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karateka Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 1:18pm
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I was thinking of starting a referral program. If any of you have one, would you please share how you do it and how it works out?

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karateka Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 2:25pm
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Thank you, Doug! I guess I'm having a blonde moment....didn't search first.

indydebi Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 2:28pm
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How my referral system works is in the links provided by Doug but I just wanted to add that I would ALWAYS do some kind of referral system. It turns every single one of your customers into a saleman for you!

karateka Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 4:04pm
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Thanks, Indy-

I'm going to start that today. Now if I can just get the credit card thing sorted out, I'll be good.

KHalstead Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 7:23pm
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I tried to do Indydebi's referral process but I just found it too hard to keep track of who referred who and how much they spent and how much "off" they could get.....I mean people would call and much do I get off?? and I'd have to look it got to be too much.

Now what I have is on the back of my business card I have a place for takes 5 of them and once it's filled up, they get 25% off their next order up to $200. $50 seems like a lot to give to them...but I figure by then they've already spent at least $300 on those other 5 orders. I meant for it to be a 10% discount but the edit didn't take (I got them on vista print and tit already said 25%) so it is what it is! lol

I made the little stamps myself using avery labels...I fit 3 onto 1 label and I just cut them off and stick them to the bus. card when they present it.........and that's the thing.......they have to present it everytime or no discount! I'm not keeping track, if they want to keep track of the card, fine..they get the discount..but I'm not keeping paperwork on how many orders one person has.

Here is pics of the back of the card and my stamps, the stamps just have a pic of a tiered cake and then "under neat dat" my business name "Tina's Sugar Shack" they're kinda hard to see.

indydebi Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 7:32pm
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KH, those are cool looking cards! Great idea! thumbs_up.gif

Originally Posted by KHalstead

.....I mean people would call and much do I get off?? and I'd have to look it got to be too much.

I pretty much didn't have a formal method for keeping track. THEY had to keep track. If someone called to ask "How much was my credit?" I'd ask them to pull their email. My email notification to them of the credit earned pretty much said, "This is the only record of the credit .... keep this in your file and present on your next purchase."

KHalstead Posted 25 Jun 2010 , 7:37pm
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ok, so THAT was my problem!! lol I used to get so irritated, it was like they were ONLY gonna order if they had enough to cover the whole thing "on credit" from the referrals...cheapos!

I just decided to do away with it (though I do love the idea), I have advertisements out there that offer 10% off for new customers and sometimes it's THIS fact that gets me the wedding cake sale, but in the end 10% off isn't THAT much. It's only off the cake, not deliver, rentals, deposit, etc. Normally I end up scoring a $600 order and I'm taking off like $35...big deal! lol

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