How Much Does It Cost? $13,000.00!

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cakesonoccasion Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:16pm
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OK- so I've read so many posts about "How much does it cost to start up my own bakery?" That I thought I'd tell you my answer. $13,000.00.
Health inspector gave me the go ahead today- and we are in business! It's been a long 9 months since I moved into this location- and it's finally ready to go! Now- granted- I moved into a historic site, which did not have a kitchen in it, and had to add plumbing and a grease trap, but I did find all of my equipment used at auctions and craigs list. I had originally budgeted $8,000.00. I always laugh at people on those home improvement shows, and think "what idiots" when they go over budget. Now I'm one of those idiots icon_smile.gif But seriously- if you're planning to start up a biz- estimate your cost and time to do it, and then double both of those- and you'll be just about right icon_smile.gif I'm happier that words can express about getting it all finished- and excited that it's all mine- but now the real work begins- cranking out tons of cakes to pay for it all! icon_smile.gif

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sari66 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:21pm
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Congratulations!! You kitchen looks great.

-Tubbs Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:23pm
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It looks wonderful - congratulations! I wish you lots of luck with your business.

iamcakin Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:29pm
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Congratulations, and warm wishes.

May your orders be many, bridezillas be few, and your profits great! icon_biggrin.gif

hilly Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:31pm
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Everything looks wonderful! Congrats! icon_smile.gif

cupcake_cutie Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:41pm
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It's beautiful! Congratulations!

neecerator Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:43pm
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Congratulations! Enjoy your new business, and all the best to you! icon_wink.gif

Occther Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:48pm
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Looks great!! When I started my coffee shop, I figured $5000 to $10,000 - Try closer to $25,000 just to open the doors. You were smart to purchased used equipment. I didn't because I lived in a small town where getting it serviced was next to impossible!! Always plan on it costing you a lot more than you initially planned!!!

Meowcakes Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 10:54pm
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Oooooo, that is pretty! Congratulations!

aej6 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:02pm
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Very nice!! Congratulations!!

tanu Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:13pm
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I think you have given many others who are thinking to open their own business a great boost that it can be done!

asanchez Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:14pm
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I always wanted an oven like the one you have.

KHalstead Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:16pm
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It is absolutely gorgeous!!! Almost seems a shame to mess it up by baking in it huh? LOL

newbaker55 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:17pm
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How wonderful for you!!! May your buttercream be dreamy and your fondant never fail, your piping hand stay steady and artistic soul prevail icon_biggrin.gif

kkbritt8 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:21pm
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How exciting! Looks fantastic. Have fun with it!

cakeandpartygirl Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:24pm
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congratulations. I can only dream that one day I'll be able to do this also.!!!!

tweeter_bug98 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:37pm
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Congrats and Best of Luck to you!

ksmith1012 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:39pm
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Originally Posted by newbaker55

How wonderful for you!!! May your buttercream be dreamy and your fondant never fail, your piping hand stay steady and artistic soul prevail icon_biggrin.gif

"May your orders be many, bridezillas be few, and your profits great! "

- What they said! icon_biggrin.gif Congratulations and all the best!

JulieMN Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:42pm
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How fun! Congratulations and happy caking!

Joyfull4444 Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:42pm
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Congratulations! Kitchen looks perfect, lots of room for all your future cakes & cake toys.

Wishing you many years of happy caking!! thumbs_up.gif

Bakingangel Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:56pm
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Looks GREAT! So excited for you! Best Wishes!

cakesonoccasion Posted 22 Jun 2010 , 11:57pm
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Thanks, y'all! I guess I should add that I've "been in buisiness' for almost 3 years now...have a very successful business doing lots of wedding cakes, party cakes, and sugar cookies. Already had a very solid customer base, belong to professional organizations, and have all of the decorating tools one would need, etc. but have been renting space. I'm soooo glad I waited and did it this way- it would be so scary to think of starting out without all of that in my favor. So if you're brand new to the art- don't jump out and start something without putting in some serious time in a rental kitchen. Renting was not the most ideal situation, but I'm sooo glad I did!

classiccake Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 12:11am
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Congratulations on "the next step up!" You were very smart to do it in steps. That is exactly what I did 15 years ago and I have never regretted it!

newbaker55 Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 12:12am
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My 'caker's blessing' for you still holds, but...what the heck are you still doing on CC!!! Get off and get to cakin', gotta pay for that new kitchen icon_lol.gif

tesso Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 12:51am
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Looks wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

indydebi Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 1:50am
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waht a beautiful space!! You did a great job putting that together!

rosiecast Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 2:04am
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Congrats!! and best of luck to you...

newmansmom2004 Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 2:05am
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Originally Posted by sari66

Congratulations!! You kitchen looks great.

Ditto - it looks amazing!!! I'm jealous! icon_wink.gif

LoveMeSomeCake615 Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 2:05am
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Wow, beautiful! Congrats! Thank you for sharing what you did about how you started by renting a kitchen! That's very encouraging to me that we are on the right track because we are starting that way! icon_smile.gif

mbark Posted 23 Jun 2010 , 2:13am
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what a great space! ahh, one day hopefully me too....

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