I Used Apf And Ran Out Of It And Am Now Using Cpf

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graciesj Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 1:25pm
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I'm baking 3 14" square cakes for the base of my cake(a leaf) and I used all purpose flour like the recipe asked but ran out of it. I'm now using cake & pastry flour and it seems runnier, will this affect my cake? The cake is for saturday and I don't have the time to bake these cakes again, so will they be okay?
any help is great thxgsj icon_biggrin.gif

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artscallion Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 1:53pm
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Cake and pastry flour are not directly interchangeable with All Purpose flour. They all differ in the amount of protein (gluten) they contain, which affects the end result. Pastry flour is closest to AP. So if you used mostly that, you're more likely to be okay.

There are adjustments you can make to have them work as a substitution. But if you've already baked them, it's too late for that. You'll know when you torte and test any scraps.

graciesj Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 2:00pm
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thank-you artscallion for responding. the 1st cake was baked with AP and the 2nd cake was 1/2 ap/cp. I just that out of the oven, should I go out and buy more all purpose flour?helpxo

graciesj Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 2:06pm
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[quote="graciesj"]thank-you artscallion for responding. the 1st cake was baked with AP and the 2nd cake was 1/2 ap/cp. I just that out of the oven, should I go out and buy more all purpose flour?helpxo[/quote]

okay I just flipped the 2nd cake with the 1/2 CP&AP and it seems lighter, which is good. I'm going to try to bake the next one with the cake & pastry flour. wish me luckxo

artscallion Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 2:16pm
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I've substituted AP for cake flour by substituting 2 Tbsp of the AP with 2 Tbsp cornstarch.. I've never substituted cake flour for AP. But the formula is to use 2 extra Tbsp of cake flour for every cup. There's no guarantee though. It really depends on the recipe. You'll have to wait and see if yours turned out. Personally, I'd run out for some AP. It's easier than worrying.

LindaF144a Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 4:00pm
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In The Cake Bible she has on her recipes that you can use either cake flour or AP flour. BUT, she does it by weight. Which means that you can interchange it but you must use the same weight of flour, not the same volume. There is a formula out there for substituting one for the other, like artscallion said.

You will get a lighter and fluffier cake with cake flour for all the reasons artscallion said earlier too. The difference will be in that perspective, not a taste or collapse in the oven perspective.

There are some recipes that tell you not to substitute. I can't site a sample one because I don't remember. I think a lot of Martha's recipes tell you not to substitute for whatever reason.

graciesj Posted 30 Jun 2010 , 7:23pm
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thank-you so much ladies. All three of them turned out great. I made a taster and it's not as sweet as I thought it would be but it's a good cake.
The 1st cake I made is more like a pound cake and the other two more like sponge cake. over all I believe i did well, I'll have to wait and c how the customer feels about it saturday.
I have a strawberry cake in the oven now (for the lady bug) and OMG the batter tastes great.(summer's scratch strawberry cake), found here at cc.
thank-you ladies once againxo

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