Satin Ice Vs. Mm Fondant

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sberryp Posted 30 May 2010 , 9:36pm
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I had so many problems this weekend with using MMF that I am thinking about using Satin Ice. I am looking for users that have used both and asking you lovely bakers to compare the two fondants. Tell me what you like and what you do not like about both fondants. Right now I am stuck on making everything from scratch, but I may change my mind.

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Marianna46 Posted 30 May 2010 , 10:00pm
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Well, in the first place, Satin Ice is already made. I really HATE making fondant, although it's not the hardest thing in the world. But with the amount you need to cover a cake of any size, plus making any kind of decorations, it takes too much time as far as I'm concerned. On the other hand, ready-made fondant costs a lot more than home-made fondant, so it's also a question of how much you can charge for your cakes (if you're in business) or how much you're willing to spend (if you do it as a hobby). I use both Satin Ice and FondX, and personally I like the consistency of ready-made fondant a lot more than i do MMF. Well, actually I like almost anything better than MMF. For home-made fondant, as some of us were just saying on another thread, you can't beat Michele Foster's fondant (in the recipe section here on CC).

sberryp Posted 31 May 2010 , 3:35pm
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Thanks for sharing your ideas. I am going to have to look at that recipe on here.

sberryp Posted 31 May 2010 , 3:44pm
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I couldn't find that recipe can somebody post the link? I didn't see a fondant recipe from a Michelle.

Marianna46 Posted 31 May 2010 , 4:05pm
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The problem is probably that Michele Foster spells her name with just one "L". If you search for that in the recipe section, you actually get 3 recipes (please forgive me for not posting these links directly, but I'm not quite sure how to do it): Michele Foster's Fondant, Michele Foster's Delicious Fondant (which, if I remember correctly, is the same recipe) and Michele Foster's Updated Fondant, which is a little different. I'm more a fan of the original recipe, but many people on here prefer the updated version. Good luck with your search and I hope you like what you find!

Rosie2 Posted 31 May 2010 , 4:15pm
post #6 of 9 here you go. this is her upgraded she put a lot of detail to answer questions icon_smile.gif
I love her recipe I make it all the time icon_wink.gif
Good luck!

CC22504 Posted 31 May 2010 , 4:36pm
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I agree it really is a matter of cost. I bought a small tub of satin ice and it was 15.00 dollars. And when I say tub..I'm using that term loosely. I bought it to see what the hype was about. It was ok.and in all honesty I would love to use ready made fondant..but it cost to much and since I don't do an enormous amount of cakes...I cannot justify the cost..BUT if I did...I'd buy ready made fondant! icon_biggrin.gif

sberryp Posted 31 May 2010 , 5:07pm
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I just look under fondant in the recipe section. Thanks so much for all of your help. I did see that a website had Satin Ice for a good price, but the price of shipping was ugly. I only do about a cake or 2 a week so maybe I should stick with MMF. I am not ready to raise my prices, I am still new to baking.

sberryp Posted 31 May 2010 , 5:16pm
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I think I rather stay away from glycerin because I am not sure if it made using pork fats. I know online it says that it uses animal fat to make this product.

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