want? I don't mind using the milk or the water, I'm just a little bit confused on which is better or maybe they are about the same. I just want a smooth cake with a frosting that tastes good. I think my first try will be with the milk.


diane Posted 23 Feb 2005 , 9:32pm
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why anyone would use water is beyond me...but i guess it's personal preference. i use all shortening and sometimes cocoa powder or sometimes storebought chocolate frosting. it's good to experiment with different things. i'm gonna try the half butter/half shortening, but i am going to use italian butter to see if there is any difference in taste. i think there will be. i wish i could ship some to ya'll!!! icon_lol.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 5:04am
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Use milk instead of water~ It's taste is so much better using milk!

Bettye Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 3:04pm
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I made a batch of the Wilton Chocolate Buttercream with milk and it does taste good. I will go with this one. Thanks.

MrsMissey Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 3:12pm
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Good choice! I think you will find that it smoothes easily and tastes great!

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 8:39pm
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My chocolate buttercream is one batch of my buttercream and one batch of ganache.


Carriemyvoice Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 8:43pm
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That sounds scrumptious! I love ganache. And just about anything CHOCOLATE! mmmm! I bet it is very smooth on a cake also.

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 24 Feb 2005 , 9:39pm
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Yes, and crusts, too!

tcturtleshell Posted 25 Feb 2005 , 12:56am
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Can you do a basket weave with the buttercream/ganache? That's what the groom's cake is going to be. chocolate/ basket weave w/ strawberries on it~

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 25 Feb 2005 , 4:42am
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Yes, It's just like any other buttercream

MrsMissey Posted 25 Feb 2005 , 2:43pm
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That sounds really, really good! thumbs_up.gif

m0use Posted 25 Feb 2005 , 2:46pm
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Mmmmmm that does sound good. I know I made a white chocolate mousse ganache and put some of it into a batch of regular buttercream icing and it was sooo good, and made it really smooth. (Yes, it does crust.) In fact I still have some left over that I need to use up.

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 26 Feb 2005 , 2:27am
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Mouse- that sounds really good.

Are you able to share your white chocolate mousse ganache recipe?

m0use Posted 26 Feb 2005 , 6:28pm
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I got it from this site:
(Thank you ladycake!)

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 26 Feb 2005 , 6:38pm
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Thanks, Mouse!! I'm a member over there, too... so I'll take a look.

m0use Posted 26 Feb 2005 , 6:43pm
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Your welcome...I believe the recipe is on the right hand side near the bottom... my desktop pc at home is being stupid right now so I can't get her site to pull up for me to verify the position of the recipe. (I have some viruses I have to get rid of...)
**I saw that on one of your other posts that the white chocolate comes up kind of yellowish for you. I found that if you melt it with heavy whipping cream it is not as yellow- more like a very slight off-white.

tcturtleshell Posted 28 Feb 2005 , 1:23am
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calidawn, share your recipe of Choc BC & ganache~ Thank you~

MomofThree Posted 28 Feb 2005 , 4:46am
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This may sound silly, but I use the Wilton Chocolate buttercream recipe as well only instead of white milk I use chocolate milk (the kind that's already made in the cartons at the store). It seems to make it just a little richer - that is if I can keep the chocolate milk in the house long enough and away from my three kids and my husband!

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 28 Feb 2005 , 6:42am
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Originally Posted by tcturtleshell

calidawn, share your recipe of Choc BC & ganache~ Thank you~

I take my standard BC recipe and mix it with my standard ganache.


1.5 cups butter
1 cup shortening
2 T flavoring
2 (+/-) pounds powdered sugar


12 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips
12 ounces heavy (whipping) cream
1 T butter

After your ganache cools but is still workable, blend well with BC.

MomofThree - that doesn't sound silly at all. If that's what you like... I have never tried it. So who am I to say if it's any good or not?

tcturtleshell Posted 28 Feb 2005 , 6:24pm
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Thanks Dawn! I will try it this week! The choclate BC icing cake I made for my daughters friend (I posted it) turned out too cocoaeeey LOL. I wanted to try a new one before I decide to use the CBC on the groom's cake~

So this recipe will be ok to basket weave ???

GHOST_USER_NAME Posted 28 Feb 2005 , 8:07pm
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I've never done the basketweave with it... but I've done other things that would need a similar texture and stiffness.

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