Icing A Cake

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schoolbaker Posted 5 Apr 2013 , 4:46pm
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I let mine dry or it will stick to the paper towels...

schoolbaker Posted 5 Apr 2013 , 4:49pm
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I let mine dry or it will stick to paper towels....I put mine in fridge to harden first...

flower7779 Posted 6 Apr 2013 , 5:54am
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Hi Dear: Somebody can help me please with this récipe, I am frustrared, because I did it exactly and I don't happy with the result, maybe I did a mistake.

I can read both languages, I don't have problems. Have you a wounderful day.

Anita Schott Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 1:26am
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I've tried the paper towel technique before with limited success, but this method really works!  Fondant is nasty, so happy that I will never have to use it again. icon_biggrin.gif  Thank you!!!!!

jenn1382 Posted 20 Apr 2013 , 12:15am
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Original message sent by tutugirl

I am sure medium consistency would be fine but I use stiff because I don't like to wait to use the viva towel...I use it right away after the hot knife. Now that said...I am a rock climber and have really good forearms getting a stiff icing out of an 18 tip is no easy task stiff.

I make my own fondant and it has a great flavor but nothing compares to the flavor of my buttercream, plus I think I can smooth a buttercream cake better than a fondant cake...since most of my cakes are buttercream I get lots of practice.

Doing fondant is a lot faster if you buy the fondant but since I make my own by hand and the mixer makes the buttercream...the time making the fondant and the time icing a cake in buttercream is about the same. I can ice a 14/11/8/5 in about 1 1/2 hours which is not that bad.

jenn1382 Posted 20 Apr 2013 , 12:21am
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ASo I've just been doing cakes for a little while but can you answer a question. So after you ice your cake before you put fondant on it do you chill it in the refrigerator? I do mine then when I go to add the fondant I take it out and put it straight on the cake but the the cake begins to sweat very badly so should I chill it after I ice it or just put the fondant on right after its iced?

Cailou Posted 27 Apr 2013 , 9:37pm
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Where I can buy VIVA® Brand Paper Towels?

liz2013 Posted 26 May 2013 , 8:43pm
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AI tried this technique and all I can say is my cakes look way better!!! Thank you for your very detailed tutorial!!!

Trebor Posted 11 Jun 2013 , 9:23pm
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I am not sure what is your recipe for the icing.  What is hi-flavor?  And what cake recipe did you use?

Beautiful tutorial.



Trebor Posted 11 Jun 2013 , 9:23pm
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I am not sure what is your recipe for the icing.  What is hi-flavor?  And what cake recipe did you use?

Beautiful tutorial.



Trebor Posted 11 Jun 2013 , 9:26pm
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Just sent you an email, but this blank page showed.  So here goes again.

I am not sure if this is your recipe.  What is hi-flavor?  What cake recipe did you use?

Beautiful tutorial.


Lucky6 Posted 11 Jun 2013 , 9:46pm
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Por lo general es en el uso de  crisco que ocaciona que no quede la receta bien. Pero cual es el problema?

Gmomof2 Posted 6 Jul 2013 , 8:40pm
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 I have successfully used hot water before but never in combination with the Viva towels.  I will definitely try this.  Although I love the clean look of fondant, most kids seem to prefer buttercream (even to marshmallow fondant) so most of my cakes are done this way and it is extremely tedious getting the clean, smooth look.  Thanks for the tip.

WestTexasCaker Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 7:41pm
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"Go around the cake" in sections -- in the same motion/direction you put the icing on?

gwalters Posted 4 Sep 2013 , 9:36pm
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What is the "hi ratio" that you are using in your icing recipe?



kbo82 Posted 26 Oct 2013 , 5:30pm
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I've done this using the decorative side of the paper towel and it creates a very pretty design.

Sugielin12 Posted 20 Nov 2013 , 1:04am
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AHello, Can you please tell me the recipe for the buttercream icing that you used ? The cake looks just like fondant.

Imashee2 Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 2:36am
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I am new to cake decorating and I'm curious what icing recipe you used on this smoothing instruction...all Crisco? 

jesa22 Posted 30 Mar 2014 , 1:16pm
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Hola: Una pregunta Y como seria en Australia al agregar agua?



jesa22 Posted 30 Mar 2014 , 1:20pm
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... me olvidaba Usas la misma receta para hacer crumb coat al cake?

Gracias otra vez.


marierose03 Posted 9 Apr 2014 , 4:05pm
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What is the "high ratio" that you are referring to in the recipe?  Is it shortening?  Thanks.

Tiffriff Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 6:37pm
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AShe is using high ratio shortening. Crisco that is sold today is not hi ratio. I have not been able to find it myself but believe you can search for it on the internet. From what I understand it can be somewhat expensive. I've read that it doesn't leave that "greasy" feeling in your mouth and makes for a very creamy buttercream. I would love to try it so if you find some and make frosting could you please post here how you liked it? Thank you and good luck!

Marielijah Posted 22 Apr 2014 , 7:03pm
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Originally Posted by tutugirl 

Cuando fui a Puerto Rico a enseñar como hacer esto, no le pude poner agua porque hace mucho calor y no se necesita el agua.

I don't know what is the difference between crusting or not crusting...

My recipe
2 cups of butter
2 cups of hi ratio
4 pound of confectioners sugar 10x
3 tablespoons of hot water (depending on the weather)

I don't use meringue powder.

I add water to crumb coat but to ice is stiff consistency...I hope this helped.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Hi...How many cakes will this recipe cover? 

trisco Posted 29 Apr 2014 , 12:34pm
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Do you refrigerate the butter cream before you smooth out with the hot spatula and paper towel? Or do you strt to smooth out right after applying the butter cream?

RalphD Posted 24 May 2014 , 3:23pm
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AI just tried this, and I thought my frosting was stiff enough, but the Viva keeps sticking to the frosting. Should the frosting be more stiff or softer?

Everosa Posted 25 May 2014 , 4:21am
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ALooks great.. What kind of butter cream recipe did you use for this method?

Everosa Posted 25 May 2014 , 4:32am
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gr8 cake Posted 14 Jun 2014 , 7:46am
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AA size 18 tip. hope this helps! :D:cake: < me and my finished cake!

Shasha2727 Posted 7 Jun 2015 , 9:17pm
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So, ANY crusting BC?  Such as cream cheese CBC? Thanks for sharing....

kkarma50 Posted 9 Jul 2015 , 11:34pm
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loved your tutorial but what is high ratio flavourings.

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