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Pebbles1727 Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 4:52am
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I really need to figure out what to do about this one. I have donated a "free cake" gift certificate to a silent auction last year to a local charity.

About 4 weeks ago, I got a call from a lady who said that she bought the certificate and would like to place an order. Since she leaves about 30 miles away, we did not meet, we discussed on the phone the cake for her daughter. I followed up with the e-mail.

For the past week, I've been trying to get in touch with her to confirm the cake and pick up/delivery information, but there is no response. The cake is coming up due. What do I do?

Do I just do the cake and hope she contacts me on the day it is supposedly due? But what if I make the cake, and she does not show up and calls me later that they moved the party date and ask for another cake?

I'm all for following through on my donation, but I don't really want to be stuck with a cake no one picks up and then be put in a position of having to make another one to honor the gift certificate.

Advice on what would the best course of action?

Thanks in advance, P

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tesso Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 5:10am
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man that is a tough one. How about sending an email that reads, You ordered such and such cake for pick/delivery on this date. The cake will be made and you may pick it up at such and such time.

and a special hint to you.. make it an email that sends you an automated response that says if/when/ and date it was received and opened. and sends your email back to you as a receipt as well. keep it for your records to show that you honored the gift certificate. If she doesnt show up to get the cake she ordered well.. it is not your problem you have proof that she opened the email and that it contained all info.

I am sorry that she isnt responding to you. If the other emails had read requests, you would know if she had read them or not. so that you would know if she is just ignoring you or is not actually getting her emails.

hope all goes well for you.

KakesbyKris Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 5:32am
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I think Tesso has some good advice. I hope it works out for you.

I wanted to ask how you went about doing the gift certificate? I as well am donating a "free cake" for a friend's raffle for breast cancer. I decided to put a money value on it, $$$ toward a cake. I was afraid that if I didn't I could have someone order a wedding cake or such and I'm stuck doing it for free. My DH thought that I should have just left it as a free cake but I've seen the posts and had a bride ask me to do a cake for 150 ppl for $150. I don't have as much faith that people won't try to get more. How did you set up your charity cake?
Don't mean to hijack your post just curious. TIA icon_biggrin.gif

Pebbles1727 Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 5:43am
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I hope this works out for me too. I really don't want to do the cake if noone picks it up. I have better things to do on a weekend than work on a free cake for people I don't know. At the same token, I'm scarried not to make it and her calling to pick it up....
As for the gift certificate, I'll look it up for you tomorrow (it's on my work computer), it was based on a gift certificate of one of cc members, she was really generous and helpful with it. I'll pm you my certificate tomorrow. I believe it was number of servings rather than price.

minicuppie Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 11:51am
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This is why I quit providing certificates for auctions. I donate one of my WOW cakes...they usually bring more money in, anyway. Something about having something of substance to bid on. (usually I'll do a Tuxedo Cake on a sturdy drum and a box to take it home in)

elliespartycake Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 7:04pm
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I usually specify a cake size/# servings and dollar value (i.e. One 8" round layer cake to feed 16-20; value=$50) That way they know what the $50 value covers and I'm not getting asked to make an elaborate cake to feed 75 people. And if they want something larger, they can apply the certificate toward the bigger cake and pay for the difference.

Pebbles1727 Posted 3 Jun 2010 , 11:48pm
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so, would most of you go ahead and make the cake even without confirmation? If she does not pick it up, it will be her fault, and the certificate will be considered fulfilled?
But what would I do with the cake? How long do I keep it for?

leily Posted 4 Jun 2010 , 1:25am
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I would leave a message at the phone number and email. (and as mentioned above, use read receipt on the email)

"I still have not received final confirmation that you would like your order on (insert date) and I have not heard from you on a pick-up time. I need to receive confirmation no later than (insert date AND time) otherwise I will not be able to fulfill your order this time, but would be happy to work wth you in the future so you can use your gift certificate"

Or something like that. You don't want to make the cake twice. But if she's not returning your calls, then it is also on her end too.

tesso Posted 4 Jun 2010 , 3:39am
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Originally Posted by Pebbles1727

so, would most of you go ahead and make the cake even without confirmation? If she does not pick it up, it will be her fault, and the certificate will be considered fulfilled?
But what would I do with the cake? How long do I keep it for?

you take the cake to a senior center or hospital and donate it to them with a huge smile on your face. icon_biggrin.gif

If she ordered the cake and you make it, and sent a confirmation email. then yes, the cake certificate would be considered fulfilled.

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